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Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!

9 August, 2022: Here's Kevin (GM at CloverKND) holding some stunning Blue Oyster Mushrooms from the Rhode Island Mushroom Company. This can only mean one thing... that the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!  Chris pitched the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich at Food Dev in 2015 as our Clover version of a po' boy (a sandwich popular in Louisiana which… Read More

Our fridge sends us an email when it’s sad

29 July, 2022: Last night our original walk-in fridge at the HUB went “above temp” - kitchen speak for not cold enough. How did we know this? Phil received an email directly from our fridge! Every 4 minutes the fridge is above temp, it sends an email to all the kitchen managers notifying them. Jenny (production manager) and her bake… Read More

Salad Mondays!

22 July, 2022: We sent out a little survey to 1000 of our weekly box customers, asking what meal boxes you wanted us to make next… and Salad Monday was our most requested one (even beating out pizza.) So we got to work on greens - figuring out sourcing, making sure we could get them pre-washed, figuring out pairings and… Read More