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Bad looker

15 July, 2010: The new folks might not know this, because I’ve tried hard to keep it it under wraps, but I have a nickname. It’s “Bad Looker,” or Bill for short. Jeremiah made it up, and it’s not really that funny. But sometimes, it really fits. Sometimes, I just don’t look hard enough. Yesterday was one of those times.… Read More

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Breakfast sandwich

5 January, 2010: I’m going to begin this and every post this week with a plug for Friday. we’re going to have a TV crew from TLC here filming a show that features Clover. We know you’re all going to come out, we’ll make it a good time. So I’ve said in the past that you’ll never find egg sandwiches… Read More

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Meet Jeremiah

2 October, 2009: This is Jeremiah. He joined us early in September. Jeremiah went to school at Johnson and Wales, he studied nutrition (in addition to culinary arts). He just got back from Switzerland where he was working at a restaurant, and we’re happy he decided to come back. Jeremiah once played pro-soccer. He loves to climb, but a shipping… Read More