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If we handed you a card today at a Clover location, click here to take the survey.

We’ve been doing surveys every month (or every few months) since we started. We don’t get to hear from all of you every day, so this is your chance to speak out.

BTW, this was the group at our weekly Food Dev meeting this afternoon. We leave 3 spots open to customers at these meetings, and they’re starting to get big. Sign up on the left-hand side of this website if you want to join.


Restaurants are closing at 8pm on 10/29/14 for staff party


Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the day the first sandwich was sold at the MIT truck. We’re celebrating our big birthday with a big party for all our employees, with beer by Mystic Brewery and catering by our friends at Roxy’s and Mei Mei.

We’re going to be closing all restaurants at 8pm tomorrow so our employees can join the fun.

We’ll also be opening all the trucks late (11am) on Thursday except for CloverDWY, so that our early-rising truck managers can join the festivities too.


Troy came to Food Dev!


Troy’s one of our favorite customers to see. Usually he frequents Harvard Square, but has been known to trek to other locations when a new seasonal sandwich hits there first. He’s always a source of really well-thought-out feedback.

Troy joined us for Food Dev last Tuesday. Thanks so much for coming, Troy! Hope to see you at a future meeting.


Squash sandwich, first pass


Chris said his second favorite thing (after sour cream) is roasted delicata squash. At Tuesday’s Food Dev meeting, he brought in some ideas for a delicata squash sandwich. White bean garlic spread, fried delicata squash, kale salad with dried cranberries, and crumbled feta.

We loved the flavors of the sandwich, but the frying didn’t get much depth of flavor. We were worried about spending hours peeling and roasting squash, hence the frying idea. But Ayr reminded us of a trick Chris taught him for roasting the squash. We’re going to try this trick for round 2 of this sandwich.

Food Dev happens at 3pm at the HUB in Inman Square and is open to the public. If you’re a customer and would like to come, you can sign up using the left-hand sidebar of the website.


Intelly Los Inmortales, El Salvador


We’re bringing on a new coffee from Intelly. This is an El Salvadorian coffee grown on the side of a volcano. The coffee cherry was allowed to ripen past the usual red stage, and into a deep burgundy stage, which makes for a rounder, more complex cup. It’s a bourbon varietal, which is a lower-yielding, more fragile cultivar that tends to have lots of fruit notes. It was a hard year for this particular region. There was an outbreak of leaf rust, which caused damage to lots of farms in the area, but this farm was protected by its elevation.

We will be pouring this up at all our locations starting this week. Thanks to the folks at Intelly for putting together such awesome info on this farm. If you’re curious, here’s the whole thing. 


Brussels rising Wednesday 10/22


Where will you be when the Brussels Sprout Sandwich rises again?

When we put the Brussels Sprout sandwich on the menu last fall, it unleashed Brussels Mania. Everyone dreaded the day it would retreat from the menu, and some people started to do some pretty strange things to prepare.

Some ate two or three in a day. Others, trapped without a Clover nearby, tried to recreate the sandwich at home. Some employees (I’m not mentioning names) threatened to quit their jobs if the brussels didn’t remain on the menu in some form.

When we finally pulled the sandwich in early spring, long after brussels were out of season in Masachusetts, a group of customers begged us to take their pictures with their “last brussels sprout sandwich.” It was then that we knew that the brussel must rise again.

Finally, that day has come. Chris, who directs our food, has been doing some sleuthing, and he finally got word that there are brussels coming out of the ground at Joe Czajkowski Farm in Hadley.

This means that the brussel is back at Clover starting TOMORROW (Wednesday), 11am, at all Clover restaurants. Where will you be when Brussel rises?

PS:  Brussels Sprout 2014 has a higher percentage of local ingredients than Brussel Sprout 2013:

-Sour Cream Dijon Spread
-Smoked Cheddar from Grafton, Vermont
-Fried Brussels Sprouts from Joe Czajkowski Farm, Hadley, Mass
-Pickled Red Cabbage from Next Barn Over Farm, Hadley, Mass
-Toasted Hazelnuts


The paw paws have landed.


It looks like an alien, and tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana. It’s more tropical than any fruit you’ll find in the tropics, and yet it was born in Massachusetts. It cannot be sold in stores because it’s too delicate to survive transit. So you have to know someone who knows someone to get it.

We know someone who knows a paw paw farmer. At the break of dawn this morning, 40 pounds of Massachusetts paw paws landed at Clover.
Paw Paw Mania at CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA).
Friday, October 17, 2014
Paw paw soda at lunch ($2 for a glass)
Paw paw whoopie pies ($2 for a pie, $10 for a box) after 5pm.
PS: We’ll be featuring Paw Paw soda at other Clover restaurants until we’re out (Tuesday or Wednesday).

Squash sandwich?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.08.55 AM

Squash is going to be one of my favorite things to cook this winter. I used to not like it, or think that it was only suited to certain flavors and preparations. But there are so many varieties, and it’s suited to so many flavors. That picture is from Harvest Dinner last year, Mike and Enzo made a maple-hot chili glaze for one of those giant Hubbard Squashes. I’ve been eating butternut with tahini at home.

Chris came to us saying that Ray is harvesting lots of squash over the next few weeks. Squash and kale.

So Squash is the subject of our next Food Development meeting. We’ve been coming up with some insane new seasonal sandwiches. The Japanese Sweet Potato. The Sharan. When done right these are as good or better than some of our core sandwiches.

Got any ideas for Squash? Leave your comments below, or better yet, join us at Food Dev Tuesdays at 3pm at the HUB.


Sharan better than ever


Danya from Queen’s Greens Farm is selling us 750lbs of local organic cauliflower. It arrives today. We’re putting it straight into the Sharan sandwich.

By the way, the Sharan is on its last 7 days at Clover.

Get it now, better than ever.


We live in apple country


Local apples are hitting the menu soon. Apple soda, deep fried apple rings, fresh apples on our Oatmeal and Granola at breakfast. This is our current seasonal lemonade: Apple Lemonade. Look at that beautiful orange-pink color.

We’ll be getting our apples from Lookout Farm in Natick, Mass.

Who wants to help us come up with an apple sandwich?