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Wooden bicycle

20 September, 2010: I didn’t expect to find this on my way back from dropping off Clover’s laundry. Look, that’s a bicycle, but it’s made entirely from wood. The guy standing on the left is Gwynn, one of our regulars. He’s teaching a class, and their first assignment is to build a bicycle. The only catch is it can’t be… Read More

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Temporary Whiteboard

20 September, 2010: We gave the whiteboard on the side of the truck a new coat of white paint last Friday. But then we wrote up the menu when the paint hadn’t completely dried. The result: the menu we wrote last Friday is permanent until we have time to repaint. As most of you know, our menu is different every… Read More

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Mike saves the day

15 May, 2009: At 1pm our generator ran out of juice. we’d never had that happen before, guess we’re serving up too many sandwiches, or getting breakfast up too early, or both. With 15 customers in line we had to think fast. I thought Mike, one of our customers, might be able to run an extension cord from the shop… Read More