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The Enzo is back, or Warning: This Sandwich May Contain French Fries

20 June, 2022: For one more week (end date: Tuesday June 28), we’re bringing back a Clover fan favorite: The Enzo sandwich. The Enzo—which takes its name and inspiration from Clover alum Vincenzo— features thick slices of eggplant fried to perfection, a house-made roasted pepper relish, kosher provolone cheese, and Clover french fries. It’s unique among our sandwiches in featuring… Read More

Asparagus landing Weds 3/25 & Thurs 3/26

24 May, 2022: We’ve wrapped up the testing period for the new Asparagus Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches at CloverKND and, starting this week, both will be available at all Clover locations!  Both sandwiches feature locally-grown Hadley Grass asparagus. You can only get local asparagus this time of year, and Western Massachusetts has gained world-renown for this stuff. Queen Elizabeth II… Read More

Meet the new CMO

20 May, 2022: Hi folks. I’m Kiernan. Kiernan Patrick. Kiernan Patrick Schmitt. (I once met the comedian Colin Quinn at a New York City pizzeria and he told me I had the worst name he’d ever heard.) I just started as Clover’s Chief Marketing Officer, but I’ve been a Clover devotee since 2011. Back then I lived in NYC and… Read More