Clover HFI video tour: 10 days out

I think I spent at least part of the night dreaming about this space. Yesterday I helped Justin move the very very heavy table into place. Everything feels like it’s fitting a bit better than I had planned. Justin’s team has been doing an amazing job with the details. Can’t wait to share it with […]


Clover curbside?

I snapped this picture up at Burlington the other day. This is our largest problem with the site. It wasn’t this bad before we moved in, but the place becomes a parking lot in the middle of the day. Think we should try Clover curbside ordering/ delivery? I’m only half joking. Any other idea? In the […]


What’s the craziest thing you’ve used your lab notebook for?

I found this in my basement the other day. We’re playing with ideas to improve our training, especially for managers. That’s because we’re on a hiring binge right now. (If you think you’d be a great fit please apply now). So one of the things we talked about was bringing the “lab” aspect of what we’re […]


Sharper Clover

That’s Adam Simha. He makes these amazing knives in North Cambridge. They’re used by some of the best chefs in the world. Real works of art and love. When I started Clover I knew nothing about knives. Over the years they’ve fallen into the same place in my heart reserved for motorcycles and cars and […]


Hiring Fair: Tuesday, April 7, 6pm-8pm, CloverHSQ

Want to wield a knife or wear the blue apron? Clover is holding a hiring fair this Tuesday, 6pm-8pm at CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke Street, a 3 minute walk from the Harvard MBTA stop.) Open to everybody. If you know someone who would be great, pass on this post to them.


April Customer Survey

If you received a card today (4/3) at a Clover truck or restaurant, you get to take our customer survey! A huge thanks in advance for helping us out. Here’s the link to fill it out.  


Backyard Farms Tomato Tasting 4/9, 10am-2pm, CloverKND

Backyard Farms folks will be in the house on Thursday during lunch. They’re going to bring samples of tomatoes (including a new pink variety they are experimenting with).  Sign up here, or just stop by Thursday. We’ll be launching the Maine Winter Tomato sandwich featuring Backyard Farms tomatoes, sriracha mayo, and Ironbound Island Seaweed.


Thank you breakfast

Most of my ideas come to me when I’m not thinking. Like asleep, or spaced out. I don’t know what it says about me, or the ideas, but this one was awesome. I woke up one morning a few months ago and thought: “we should buy breakfast for everybody who helps us out with feedback.” Feedback […]


So much Clover in 2015

I’m back. This isn’t the first time I disappeared for a while. Sorry everybody. So much is happening right now and I’ve done a terrible job making time for writing. So much is happening right now, and that picture you see above, CloverHFI in construction, anchors that list. We have an official open date now: […]


New fruit salad coming Thursday 4/2

We launched fruit salad in February, and we promised we’d be changing the recipe every few weeks. Chris was thinking about how well lemons and poppyseeds pair together. Coming on Thursday: pineapple, kiwi, Hadley hakurei turnip, lemon, honey, and poppyseed. Want to make it at home? Here’s the video we are using to train our […]