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Last Chance for Carrot, Bridgewater, and Delicata Breakfast Sandwich!

5 January, 2022: Sometimes during the holidays when we're spending time with family, celebrating meaningful holidays, reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what's to come, it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important...Making sure you don't miss any Clover sandwiches. Because we know some of these periphery things might have distracted you over the last few weeks, we're here to… Read More

The carrot sandwich is back!

1 December, 2021: With Japanese Sweet Potato taking its yearly hiatus and King Brussels soon stepping down from his throne (last day to get him is 12/7!)'s time for a cold-weather legend to emerge from the winter soil. Do you know what this means? Are you prepared?  It's now time for one of our most dearly-beloved, passion-inducing, and life-altering sandwiches… Read More

Introducing the Umami Box

21 October, 2021: What if (hypothetically speaking) we went out hired renowned award-winning chef Jason Bond and asked him to make a box with flavors that have the power to transcend your senses, taking you to another place and time, or even reaching your very soul?That's exactly what we did, and the result is the Umami Box. You were meant to experience Umami.Since the… Read More

Dave Epstein on why fall weather makes the perfect brassica

21 October, 2021: If you grew up in Massachusetts, you probably know Dave Epstein. Ayr's family listened to him on WBUR for years and years. A meteorologist and gardening guru, he has been sharing weather and gardening wisdom in the Boston area for over 30 years!!  Clover is partnering with Dave - the information he shares, the stories he tells, and… Read More

🎃 Halloween Party Box

20 October, 2021: At Clover we're no stranger to celebrating Halloween, but this year there are two big things that make Halloween extra special: We are launching our very first Halloween Party Box which is on sale today!It's menu has been curated by our brand new executive chef - Jason Bond of the renowned Bondir (!!!) - and needless to say he absolutely crushed it This box is loaded with… Read More

Brussels Sprout Sandwich is Back!

14 October, 2021: It just wouldn't be fall without King Brussels showing up in your inbox, tapping on your screen, inviting you to treat yourself and come feast upon Clover's #1 most popular sandwich of all time...the Brussels Sprout Sandwich. The most amazing fried local brussels (currently coming from Czajkowski Farm) sprinkled with za'atar. Creamy sour cream dijon spread. A pinch of crisp pickled red cabbage. Smoked… Read More

Early Fall Box Is Here!

23 September, 2021: Imagine making the legendary JSP in your own kitchen... Yesterday was the first day of fall and this box has everything you need to celebrate fall with 3 meals, a snack, and 2 desserts.The Early Fall Box comes packed full of the fixings for Enzo's blockbuster Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich—shoyu mayo, roasted-then-fried sweet potato slices, tempura fried sesame seeds,… Read More

We love you too Jeremy!

20 September, 2021: If you've eaten at CloverFIN you might recognize Jeremy, one of our superfans :) During the pandemic Jeremy essentially bought every single celebration box we made! He also happens to be the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). Jeremy's team recently reached out because they are putting on a 10-year celebration for Jeremy and… Read More

Blue Oyster Mushroom Extended!

7 September, 2021: We've heard that a good way to deliver bad news is to sandwich it with good news. So here is a mostly-good-bad-news sandwich! Good News (Top) The massively popular Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich, originally set to end today, has been extended by a week. This means if by some unfortunate happenstance you missed biting into crispy mushroom… Read More