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Paw paw custard

Ayr made paw paw custard for the first time last year – it’s a perfect way to use up the last of our paw paws.

Knock Knock Paw Paw

The past 3 Sunday evenings I’ve gotten a knock on the door. It’s Paw Paw for Clover! I get bushels of paw paw delivered at my house. I put them in the back of my

First Paw Paws are here

If you stop by Clover tomorrow, you may spy a Paw Paw. They look like an avocado, or an alien. They grow in a grove somewhere in Massachusetts, nobody knows where, by a farmer whose

Paw paw landed

I didn’t really know what Paw Paw were 10 years ago. Then I heard about them and they sounded magical. And it took me 4 years of searching to find somebody in Massachusetts growing them.

PAW PAWs invade Cambridge and Somerville

Lucia keeps calling the Paw Paw an alien. And I guess it’s sort of alien-y. Custard-y. Mango-y. Avocado-y. Those are all descriptions I’ve heard in the past few days. As you may know if you’ve

Club member news digest: Friday Oct 9

CLOVER CLUB We quietly turned on the Meal Club a couple weeks ago, and haven’t promoted or marketed about it just yet, but I’m so happy to share that we already have 35 club members!!

Alien invasion

The shipment of Paw Paw doesn’t even fit in one picture! Chris just told us 2019 will go down in history as a banner year for paw paw in Massachusetts, which makes us happy because