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Meal Box Mania

25 October, 2021: If you've only known us for restaurants (and maybe food trucks if your Clover memories stretch back far), you might not know about a new experiment we've started. Well, I guess at this point it's no longer an experiment, it's a substantial part of the Clover Universe. MEAL BOXES!!!! Here's the gist: we make boxes full of… Read More

The Baja Mushroom is back today at lunch!

15 September, 2021: Does the combo of fried battered SOMETHING plus limey cabbagey SOMETHING plus spicy SOMETHING sound familiar to you? If you've ever gotten to visit Baja California in Mexico, you might know what I'm getting at. Baja is a thin strip of land, bordered on each side by ocean. In addition to having some of the best surfing on earth, it's also where the Baja Fish Taco was born: cornmeal crusted… Read More

“New normal” boxes

3 September, 2021: Beet poke bowls. African peanut soup. Peach mousse. Energy balls and taco bowls and sandwiches and more. What do these meals all have in common? We have a new category of meal boxes, designed for whatever "new normal" you find yourself in. Easy to Tupperware. Easy to break into components. Easy to evoke jealous looks from in-person… Read More

Sharan is back!

1 September, 2021: Some of our sandwiches are named after vegetables, and some of them are named after people. Sharan is named after Sharan Patil who was an intern in our kitchen and who shared with us the joys of Gobi Manchurian. His final project for his internship was a sandwich made with crisp fried cauliflower, a sticky sweet pepper… Read More

HSC returns tomorrow 8/31

30 August, 2021: Jasper has been leading up the process of bringing our last few restaurants out of hibernation. It's quite a process: arranging staffing, figuring out the first delivery of food, locating all the technology that we put into storage when the first stay-at-home orders hit. First came DTX last month. It's doing so well, thanks to your support… Read More

Round food and new apples: meet the Rosh Hashanah kit

27 August, 2021: I love all kinds of New Years but didn't know anything about Rosh Hashanah before a few days ago. We started to get a bunch of folks asking if we'd be making a meal kit for the Jewish New Year, so with the help of Rabbi Dollinger we present The Rosh Hashanah Snack Kit! We've learned that… Read More

Going away soon.

25 August, 2021: You've got one week to order as many as you can! GET ZUCCHINI FOR LUNCH MAKE ZUCCHINI AT HOME People have asked us why we don't keep the Zucchini Sandwich around all year. We've gotten similar questions about the Brussels and JSP.  The truth is zucchini doesn't taste as good in the winter. And brussels and sweet… Read More

The heirloom tomato is here!

19 August, 2021: It's back! Get the heirloom tomato at all Clover locations now. This is one of our simplest sandwiches. Mayo, cheddar, an absurdly large steak of tomato dusted with salt, and some lettuce. You can also get it as a meal box, to be delivered to your door. We're getting our tomatoes from Sarah and Ryan at Red… Read More

Late summer box is here!

12 August, 2021: We didn't know if this box could happen this year. When we heard tomatoes were late due to the torrential rains earlier this summer, we were worried that we would have to skip the most popular meal box we've done to date: The Late Summer Box. We screamed, "Nooooooo!" Now thanks in part to this heat, heirloom tomatoes are here and… Read More

The Pepper Breakfast Sandwich is here!

11 August, 2021: The good news with all this heat? The heat has ripened up the peppers at Kitchen Garden in Western Mass. Come by in the mornings (til 11) for sliced raw Anaheim and Cubanelle peppers, squeaky mild salty queso fresco, house pita, our 6.5 minute Maine egg, and a hefty drizzle of sriracha. Read More