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Puzzling AI on our DoorDash page

Clover is now on DoorDash and Uber Eats. Pre-pandemic we were really wary of these platforms – they take big fees from restaurants and can cause a lot of harm to smaller operators, and we were worried about people first encountering us on a third party platform, rather than in-person (we love to talk to you!)

But then we talked to a few industry friends and we found out…

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Zero Waste Rebranding

We’re in the process of refreshing the branding at Clover. But you may not have noticed. And that’s by design. I’m trying to do this

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Launch crew patches

You may have noticed that our new hats have the Clover logo, but made in Velcro so that we can stick patches to them. We

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Quentin to the rescue!!

PBS is filming a piece on meat substitutes (to air next Thursday). Michael Pollan is getting interviewed and they decided to do it at Clover!!

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