Cheat away

23 July, 2012: That’s an iPad perched atop a stack of cookbooks and a speaker. We’re working steadily to develop robust training materials.… Read More

New employee handbook

25 January, 2012: New edition of the employee handbook. We fixed some mistakes you all pointed out. Some of you have very sharp… Read More

Red box nightmare

26 October, 2011: I’m siting at our new counter at the HUB on our new seats waiting for a crane. The counter is… Read More

Marine speakers

2 August, 2011: We’ve been doing some more truck building. I realized I’ve never written about the speakers before. We use marine speakers.… Read More

Menu screen, v.2

1 March, 2011: I’ve been working really hard to get the second menu screen up. The first has been working much better than… Read More