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Playmobile Clover

16 January, 2009: Found this at the local library while playing with Clementine. Playmobile’s version of a clover. Sort of fun, hunh? See, you get a 4 leaf, a 3 leaf, and the flower in there… Read More

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Clover knitting logo

22 December, 2008: Brooke (my wife) knits. She bought these stitch counters the other day, some Japanese company called Clover. Read More

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Color palettes

5 August, 2008: I don’t know which if any of these we’ll end up using, but these are my first take at defining Clover’s colors. I spent too much time looking through aisles of stores, looking through magazines, etc. before I realized that the proper place for Clover’s inspiration to come from is nature. And there are some fantastic references… Read More