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Asian Pears

Chris went to Russo’s yesterday desperately searching for seasonal fruit to replace the peaches that are going out of season. Lookout Farm, where we were getting our peaches, has Asian Pears coming into season. Asian Pear is a variety of pear native to China and Japan, but that also grows beautifully here in Massachusetts. These are […]


Salted chocolate cupcakes at CloverHSQ

Ayr told me about the best food experience he’s ever had: a salted chocolate donut at a donut place in Portland, Maine. Clover tradition means cupcakes on employee’s birthdays. I asked Megan if she would lend her culinary skills to making a salted chocolate cupcake with a chocolate ganache. I brought some delicious salt from Washington […]


Say farewell to peaches with Peach Donuts at CloverKND on Friday

Remember those late snowstorms we had in April? They affected the stone fruit harvest by freezing the buds that had already formed on the peach trees. Only a few farms were able to get peaches. One of those was Lookout Farm in Natick. We waited to serve them until they were coming to us really ripe and […]

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You’ve been eating local…

That’s Danya and Matt of Queen’s Greens Farm in North Amherst. They’re the ones responsible for the beautiful red leaf lettuce you might have had this summer, and for the beets we’re featuring now in the Hungarian beet sandwich. It’s been our best summer yet in terms of percentage of the menu that’s sourced from […]


Hungarian Beet Sandwich launches, with late summer beets

Danya from Queen’s Greens called to say she had a bumper crop of local beets. We said we’d buy them all. We’re going to run the Hungarian Beet Sandwich. It’s launching tomorrow. We ran this back in February with Michael Docter’s Winter Moon Roots beets, and we had a lot of customers hoping it would return. […]


Join us for St. Botolph’s Launch at CloverKND

These two are the reason we have beer at Clover. We started talking to Dann and Martha back in 2009 about making beer to sell to Clover. They started talking to us about all the problems the beer industry was having with sourcing locally. They introduced us to Andrea at Valley Malt, and to a bunch of the other amazing […]


September is hot pepper season in Massachusetts

September means fresh peppers in Massachusetts, which means our Hot Sauce 101 class is back. You’ll learn how to make Clover’s hot sauce featuring local hot peppers, coriander, garlic, and vinegar – and if there’s time – some other versions of hot sauce too. You’ll leave with a jar of fresh hot sauce to take […]


Would you buy this?

We’ve been thinking of ideas for Whole Foods. Thanks to all who filled out our survey last month. It’s now closed, but we’ll have another one next month. This is one idea that came out of some of our early discussions about Whole Foods. Could we make something portable? Something that would appeal to kids? […]


Communicating with environment

Early on I set a course of transparency for Clover. In 2008 this mattered to a few customers. Now in 2014 it matters to more of you. I think in 2020, when Clover is sweeping the nation, I think folks simply aren’t going to tolerate opaque food systems. In my view this world of smoke and […]


Clover shortbread

Ali, who manages our catering program, kept getting requests for dessert. Our policy on desserts is simple. We make the highest quality, most delicious desserts, and we only offer them on special occasions (Whoopie Pie Friday, cupcakes on employees’ birthdays, etc). That way no one gets addicted to having an indulgent dessert every day of the week. […]