Tasting coffee with the wizard

George Howell reminds me of a wizard. He has bright blue eyes and white hair, and he has a magical understanding of the atoms and aromas and textures that go into coffee. Ayr and I went to George Howell’s roastery last week with the goal of tearing apart our coffee methods (hot and iced) and seeing if […]


A sign from the universe?

It’s only 6 months after we decided to focus strategically on DC growth and not take any more restaurants in Boston for the next 2 years. And here I am driving to meet Jesse to look at a new space. We’ve signed one new lease (CloverHFI), have a second in the works (Back Bay) and […]


Peanut butter tasting

Chris visited Superior Nut Company in Cambridge. Chris always gets very passionate when describing factories. And he loved this one. We’ve been searching for an alternative to our current peanut butter. We don’t use too much peanut butter – mainly it’s for our kids sandwiches and sometimes as a salad dressing ingredient. But like everything […]


Bad fries

We sent out some bad fries last week. Dark, limp, not what we’re going for. There’s a 2 week period when the best Prince Edward Island potatoes are out, but before we can get local potatoes from Hatfield, MA. Chef potatoes from Hatfield are back, which means perfect fries are back. So if you had fries you […]


De-confusing Clover

Sean has been looking at Clover with fresh eyes. It’s been really great for all of us. As you may know, sometimes we tend towards the subtle. Sean suggested a big, simple Order Here sign. I ordered wall vinyl in our stencil font, and Enzo and I got up on a ladder to install it. […]


We officially have a secret menu

If you’ve been by, you might have noticed Secret Menu cards. This is our unapologetic homage to In and Out Burger’s Secret Menu. On the secret menu you can find all the things customers have been inventing or requesting over the years. We don’t put these things on the regular menu, but we’ll make them […]


Coffees you can’t get anywhere else

Both of our current coffees were roasted within miles of us. Come by Clover and taste the amazing things happening with MA coffee. 1.) Speedwell La Trinidad This coffee is a Costa Rican bean. It was roasted by Derek Anderson of Speedwell Roasters in Plymouth, MA. He uses one of the last remaining Sivetz roasters, which […]


Labor Day Hours

RESTAURANTS: Clover Harvard Square – 7am-10pm. Welcome back, Harvard students: Buy breakfast Sunday or Monday. Show us your Harvard ID, and your coffee’s on us! Clover Kendall Square – 7am-10pm Clover Burlington – 7am-9pm Clover Brookline Village – 7am-9pm TRUCKS: Clover MIT: 11am-2pm Clover PRK: 11am-4pm Clover DWY: closed Clover LMA: closed Clover Watertown: closed


Clover HFI waiting for a storefront

We’re waiting for a storefront for our new Central Square location, Clover HFI. I’ll admit I’m a little impatient. And this stuff takes forever. And there is no way to speed it up. To update you on some of the other things we’ve been doing: we had to submit for a 2 variances with the […]


Tomato Sandwich only here for another week

Manlio runs our Dewey Square truck. He’s a sailor, an MIT trained engineer, and usually he’s a pretty quiet guy. But every year around this time, Manlio cannot stop talking about tomatoes. He talks about them to his staff. He talks about them to customers. He talks about them to anyone who will listen, even […]