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Humbling moment with my team

18 October, 2016: This post is about something a bit humbling. Clover’s support staff (Finance, HR, Training, Communications, etc.) consists of about a dozen people. Most of whom report directly to me. These are people who in very real ways are dedicating their lives to helping make Clover what it is. I don’t think there is a single member of… Read More

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Ayr is missing

10 February, 2014:   I’ve done a terrible job posting almost this entire year. We’re super lucky we have Lucia, because I just haven’t been sharing our stories. Sorry. This isn’t the first time in Clover’s history this has happened. We like to think of this website as a complete record of our adventure. The truth is there are swaths… Read More

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It didn’t work too well…

13 February, 2013: This is a post about some of the technical stuff I’m working on to make our website run smoothly. We’ve been finding our server (bluehost) wasn’t holding up to increased traffic to our website, and they crashed the other weekend which drove me nuts. So we decided to switch. I’d read a lot of reviews of wpengine that… Read More