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Platters 2.0 live at CloverKND

We’re testing new platters at CloverKND. Reception has been extremely positive. Maybe better than what we saw with the original meatball test.

Sausage egg and cheese? overload

This past Wednesday I showed up at CloverHSQ at 7:10am and immediately knew something was wrong. We launched the Impossible Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwich at all Clover locations. You might remember this idea originally

Party Like it’s 2011

I remember standing at a construction site in 2010 showing my mom what the first Clover restaurant was going to look like. There was still brown paper on the windows. Next week is the last

Sandwich launch mess-up

I remember when I used to apologize for our food screw-ups daily. That doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully.

Clover Cambros

We’ve been working with the company Cambro who makes the containers we use. When we first got them to send somebody to visit Clover their jaws dropped. We use Cambro unlike any other customer they

$10 is the new minimum

Nobody at Clover makes less than $10/ hour now. We made this change a few months ago, quietly. It’s really amazing we’ve been able to raise wages every year since we opened. I hope we

Loading dock graffiti

That’s our loading dock at Clover HUB. As we’ve been getting busier what once felt like too much space is starting to feel tighter. We have a standing meeting of our Corporate team Thursday afternoons. This

Big great bread disaster

Yesterday we had the 3rd great bread disaster of Clover’s history. Our baker sent us bread that was undercooked and we didn’t catch it early enough. The bread was doughy on the inside and flat, not

Burlington model

That almost looks real, doesn’t it? Not yet, right now it’s just a scale model we’re using to explore ideas. My architects and I have this plan for wood paneling and ceiling at the Burlington

Chris with the powerwasher

I’m thinking every day about what kinds of things we need to be doing to make sure we’re thriving 6 months, 18 months, 2 years from now. One of the biggest puzzles I’m facing right