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Diesel the best choice?

9 December, 2008: I’m starting to question whether diesel was the way to go. I looked forever to find the right truck, and I paid a bit more than I would have for gasoline. Now it’s not too happy starting up in the cold. Starting to wonder whether we can pull this off all winter. What we really need is… Read More

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This truck is vegetable powered

3 September, 2008:   For those interested in the details, here’s a quick summary of how these vegetable oil conversions work. Apparently the diesel engine can run on vegetable oil just fine, so long as it is (A) the right temperature (~150°F), and (B) doesn’t contain water or particles. It seems that (B) has more of an impact on the… Read More

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Running on oil

3 September, 2008: Today I drove the truck down to Walpole, MA to meet with Mark at SVOlink (formerly alt energy oasis, Mark used to do vegetable oil conversions of diesel engines and now focuses on processing and selling vegetable oil. He took the time to show me his box truck conversion, his processing facility, and talk me through… Read More