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Clover is opening in Newton in July!

11 June, 2021: I’ve been waiting over a year to make this announcement. Clover is coming to Newton! We’ll be opening at 845 Washington St. on July 1. We are on a mission to help meat lovers dream about vegetables. Why? As a society we need to reduce the number of meals we eat with meat—and by a lot. That… Read More

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I didn’t think Clover would work

18 October, 2018: For years I kept this little secret to myself. When I quit my job I didn’t think my idea that became Clover would work. I thought I’d fail. I’d been dreaming about a company that would help meat lovers become vegetable lovers. But I couldn’t find any examples of people who had pulled this off. I didn’t… Read More

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CloverFIN is almost ready

28 June, 2016: That picture is from 2010. Clover was the first new truck in Boston at that point. Mayor Menino ate a Soy BLT at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Dewey Square, he loved it, and that sandwich inspired him to start a food truck initiative in the City of Boston. We’re opening a new restaurant at 160 Federal Street right… Read More

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It ends and begins tonight

30 March, 2016: Tomorrow is the day that Harvard told us we needed to be out of 7 Holyoke Street. A Crimson reporter asked me how I was feeling. I’m feeling a little bit sad. There’s  party going on here right now. Ben from Jack’s Abby is here pouring beer in the same spot that we launched his beer 4… Read More

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Party Like it’s 2011

25 March, 2016: I remember standing at a construction site in 2010 showing my mom what the first Clover restaurant was going to look like. There was still brown paper on the windows. Next week is the last week of operation for that first restaurant, our prototype, the one we lovingly built (with lots of sweat and mistakes) after testing our… Read More

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CloverDTX Week 3 Video: WALLS!

15 December, 2015: If you’re near 27 School Street, go and peek in the windows of CloverDTX. If you’re not, here’s the Week 3 video. I was at the site yesterday. Steve, a man walking by, told me he’s worked in the area for 30 years. He said before this was a Boloco, it was a Kabloom. Before it was that, he can’t… Read More

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Pakistani sandwich testing at CloverKND Wednesday at lunch!

21 October, 2015: Enzo loves to eat at a Pakistani grocery store/restaurant named S&S near his house. He told me about it last year and I loved it too. Last week at Food Dev he brought us a new sandwich inspired by a couple of different Pakistani dishes. It has an eggplant/tomato spread, sour pickled cauliflower, cabbage mint slaw, and a cilantro… Read More

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Clover #7

10 July, 2015: I’m working on our next Clover location. We had expected it would be Copley Sq. (you might have seen me mention something about that). We had a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed on a site there. A Letter of Intent is a non-binding agreement between a landlord and a tenant. Our Landlord approached us about that site… Read More

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Clover DC: update

19 June, 2015:    So some of you have been wondering and asking what is up with DC. I was down there a bunch last summer but haven’t posted on our plans for a while. We backed out of a location last September just before signing lease. So you might be wondering what’s up. We’re committed to DC as our… Read More

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Memorial Day Hours

23 May, 2015: All restaurants will be open normal hours. All trucks will be closed, except for CloverPRK on Boston Common. Read More