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28 January, 2010: I’m going to start to open this blog up to some of the other folks who’ve been making your food. I want the Clover voice to start to reflect their thoughts, and I’d love you all to get to know them better. We’ll start off with Jeremiah. He’s actually our second Jeremiah. The other you may remember… Read More

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Potato faces

27 October, 2009: Leah LOVES her potato faces. We’re soon going to have a full photo gallery of these. Read More

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Meet Jeremiah

2 October, 2009: This is Jeremiah. He joined us early in September. Jeremiah went to school at Johnson and Wales, he studied nutrition (in addition to culinary arts). He just got back from Switzerland where he was working at a restaurant, and we’re happy he decided to come back. Jeremiah once played pro-soccer. He loves to climb, but a shipping… Read More