We live in apple country

Local apples are hitting the menu soon. Apple soda, deep fried apple rings, fresh apples on our Oatmeal and Granola at breakfast. This is our current seasonal lemonade: Apple Lemonade. Look at that beautiful orange-pink color. We’ll be getting our apples from Lookout Farm in Natick, Mass. Who wants to help us come up with […]


Hadley-grown corn in your winter CSA this season

Michael Docter farms the land at Winter Moon Roots in Hadley. This year he’s offering a Winter CSA for the third year in a row at Clover. Every other week, you can pick up a bag of organic root vegetables (beets, radishes, parsnips, potatoes, garlic, carrots, etc). This year, Michael is working with a corn farmer […]


The cinnamon and sugar caramelizes under the batter

Our new 3pm special is Apple Rings. We take slices of apples, toss them with cinnamon and sugar, and then toss them in a batter. When they hit the fryer, that cinnamon and sugar caramelizes under the batter, and makes a beautiful little crust. Come by and try these after 3pm only…


Tempura sesame seeds

A lot of you are asking what’s the crunch on top of that new Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich. Enzo came up with a really cool idea. We make these “tempura sesame seeds” in small batches. First, we mix up a tempura batter (carbonated water, a bit of cornstarch, rice flour), and throw white sesame seeds into […]


Concord Grape Whoopie Pies at 5pm at CloverHSQ

Concord grapes are the last burst of summer around here. They’re on their last days. We thought we’d celebrate with a little Concord Grape trivia. Sam of Lowell Hall at Harvard won. He’s going to be coming back for a box of free whoopie pies. Maybe if you’re nice, he’ll share with you? Tonight at […]


Thank you breakfast grows

The Thank You breakfast is growing in numbers. If you give us feedback – good or bad – you might find yourself with an invitation to the next one.


Clover truck is at Longwood Medical 4 days a week starting Thursday 10/9

We’ve finally listened to the hundreds of you who begged us to be at Longwood more days a week. Starting Thursday 10/9 we’ll be at Longwood: Monday 8am-2pm Tuesday NO TRUCK AT LMA (at our Alewife site, 8am-2pm) Wednesday 8am-2pm Thursday 8am-2pm Friday 8am-2pm To celebrate, we’re going to be serving up free oatmeal with Asian pears on […]


Hasty Pudding meets Clover

The folks from Hasty Pudding Theatricals stopped by today. They’re one of the oldest groups at Harvard, dating back to the 1700’s. They’re the ones who put on the Man and Woman of the Year award. They all love Clover and eat here before shows. They want to collaborate with us on stuff for next Spring. […]


Indochinese outing

We took the order-takers on a field trip the other night to eat Indochinese food in honor of the Sharan sandwich. Such a fun cuisine. Lots of surprising spice. Lots of red dye.