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Temporary Whiteboard

20 September, 2010: We gave the whiteboard on the side of the truck a new coat of white paint last Friday. But then we wrote up the menu when the paint hadn’t completely dried. The result: the menu we wrote last Friday is permanent until we have time to repaint. As most of you know, our menu is different every… Read More

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Casa Ruiz burlap

29 April, 2010: Barth from Barrington Roasters gave me some of these coffee sacks the other day. They’re sort of a waste product in their business. These are the sacks the green beans arrive in. I was pretty excited about it. The sack is actually the sack our coffee, the stuff we serve you, comes in. And I love this… Read More

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Clover stencil

7 July, 2009: Give me a stencil and a can of spray paint and I’m dangerous. The victim here is our whiteboard. We’re slowly bringing the branding onto the truck. But now that I’m looking at it I think the whole whiteboard needs a repaint. Maybe this weekend. I need to get a paint that doesn’t yellow in the sun.… Read More