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Congrats grads!

9 June, 2017: Oliver has been a customer of Clover since freshman year. Congrats MIT class of ’17! Stop by Clover Kendall Square anytime after 11am and introduce us to your family. Free fries if you come in cap and gown. Tim from Apple, you’re welcome to come by too and see what we’re using your products to do : ) Read More

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Celebrate 24 degrees

17 February, 2015: This photo was taken at the end of January. Remember when the snow banks were only that high? Although no snow will melt, it is going to be warm enough for us to operate the trucks tomorrow. It’ll be the only day this week that’s true. Manlio and Bryna are itching to get back on the road, and we’re celebrating… Read More

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Restaurants are closing at 8pm on 10/29/14 for staff party

28 October, 2014: Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the day the first sandwich was sold at the MIT truck. We’re celebrating our big birthday with a big party for all our employees, with beer by Mystic Brewery and catering by our friends at Roxy’s and Mei Mei. We’re going to be closing all restaurants at 8pm tomorrow so our… Read More

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Brussels stockout

9 July, 2014:   I stopped by the MIT truck and asked Hasani and Mark how everything was going. The answer was; “Well, we haven’t gotten any death threats today, so that’s good.” What!?! Apparently yesterday the truck ran out of brussels sprouts early. And it wasn’t good. You may know there’s a special feature about the MIT truck. It’s the exclusive year-round dealer… Read More

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Kuma Coffee

15 June, 2014: We’re featuring a brand new coffee from Kuma Roasters in Seattle. This coffee was produced by 800 small farmers in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The Yirgacheffe is where coffee was born. You might have heard the coffee fable. Goats ate coffee cherries, started to dance and go crazy, and the goat-herders noticed and started to cultivate coffee. That was in Ethiopia. There… Read More

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8 March, 2014: Lucia is going to have a heart palpitation when she reads that heading. I’m not saying that in an exaggerated way meaning she is going to feel scared. I mean she’s actually going to have a physical reaction. I’m wondering if there’s anything I’ve done at Clover that’s made people more happy than that sandwich. It was… Read More

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Kendall hiring day take 2

18 November, 2013: 2 people showed up to our first hiring day for the new Clover restaurant in Kendall Square. Granted we left almost no time to promote it. I think we’ll have a larger response this time around. We’re holding it at the original Clover location, a few steps from where the restaurant will be. Clover Hiring Day MIT… Read More

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Michael teaches Knife Skills at MIT Museum tomorrow evening, 11/8

7 November, 2013: Michael is teaching Knife Skills 101 tomorrow at the MIT Museum. He’ll teach basic cuts, how to sharpen a knife, and since it’s MIT we are bringing in some science. We convinced MIT to loan us a microscope and a projector to hook up to our cutting board. We’ll demonstrate the difference between cuts produced by a… Read More

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MIT back: ran out of food at 12:37pm

31 July, 2013: We expected a busy day at MIT. But we were totally unprepared for this. The lines were massive. You were all so kind and happy and patient (as our wait times started to build). We ran out of food. First it was tomatoes, then cabbage, then onions, then falafel, lemonade, iced tea, hibiscus, fries. I gave refunds… Read More

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Free fry day on Thursday. Yeah, we’re coming back

22 July, 2013: CLOVER RE-OPENS THURSDAY. FREE FRENCH FRIES FOR CUSTOMERS TO CELEBRATE. BRING YOUR FRIENDS. Why is that walk-in empty? We threw everything out. Anything that could have possibly been contaminated. All surfaces sanitized multiple times. Environmental testing, all clean. All new food. All employees screened. New food safety procedures throughout entire company. Why? We want to have absolutely… Read More