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Medlar jam chemistry

Have you had the Medlar Sandwich yet? The star of the sandwich is a jam we make from medlars. A medlar is a fruit that grows on a tree and comes into season in the winter. You can’t eat medlars right from the tree – they have to be fermented (or “bletted” – definitely in the running for worst word ever!) in order to become delicious. We undertake that deliciousness-process at the HUB in East Cambridge. But this year there was a little mishap…

Medlar 2022: return of the medlar

You may be asking yourself, what is this photo of? Our chef Jason sent me this photo of medlars getting ready to be made into jam. Which means, yes, the Medlar is back tomorrow (the

Medlar the person

Were you able to try a medlar this weekend? If not, we will hopefully have them at most locations Monday and Tuesday, but we can’t guarantee them much longer. Medlar mania is hitting Boston hard,

Boston loves medlars! Only 5 days to try!

Who would have thought? We launched the Medlar Sandwich yesterday. And it was a blockbuster. We sold 500 medlar sandwiches, and sampled around 500 more medlars and jam to folks who were curious. This is

Mislabeled Medlars

You think you know everything about fruits, and then you meet a medlar. It comes into season in the winter. And it needs to “blet” (or rot, or ferment, however you want to call it)

Brainstorming for the holidays

We were absolutely blown away by the response to our Thanksgiving Box. Chris, Olivia, Jess, and their team are going to be making Thanksgiving dinner for over 1600 people next week!! You might have heard

Let the bletting begin (year 3!)

Chris sent this picture to Ayr & me on Tuesday. Medlars are in the house!! This winter we’ll have medlar jam & the Medlar Sandwich for the 3rd year in a row! The medlars have

Ditch blends?

Over the years, we’ve served you carrots from single farms, tomatoes from single farms, even medlars and paw paws from single farms. But did you know we’ve also been serving coffees from single farms? 98% of the