Sharan stock-outs


Sorry everyone.

We were shocked by the overnight popularity of this sandwich. The prep for this sandwich is pretty intense. We make the spread by skillet-searing peppers 1 tiny batch at a time. We cut, dredge, batter, and fry the cauliflower to order. We make up this cabbage slaw with tons of lime juice and cilantro one batch at a time. And we crisp up the noodles to order. Most of the labor goes into the spread, and it’s worth it when you try it. It’s sort of oily, but in a really fresh way. And super spicy.

If you’ve gotten a chance to try one of these, please let us know what you think. If you haven’t yet, don’t fear. We’re going to be upping production this week, so hopefully everyone will get a chance to taste Sharan.


Metropolis El Pilar launching today


We discovered Metropolis on a trip to Chicago, when Ayr’s sister told him it was the more delicious underdog to bigger roaster Intelligentsia. Of course, we love Intelly too, but we’re thrilled to be able to bring Metropolis to folks in Boston.

Metropolis sent us a bunch of their latest single origin coffees, and this one was the clear favorite at our Food Development meeting last month.

We loved this coffee for its full body, grape notes at the beginning, and subtle sweetness throughout. We’ll be rolling this out over the next few days, so look out for it.


St. Botolph’s hits Boston


Dann and Martha of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project joined us on Thursday to launch St. Botolph’s Town at Clover Kendall. This was one of the first beers they ever brewed, done as an homage to the Yorkshire-style ales they loved while living in England. It’s a really beautiful beer for fall.

It was named after the town of St.Botolph – which was the original Boston in England.

Come by to try it – we’ll have it on tap for the next 2 weeks or so.


Cupcakes for Paul


Paul’s birthday was today. We made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter and Concord grape frosting. They’re here at Harvard. Free for all customers, until they’re out!


Japanese Sweet Potato sandwich testing Thursday at Clover Kendall


Ray Young from Next Barn Over called us to say that the farm is going to be bringing in a bumper crop of organic sweet potatoes over the next two weeks.

We had an internal contest to design a sandwich that could do these sweet potatoes justice. Enzo shared a Japanese sandwich with us…

-Tamari mayo
-Sweet potatoes (baked, then fried)
-Cabbage, daikon, shiso slaw
-Shoyu and rice wine vinegar
-Tempura sesame seeds

We’re going to test a version this afternoon, starting at 3pm, and during our Pretty Things Beer Launch. If you want in on the testing, come to Clover Kendall Square TODAY from 3pm through the beer launch at 6pm….


Sharan sandwich launching today


Sharan was a kitchen intern this summer from BU. Chris pressed him to develop a sandwich based on the Indian food he grew up eating. And he thought: Indochinese food. Indochinese food is the Chinese food that is eaten in India. Influenced by Indian ingredients and preparation. It’s one of my favorite cuisines. If you want to try it, there’s a great restaurant in Somerville called Dosa n’Curry that has a few Indochinese items on the menu.

Sharan’s favorite Indochinese dish is Gobi Manchurian. It’s got fried cauliflower, battered with rice flour, in a really peppery, oily, rich sauce.

After a bunch of versions and lots of tasting and adjusting at the Food Dev meetings, here’s what we’re doing:

-a spread made with seared red peppers, ginger, garlic, habanero, soy sauce, and a touch of ketchup
-deep fried “gobi” (cauliflower, tossed with rice flour before frying)
-Napa cabbage slaw with lime and cilantro
-fried vermicelli rice noodles

Chris has been doing nutritionals for all our items. Read on for nutritional info…


Jurassic Park Movie Night

Clover Food Lab_Jarassic Park Movie Night

Thanks all who joined for our extremely packed Jurassic Park movie night. And thanks so much to the Greenway for hosting. Sorry it rained. But I hope everyone enjoyed their dinners before the thunder rolled in.

We were shocked at the 40 or so folks who stuck around til the end, shivering under tarps and umbrellas.

Those who left told us they’d be watching the remainder on Netflix!



George Howell Borboya 2


We visited George Howell’s roastery to do some coffee experimenting. George had recently returned from a sourcing trip to Africa. He brought out this jar of honey he brought back from Ethiopia. It was like tasting a greenhouse. So many beautiful floral notes.

Starting today, you can try another result of George’s trip to Ethiopia. We’re pouring Borboya II at all our locations. Borboya is the name of a coffee washing station in Ethiopia. Many small farmers (with farms of about 2 acres or less) bring their coffee crop to this washing station. They allow the fruit to ferment on the coffee cherry, then they wash it. You might have remembered us serving Borboya I a few months ago. This is Borboya II, from a different “lot” of coffee.

It’s tea-like, light body, some lemon notes. We’ll have it for the next 3 weeks. Come taste.


Lineup Videos

Clover Food Lab_Ayr Muir

Sean Ryan is going to be our area manager in DC. He’s helped build some of the most successful fast food companies in the country. And he’s looking at Clover with a pair of fresh eyes. He had an idea a few weeks ago to do a weekly pre-meal video for Clover employees. I really loved the idea.

If you’ve worked in a restaurant before chances are you’re familiar with a pre-meal. Basically before each shift, the manager will have a meeting with employees to go over any current restaurant happenings and new items.

At Clover, we’ve played around with the idea of a pre-meal. We tried doing one at Kendall, but it never stuck. Employees were all coming in at different times, so it wasn’t always practical to hold a daily meeting. Sean suggested we look to video. We could film a video pre-meal once a week, post it to the Clover Youtube channel, and have each employee watch the current weekly video before each of their shifts. Right now we’re in the testing stage at Clover KND. We’re on Week 3 now. Paul who’s our awesome communications intern, is shooting the videos on iPods so they can be viewed by any employee. Ayr is the subject of the first few videos.  In time, if this goes well, we’d shift to other leaders in the company.

If we do this right,

-The video would help ensure that all the great things Clover is doing don’t go unnoticed by the folks who are making it happen every day
-The video would provide a point in the employee’s day where they are focused solely on learning and gathering information. The video could enhance their understanding of food, recipes, food systems, etc.

If we do this wrong,

-The video could feel repetitive and not engaging. The employees could ignore the information.

I think tone will have a lot to do with whether this succeeds or fails. We’re hoping to strike the right tone.