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This moment started at 3am

18 November, 2015: If you didn’t see the trucks at their usual spots today, sorry. We were out having an adventure! This morning at 3am, Manlio, Michael, Alisa, and Marina (and a majority of their crews) descended on the HUB to start sifting flour, cracking eggs, chopping Asian pears, slicing tomatoes. At 7:30am Sean was leading all 20 of them in a game… Read More

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Trucks are back

24 April, 2015: I may have scaled the side of our truck the other day and stood atop to take this picture. Look at that, isn’t it wonderful? See that in the picture? When we opened our truck at Dewey Square we were the first modern food truck in Boston. At that point there was a Frosty Truck, and 2… Read More

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6 November, 2008: We need help! If you’re interested in 2 hours of service (11:30am – 1:30pm), have a great smile and love food, talk to us. We’re also looking for some more substantial roles (see craigslist for posting). Also, we’re going to be closed for a few days. MIT is shut down Monday and Tuesday, and we decided to… Read More