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21 September, 2010: The guy with the onion rings is Garner.┬áHe’s become a regular this summer. He works at the Apple store, and he’s going to help me fix our iPod with the cracked screen. I dropped it while taking orders one rainy day and I felt really bad.┬áSome of you may remember the post. Garner was one of the… Read More

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14 May, 2010: Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title. Yesterday at the kitchen I was prepping the ingredients for the parsnip, spinach, and pickled red onion salad we’ll have on board today. Parsnips have a thick top and a skinny end. When you cut them you want to make sure all the pieces are the same thickness, so when you… Read More

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Origins of a brand

29 September, 2008: This was McDonald’s logo, until 1962. Isn’t that amazing. I’ve been having some great back-and-forths on the brand with Brian and Erik. Both have 2 clear messages: (a) Nix the flask (b) Make both logos (truck and restaurant) the same I’m thinking hard about these points, trying to decide what might be the best path forward. For… Read More