New Kuma Coffee: Rwanda Mukashyaka


Chris was really excited about this one. Most Rwandan coffees we’ve tasted have been notoriously sour, but this is one of the first that has been complex and balanced.  It starts with some very short pleasant citrus notes and then lingers with sweetness. This is a brand new coffee for Kuma.

Kuma Roasters is based in Seattle, and we’ve been featuring them ever since 2012 when Rolando met them at a chefs conference. Mark, the owner, had parents who became missionaries in Kenya. That’s where he learned to love African coffee, and now he has a personal relationship with all the farmers he buys from. Read more about Kuma’s story at their website.


Kendall customer survey

Hello, Kendall Square! If you received a survey card today during lunch, click here to take the survey. A huge thanks in advance for helping us improve.


Winter Fruit Salad Launching Thursday 2/26 at breakfast


Our Fruit Salad was inspired by a man in LA who cut fruit at a mile a minute, seasoned it with lime and chile flakes, and handed it to you in a Ziplock bag. We ran Clover fruit salad for several years, then took it off the menu for a few months while we re-developed a much more creative, dynamic recipe. We’re launching our brand new fruit salad at breakfast on Thursday with free samples for all customers. So what’s different about our fruit salad?

1. It’s just-cut. Meaning we cut it when you order it. No gray bananas or soggy honeydew melons. Nothing sitting in plastic for hours before being eaten. Don’t worry, we’ve been training on knife skills to make the process as fast as a breakfast sandwich.

2. Our fruit salad recipe will change weekly or bi-weekly depending on availability of seasonal produce.

3. Like all food at Clover, our fruit salads will be seasoned and garnished to bring out the individual flavors of each item.

4. During the winter, we’ll get to experiment with fruits from warmer climates. Blood oranges. Mangoes. Coconut. Kumquat. Pomegranate. We might even introduce you to stuff you’ve never tried in a fruit salad before. Taro root. Local turnip. Minced poblano.



New coffee launching: Intelligentsia Tres Santos, Colombia


Intelligentsia is one of the third wave of coffee roasters. They started in Chicago and now have roasting facilities in LA too. They roast using German roasters from the 1950’s. We visited their facility in 2011 and loved what we saw.

Are you giving this Colombian coffee a try? You might notice notes of sweet raisin and cocoa.

If you’re at a busy location you’ll see this on the breakfast menu tomorrow, if you’re at a smaller Clover, you may have to wait til Monday. Let us know what you think!


Tarragon Sandwich Testing at CloverKND Thursday 2/19


Chris came to the Food Dev meeting the other day with a spectacular tarragon sauce. Tarragon is an herb you find in French cooking. It’s slightly licorice-y, but very savory. And we think there’s a sandwich in there somewhere. We’ve made a version that incorporates Maine oats and a Chip-in Farm egg…

If you’re into trying new things, come by CloverKND today starting at 11am. If you are one of the 80 people who try this sandwich, come back and tell your order-taker what you thought, or leave your feedback here in the comments section.

Think about:

-Would you buy this sandwich again?
-What does this sandwich taste like to you?
-What elements do you think are missing (salt, sweet, sour, bitter?
-Do you have any ideas for us to make this sandwich better?



Celebrate 24 degrees


This photo was taken at the end of January. Remember when the snow banks were only that high? Although no snow will melt, it is going to be warm enough for us to operate the trucks tomorrow. It’ll be the only day this week that’s true. Manlio and Bryna are itching to get back on the road, and we’re celebrating with a free order of apple rings for anyone who eats with us tomorrow at the trucks.

I for one have been craving the Brussels Sprout sandwich, and with the MIT truck back for one day only, I’ll be heading there tomorrow to get my fix.

MIT truck (20 Carleton St), 9am-2pm

DWY truck (Summer St and Atlantic Ave, outside South Station), 7am-2pm


Venezuelan Plantain Launching tomorrow (Thursday 2/12/14)


This sandwich started in Hadley, MA this summer. Andrea of Valley Malt grew 4000lbs of black beans. She wrote to us to see if we’d like to use them. I had honestly never heard of local black beans until this year. Never thought of them as a local product. We challenged ourselves to come up with a sandwich using black beans.

Enzo told us about how his dad, who is Venezuelan, would always make some kind of black bean dish at least once a week. He made us a spread using black beans, lime, cilantro, peppers, onions. We sourced cabbage, beets, and carrots from Red Fire and Queen’s Greens Farm. This sandwich uses sweet plantains, which means the plantains need to get nice and ripe before you use them. Chris figured out how to make crispy Jasmine rice, which gives the sandwich crunch.

We’re launching this companywide tomorrow (Thursday 2/12/15) at all restaurant locations. Use this post to give us your feedback!


Barrington Coffee is in the house Friday and we’re making donuts


We’re hosting Maite from Barrington Roasters at CloverHSQ at 9am and CloverKND at 10am. Barrington was the first coffee we ever served at Clover, and they helped us learn about coffee back in the beginning when we knew nothing. Come taste some beautiful coffee and eat a donut fresh from the fryer.

Limited spots. Sign up here!