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21 September, 2010: The guy with the onion rings is Garner.┬áHe’s become a regular this summer. He works at the Apple store, and he’s going to help me fix our iPod with the cracked screen. I dropped it while taking orders one rainy day and I felt really bad.┬áSome of you may remember the post. Garner was one of the… Read More

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17 November, 2009: Nobody believed me when I told them how fast Rolando and I clean. So here’s some proof: that blur is one of our hands. (Forgive me for a bit of an inside joke. It was old times again when Rolando and I took over cleaning/ shut down this past Friday so that the team could enjoy drinks.) Read More

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17 August, 2009: It’s happening folks. Rolando and I realized that the tricky thing about brunch is that it takes a long time before we get many cycles in. With lunch we had our 10th try at the end of week 2. With brunch we’re not going to have our 10th try for a couple more months. But this past… Read More