Author: Kiernan

Introducing The Green Fritter

The Classic Chickpea Fritter is in a lot of ways the cornerstone of Clover’s menu—and the topic of much thought and debate—especially the Great Question of “Falafel v. Fritter”. The Classic Chickpea Fritter is a customer favorite and it’s not going anywhere.

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The Zucchini Sandwich is BACK on the menu

Summer Time is Zucchini Time. Anyone with a home garden can testify that these veggies grow in abundance—and fast!!—once the weather heats up. And if you’ve been outside in the last week, you can attest: the HEAT is UP.

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Meet the new CMO

Hi folks. I’m Kiernan. Kiernan Patrick. Kiernan Patrick Schmitt. I just started as Clover’s Chief Marketing Officer, but I’ve been a Clover devotee since 2011.

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