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Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.3

On to version #3 of the Parsnip cheddar sandwich. We got some feedback on the relish and more on the parsnips and I’ve made some final tweaks. Several customers commented that the relish was a

Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.2

Over at the HUB kitchen, we were struggling a bit with the roasting technique of the parsnips, when we bulked up to larger batches. In smaller tests, they cooked fine, but once we started cooking

Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.1

The next seasonal sandwich is in development over at the MIT truck. I wanted to make a sandwich with Spring-dug parsnips before they were gone for the season. I knew I wanted to feature Spring

Spring Dug Parsnip Sandwich: finally here

Hey all, sorry we got you excited about this a little too soon. The Parsnip Sandwich should be live everywhere now. The sandwich has a chow-chow relish made with spring onions, mayo, Grafton cheddar from

Last parsnips of the season

We all get excited when parsnips hit our menu. They are the first vegetable to be harvested in New England. That’s because they winter underground. There are 2 crops: autumn and spring. The spring crop

Sugar Mountain Parsnips

Here is some parsnip trivia for you. 1. Parsnips are the first thing to come out of the ground after a New England winter. Before asparagus. Before rhubarb. They are sweeter than fall parsnips because

Parsnip sandwich

I’m thinking about a new seasonal sandwich featuring parsnips. With a spring onion chow-chow (Southern relish) and spinach. Maybe with cheddar. What do you think?

Passover and Easter boxes are back.

Each year, early spring is a busy time at the Clover kitchen because we have 2 of our tastiest boxes, usually back-to-back. For the Passover box, a lot of care goes into the kashering of the kitchen, with Rabbi Dolinger coming in to ensure the box is totally Kosher for Passover via Lighthouse Kosher.