NUTS AND BOLTS: Temperature monitoring

You probably know we’ve had big plans for Clover since day 1. You may not know how critical technology is to our vision. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Clover just couldn’t exist 10 years ago. Not because eating plant-based is hot now and wasn’t then (thought that might be true to some extent) but […]


Why is it called Eggplant?

You know what this is? White and light purple eggplant. It means we’re buying heirloom eggplant from Massachusetts farms. Eggplant is one of a few items we serve that’s not sourced locally. Normally it’s shipped to us from South America, sometimes California. But every year around this time we get to enjoy eggplant that hasn’t […]


Enzo is on Food Network, Guy’s Grocery Games at 8pm Sunday 8/3/14

Vincenzo mysteriously left us for a couple days this past spring. He hasn’t been able to tell us much about the shoot, but he was selected as a contestant on Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. His episode premiers tonight. If you’ve been eating at Clover for long you probably know Vincenzo. He’s at […]


Thank you breakfast

Right now if you give us feedback in any form, even if accidental (e.g., through a review or tweet), we’ll invite you to a thank you breakfast. I think it was Lucia who had this idea a few months ago, and we’ve been having fun figuring out how it works. It’s pretty informal right now. […]


I think our coffee can be better

The other week we joined George Howell to taste new coffees. Tasting with George Howell is amazing and the coffees were surprising and beautiful. Chris who runs our food set this up, two of his managers had a chance to join, as well as Sean who is going to run our DC region. We just brought one […]


This coffee is awesome.

That was what I said this morning while sipping this coffee at Harvard Square. We’ve admired Colectivo from afar for a while, back when their name was Alterra. Ayr visited Alterra back during the “Custard or Bust” tour of Milwaukee, and loved them. But we could never serve their coffee here. There was a licensing agreement that prevented them […]


Sharper Clover

Everybody who knows me knows I love things that are sharp and things that are fast. Knives can be both. And they’re just beautiful. I find myself dreaming about them. I picked a picture of a Dexter knife for this post. This is the utilitarian workhorse we use at Clover. Dexter is a MA-based knife […]


Goodbye Maine tomatoes, hello Mass field tomatoes

The Massachusetts tomato season is a short one. So from September to June, we rely on an amazing group of people up at Backyard Farms in Maine, who grow tomatoes under a giant glass box, in a greenhouse whose heat is powered by melting snow. But from July to September, we get to taste field tomatoes […]


Welcome MA blueberries!

Blueberries are everywhere. Blueberry soda. Blueberries on the Yogurt, Granola, Fruit. Blueberries on oatmeal. I heard a rumor that Kimlee is making blueberry whoopie pies tonight at CloverHSQ. We’re getting our blueberries from Czajkowski farm in Hadley, MA.


This is 24 hours Cambridge

This happened Tuesday night. After our delayed hearing our application for a 24 hour license was heard and approved. That’s right. We’re going to open the first 24 hour Clover, and it will be the only 24 restaurant in Cambridge. We’re really excited. We’re used to unanimous support. Every hearing we’ve had since I started Clover […]