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This truck is vegetable powered

3 September, 2008:   For those interested in the details, here’s a quick summary of how these vegetable oil conversions work. Apparently the diesel engine can run on vegetable oil just fine, so long as it is (A) the right temperature (~150°F), and (B) doesn’t contain water or particles. It seems that (B) has more of an impact on the… Read More

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Hood fixed

26 August, 2008: OK, so it took showing up at 7am Monday morning with a “Box ‘O Joe,” a dozen assorted donuts, and a lot of energy, but the hood is now done, and done right. It’s not perfect, but better than anything else I’ve seen on a food truck. We got an “inline” fan, which means it fits right… Read More

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5 August, 2008: Brian Collins gave me some homework: Write a couple of paragraphs that describe why Clover needs to exist Clip dozens of magazines and make 2 piles: (a) More of (b) Less of Here’s part one of that homework, the manifesto. It’s funny, I’m reading it now (having written it a month ago) and have a ton of… Read More