If it freezes, that’s okay

Sara is working on a series of cleaning videos for employees. The goal is to get everyone to work to the same standard across different Clover locations. We’re starting with mopping, stainless steel cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and window cleaning. Sara is probably the most optimistic person at Clover, a characteristic you can see when our freezing […]


Just kidding about that Maine tomato sandwich

This photo was from our visit to Backyard Farms (amazing indoor greenhouse in Maine that grows tomatoes during the winter.) Chris and I were on a phone call with Tim, the farmer, yesterday. Tomato supplies are currently very tight due to the insane amount of snow in Maine and the shorter days leading to lower yields. Tomatoes […]


New Kuma Coffee: Rwanda Mukashyaka

Chris was really excited about this one. Most Rwandan coffees we’ve tasted have been notoriously sour, but this is one of the first that has been complex and balanced.  It starts with some very short pleasant citrus notes and then lingers with sweetness. This is a brand new coffee for Kuma. Kuma Roasters is based in Seattle, and […]


Get Pushpir while you still can; new sandwich coming Wednesday 3/4

We’re launching the Maine Winter Tomato Sandwich later this week. This means you only have 2 more days to get the Pushpir. It’s been a great run, and there are already rumors of a Pushpir 2 in the works. But for now, if you’re craving Pushpir’s cooking you’ll have to track him down at Guru […]


Kendall customer survey

Hello, Kendall Square! If you received a survey card today during lunch, click here to take the survey. A huge thanks in advance for helping us improve.


Winter Fruit Salad Launching Thursday 2/26 at breakfast

Our Fruit Salad was inspired by a man in LA who cut fruit at a mile a minute, seasoned it with lime and chile flakes, and handed it to you in a Ziplock bag. We ran Clover fruit salad for several years, then took it off the menu for a few months while we re-developed a much […]


New coffee launching: Intelligentsia Tres Santos, Colombia

Intelligentsia is one of the third wave of coffee roasters. They started in Chicago and now have roasting facilities in LA too. They roast using German roasters from the 1950’s. We visited their facility in 2011 and loved what we saw. Are you giving this Colombian coffee a try? You might notice notes of sweet raisin […]


Tarragon Sandwich Testing at CloverKND Thursday 2/19

Chris came to the Food Dev meeting the other day with a spectacular tarragon sauce. Tarragon is an herb you find in French cooking. It’s slightly licorice-y, but very savory. And we think there’s a sandwich in there somewhere. We’ve made a version that incorporates Maine oats and a Chip-in Farm egg… If you’re into trying new […]


Celebrate 24 degrees

This photo was taken at the end of January. Remember when the snow banks were only that high? Although no snow will melt, it is going to be warm enough for us to operate the trucks tomorrow. It’ll be the only day this week that’s true. Manlio and Bryna are itching to get back on the road, […]