HFI Video Tour: grey is the new white

Here’s our most recent HFI video tour. Are you liking the look of this restaurant? Want to help us break it in?

We’re hiring for team members, order-takers, prep folks, and assistant managers. Just go to the Careers tab of the website, fill out an application, and Shane will get back to you within 48 hours.



Hakurei turnip sandwich launching everywhere 3/26


March and April is a tough time for local food in our region. Luckily we have people like Michael Docter, who know exactly how to harvest and store winter roots so they taste even more beautiful than they did the moment they were harvested. The barn at Winter Moon Roots is carefully controlled for humidity, and cooled by the winter air.

Chris just bought 1200 pounds of hakurei turnips and 500 pounds of carrots from Michael.

Tomorrow we launch the Hakurei Turnip Sandwich using Michael’s turnips and carrots. If you haven’t had it yet, it has a togaroshi mayo, roasted hakurei turnips, a carrot miso salad, and shoyu-brined fried onions.

Here’s nutritional info for this sandwich: (more…)


UNFI is out of wheat gluten, no BBQ sandwiches or platters

UNFI is back-ordered on vital wheat gluten, which is what we make our seitan out of. This has never happened before!

But instead of reducing our total sandwiches down to 4, we’re going to play around with something we’ve been wanting to try for a while: we’re going to work 3 seasonal sandwiches onto the menu! We’ll have the Enzo, the Venezuelan Plantain, the new Hakurei Turnip, and (if you’re an MIT truck customer in the know), the Brussels.

The BBQ will be back at the end of next week.


Hadley Hakurei Sandwich, testing today at Kendall


Michael Docter grew beautiful hakurei turnips at Winter Moon Farm this year. This is a Japanese variety of turnip. It’s so sweet and crisp that it doesn’t even need to be cooked. When Chris and I visited the farm in November, we were eating them straight out of the field.

We put out a call at our Food Dev meeting for a turnip sandwich. Ben, a new assistant manager in the kitchen (who came to us after working at Rendezvous) came up with a recipe for a sandwich… before he had even started work! We ran it through a few Food Dev meetings and came up with a version we’re testing today on customers at Kendall.

It has a togaroshi mayo, roasted hakurei turnips, shoyu-brined fried onions, and a fresh carrot miso salad made with Michael Docter carrots. We’re testing it at lunch at Kendall today. If you’re one of the 100 people who got a sandwich today, please use this space to leave your feedback.


Enzo sandwich, playing for the next 2 weeks

Enzo, The sandwich

The Enzo Sandwich is live! This was the first item Enzo ever developed at Clover.

It started as a Southern Italian salad that his family would make once a week.

We tried it first as a salad, but the potatoes weren’t good served cold. Then we developed a sandwich that incorporated all those elements. The sandwich has a pepper spread, fried eggplant, sharp provolone, fried potatoes, and fresh parsley. It’s filling. Enjoy.




3pm: Fried Grillo’s Pickles


When we opened up the HUB in 2012 we created a tiny space that we envisioned as a space for pop-ups. Our first tenant was Grillo’s Pickles, and they ended up staying for 3 years!

Grillo’s is on their way out, which means two things. 1. The space will have some interesting stuff happening over the next few months. 2. Travis gave us a parting gift of these awesome pickles. We’re beer-battering them and frying them up as a 3pm special. We’re serving them with caper mayo sauce.


CloverHFI Video Tour: Plaster is On

Have you peeked into CloverHFI yet? Justin and the crew are doing a great job, and it’s well on its way to looking like a restaurant. Here’s the video tour for week ending 3/6/15.


Barismo folks are in Costa Rica right now


Barismo is a roaster we love in Somerville. They send their employees to coffee-producing countries to find farms to work with, and they actually financially support farms so they can create better coffee (think of a big CSA but with coffee beans!).

We’re featuring a brand new farm at Clover: La Bandera Tarrazu. And at the same time, Chris from Barismo is actually at La Bandera, the farm in Costa Rica, arranging the next round of coffees they will buy from Diego, the farmer.

Diego dries this coffee in a really unique way – slowing down the drying process so the coffee can develop better flavor (think of a great aged wine and how it develops better flavor as it ages). We’re going to host Chris at Clover when he returns from Costa Rica to share what he learned from Diego. In the meantime, check out all the details on this coffee at Barismo’s website.


If it freezes, that’s okay

Sara is working on a series of cleaning videos for employees. The goal is to get everyone to work to the same standard across different Clover locations. We’re starting with mopping, stainless steel cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and window cleaning.

Sara is probably the most optimistic person at Clover, a characteristic you can see when our freezing Boston winter conspired to ruin her cleaning video last week.

I think we can safely say that spring is on the way. The MIT and DWY trucks are back tomorrow and will operate breakfast and lunch any day that the forecast predicts over-20-degrees at noon. We’re going to launch CloverLMA on 3/30. And in April, we’ll bring back CloverPRK, and launch a brand new Boston truck.


Just kidding about that Maine tomato sandwich


This photo was from our visit to Backyard Farms (amazing indoor greenhouse in Maine that grows tomatoes during the winter.) Chris and I were on a phone call with Tim, the farmer, yesterday. Tomato supplies are currently very tight due to the insane amount of snow in Maine and the shorter days leading to lower yields. Tomatoes are not coming in the volumes we’d like. Prices are very high. And there are not enough to supply the sandwich.

Tim told us that the best 2 weeks for tomatoes are going to be late March into early April, so the sandwich will be back then. We’ll celebrate the return of the Maine Winter Tomato with a tomato tasting with Tim (stay tuned for a way to sign up.)

We’re going to be running out our supplies on this sandwich tomorrow (Saturday), and switching to the Enzo sandwich on Wednesday. So if you are already addicted to the sandwich, stop by today to get your fix. Sorry all. But this is a cool reminder of what we do at Clover, which is work with real farmers growing real food.