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12 January, 2011: The snow is giving us some time to work on the website. When you write a post, but don’t assign… Read More


5 May, 2010: There’s a lot to Clover you haven’t seen yet. Don’t worry, our menu will stay simple, we’ll never be promotional,… Read More

W-2s are out

27 January, 2010: I’ve just dug myself out from mountains of paperwork. W2s went out yesterday which feels great. You know the amount… Read More

Getting Clover in order

5 October, 2009: Our latest round of hiring has us systematizing clover: checklists, recipe cards, training programs, onboarding packs. We’ve played with this… Read More

2 weeks with salads

4 June, 2009: You’ve asked us about these, tasted them, been confused by our pricing, and sizes, and lack of lettuce, and loved… Read More