Party Like it’s 2011

25 March, 2016: I remember standing at a construction site in 2010 showing my mom what the first Clover restaurant was going to… Read More

Sandwich launch mess-up

8 July, 2015: I remember when I used to apologize for our food screw-ups daily. That doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully. We have better… Read More

Clover Cambros

22 June, 2015: We’ve been working with the company Cambro who makes the containers we use. When we first got them to send… Read More

$10 is the new minimum

17 December, 2014: Nobody at Clover makes less than $10/ hour now. We made this change a few months ago, quietly. It’s really… Read More

Loading dock graffiti

11 September, 2014: That’s our loading dock at Clover HUB. As we’ve been getting busier what once felt like too much space is starting… Read More

Big great bread disaster

11 July, 2014: Yesterday we had the 3rd great bread disaster of Clover’s history. Our baker sent us bread that was undercooked and… Read More

Burlington model

22 February, 2013: That almost looks real, doesn’t it? Not yet, right now it’s just a scale model we’re using to explore ideas.… Read More