Clover Food Lab


Clover returns to Boston: DWY opens at 7am tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we return to Dewey Square, which means Clover food is available at last in Boston proper. Come by from 7am-11am for popovers, coffee, and breakfast sandwiches. At lunch (11am-1:30pm) we’ll have chickpea fritter sandwiches, French Fries w/rosemary, and some other surprises. In other exciting news, we’re going to have a truck at the Boston […]


New T-shirt designs

Normally we make the T-shirt a big surprise. We make small editions (say 200) and match the content with the season. Like strawberry in May, etc. But for the winter T-shirt I’ll normally do something that’s not food. You know, because no food grows here in the winter. This time I’m going to let you […]


Olive oil that tastes great

Chris had a big cat grin on his face at this past food dev meeting. He finally found us some delicious olive oil. I read this book about olive oil the other year. Most of it is phony, it contains oils that are not from olives. It’s been treated with heat, over processed, over filtered. […]


Bitcoin at Clover

That’s a bitcoin kiosk at Clover HSQ. I was approached by Chris and Kyle. Chris is a former MIT student and the two of them are building a new business called Liberty Teller. Liberty Teller is deploying “Bitcoin ATMS.” They asked is we could pilot the ATM at one of the Clover restaurants. I thought […]


Aleppo is not Aleppo anymore

Chris brought us a challenge at our recent food dev meeting. Turns out that the Aleppo pepper we’ve been loving for years is no longer available. The conflict in Syria has destroyed the Aleppo pepper production. Christina’s has a blend that “simulates” Aleppo. It’s not the same, not as smoky. We’re exploring alternatives, but the […]


Kimlee’s whoopie pie development

  Kimlee runs prep at Harvard Square. She’s been doing an amazing job. I believe that food tastes great when it’s made with love. Some of you may think that sounds cheesy when you read that, but I’m dead serious. There are so many minute decisions you make when you’re working with food, tiny little […]


Brookline Mezze Experiment

We’re trying to figure out what Clover would look like inside of Whole Foods. Our friends there approached us early last summer to consider partnering on some exciting ideas. You may remember we hired IDEO a month or so ago to help with packaging. Now we’re tackling the customer experience. And we’re Clover, so that […]


Sam S. helped bring Clover to Alewife

  Meet Sam. I just searched my inbox and found a message from him dated September 2011. But I think he first reached out to us earlier than that. Sam works in the Alewife area (I presume) and thought we should have a truck out there. I thought it was a great idea, but wanted […]