The paw paws have landed.


It looks like an alien, and tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana. It’s more tropical than any fruit you’ll find in the tropics, and yet it was born in Massachusetts. It cannot be sold in stores because it’s too delicate to survive transit. So you have to know someone who knows someone to get it.

We know someone who knows a paw paw farmer. At the break of dawn this morning, 40 pounds of Massachusetts paw paws landed at Clover.
Paw Paw Mania at CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA).
Friday, October 17, 2014
Paw paw soda at lunch ($2 for a glass)
Paw paw whoopie pies ($2 for a pie, $10 for a box) after 5pm.

Squash sandwich?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.08.55 AM

Squash is going to be one of my favorite things to cook this winter. I used to not like it, or think that it was only suited to certain flavors and preparations. But there are so many varieties, and it’s suited to so many flavors. That picture is from Harvest Dinner last year, Mike and Enzo made a maple-hot chili glaze for one of those giant Hubbard Squashes. I’ve been eating butternut with tahini at home.

Chris came to us saying that Ray is harvesting lots of squash over the next few weeks. Squash and kale.

So Squash is the subject of our next Food Development meeting. We’ve been coming up with some insane new seasonal sandwiches. The Japanese Sweet Potato. The Sharan. When done right these are as good or better than some of our core sandwiches.

Got any ideas for Squash? Leave your comments below, or better yet, join us at Food Dev Tuesdays at 3pm at the HUB.


Sharan better than ever


Danya from Queen’s Greens Farm is selling us 750lbs of local organic cauliflower. It arrives today. We’re putting it straight into the Sharan sandwich.

By the way, the Sharan is on its last 7 days at Clover.

Get it now, better than ever.


We live in apple country


Local apples are hitting the menu soon. Apple soda, deep fried apple rings, fresh apples on our Oatmeal and Granola at breakfast. This is our current seasonal lemonade: Apple Lemonade. Look at that beautiful orange-pink color.

We’ll be getting our apples from Lookout Farm in Natick, Mass.

Who wants to help us come up with an apple sandwich?


Hadley-grown corn in your winter CSA this season


Michael Docter farms the land at Winter Moon Roots in Hadley. This year he’s offering a Winter CSA for the third year in a row at Clover. Every other week, you can pick up a bag of organic root vegetables (beets, radishes, parsnips, potatoes, garlic, carrots, etc).

This year, Michael is working with a corn farmer and Mi Tierra Tortillas to create a true non-GMO, organic heirloom corn tortilla. This is sort of crazy. If you read anything about food policy, you may know that corn is one of those crops that you can rarely get organic and non-GMO. And the best part is that they’re really tasty.

I’m buying my share today and getting ready for tacos, nachos, huevos rancheros, migas, and tortilla soup! Signups are now open to the public, get yours today!


The cinnamon and sugar caramelizes under the batter


Our new 3pm special is Apple Rings. We take slices of apples, toss them with cinnamon and sugar, and then toss them in a batter. When they hit the fryer, that cinnamon and sugar caramelizes under the batter, and makes a beautiful little crust.

Come by and try these after 3pm only…


Tempura sesame seeds


A lot of you are asking what’s the crunch on top of that new Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich.

Enzo came up with a really cool idea. We make these “tempura sesame seeds” in small batches. First, we mix up a tempura batter (carbonated water, a bit of cornstarch, rice flour), and throw white sesame seeds into the bowl, then toss everything in the fryer. When I tasted these little crispies, I said “It tastes like a Japanese restaurant!”

If you haven’t had our Japanese Sweet Potato sandwich yet, we’ll have it for the next few weeks, while we can still get local and organic sweet potatoes and red cabbage.


Concord Grape Whoopie Pies at 5pm at CloverHSQ


Concord grapes are the last burst of summer around here. They’re on their last days. We thought we’d celebrate with a little Concord Grape trivia. Sam of Lowell Hall at Harvard won. He’s going to be coming back for a box of free whoopie pies. Maybe if you’re nice, he’ll share with you?

Tonight at 5, Kim’s going t be making Concord grape compote and folding it into our cream cheese/heavy cream filling, nestling it inside 2 chocolate cakes, and selling til we run out.


9,000 lbs of organic sweet potatoes heading to Clover


We’ve gotten to this really beautiful place. We feed thousands of people every day. So when one of our partner farms has a bumper crop of something amazing, we can buy all of it. It’s becoming a point of inspiration for our food development, and more than ever, our menu is truly being dictated by what farmers are doing.

So when Ray called Chris to say that she had 9,000 pounds of organic sweet potatoes, we said we’d buy all of them. And we challenged ourselves to create a sandwich that would celebrate them. And then we found out we could also get local organic cabbage, easter egg radishes, and Shiso.

Enzo came up with this really satisfying, clean, Japanese inspired sandwich. The cabbage and shiso are in a slaw, along with easter egg radishes. My favorite part is the topping: we make these deep fried tempura sesame seeds. And there’s a really savory tamari mayo as a spread. We’re going to be launching this at Kendall today at lunch, and then all other locations at lunch on Wednesday. Come by and tell us what you think.

All the produce in the sandwich is from Next Barn Over in Hadley, and the shiso is from Queen’s Greens in North Amherst. Basically a 100 percent local sandwich (except for the mayo, sesame, vinegar, and tamari).

Read on for nutritional information…


Thank you breakfast grows


The Thank You breakfast is growing in numbers.

If you give us feedback – good or bad – you might find yourself with an invitation to the next one.