Coffee: it’s a crop too

Pete (the guy in the black shirt) wrote us a handwritten note about the El Bosque, the new Guatemalan coffee we’re pouring right now. He said he was really excited because, for the first time, customers in Cambridge are asking for a specific farm by name. It’s an exciting thing. It makes you realize coffee is […]


Winter Moon Breakfast

It’s 9am. I’ve gone through a couple different modes of transportation. A 4:30am Uber to Harvard Square to pick up Tracy, and bring us to South Station. A 45-minute commuter rail ride from South Station to Framingham, where Chris meets us in a dark parking lot. Chris’s car (he’s taken out his son’s car-seat to […]


White-bagging it

I found myself at the Martin Brothers liquor store early on a Tuesday afternoon, loading up their counter with cheap beer. At the manager meeting yesterday, we did a blind tasting of lagers. Coors Light, Natty Ice, Heineken, Budweiser, you may know these. Mixed into the tasting were some beautiful lagers from Jack’s Abby in Framingham: Smoke and Dagger, Jabby […]


Hadley gold

Chris, Tracy, Paul, and I just returned from a trip to Hadley to visit Winter Moon Roots Farm (which has a winter CSA share you can sign up for) and Next Barn Over (which has been supplying Clover with most produce for this summer and fall, most recently those sweet potatoes you’ve been eating in […]


Jack’s Abby Winter Seasonal Launch 11/6, 8pm, CloverHSQ

Just in time for this wintery weather, we’re bringing you the very first taste of a Winter Seasonal Lager from the brotherly brewers at Jack’s Abby in Framingham. Sam, Eric, and Jack are students of Bavarian brewing and they’re racking up worldwide accolades for their lagers. This year, Ratebeer, a worldwide beer rating organization, gave […]


Halloween 2014

Thanks everybody who made this Halloween the eeriest ever!  


Halloween at Clover

Halloween descends on the Clover trucks and restaurants tomorrow. Candy for all, $2 pumpkin pie whoopie pies at Clover Kendall and Clover HUB, and this: Wear your costume to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Clover tomorrow, and we’ll fry you up a scary order of Goblin Fingers on us. We’re hoping for lines and lines […]

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Take the Clover October Survey

If we handed you a card today at a Clover location, click here to take the survey. We’ve been doing surveys every month (or every few months) since we started. We don’t get to hear from all of you every day, so this is your chance to speak out. BTW, this was the group at […]


Restaurants are closing at 8pm on 10/29/14 for staff party

Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the day the first sandwich was sold at the MIT truck. We’re celebrating our big birthday with a big party for all our employees, with beer by Mystic Brewery and catering by our friends at Roxy’s and Mei Mei. We’re going to be closing all restaurants at 8pm tomorrow […]


Troy came to Food Dev!

Troy’s one of our favorite customers to see. Usually he frequents Harvard Square, but has been known to trek to other locations when a new seasonal sandwich hits there first. He’s always a source of really well-thought-out feedback. Troy joined us for Food Dev last Tuesday. Thanks so much for coming, Troy! Hope to see you at […]