Credit only on trucks

Starting 1 May we’re going to move to credit cards only on the trucks. OK, I’ll admit I’ve never seen this anywhere. And I had to look up if it’s even legal (it is). And we’re giving you a few days to get your plastic ready. I hope you’ll all be happy with the change. […]


Pay what you want day: $1200 for farmshares in Central Square

Thanks all who joined us today at CloverHFI. Today was pay what you want. It was a chance for us to train our staff and get some reps in making sandwiches. We haven’t done the final tally yet, but it appears we’ve raised $1200 for farmshares at CloverHFI. If you want to apply to be […]


HFI Hiring

  That’s a picture I snapped of Shane, our GM of HFI, interviewing a candidate. We’re doing something completely different with hiring for this restaurant. In the past, when we opened a truck, or a restaurant, we seeded that location with folks from around the company. So Kendall was opened by a crew of experienced […]


HFI Update

Lucia here. We’re finishing up the last of our inspections tomorrow morning, and there’s a chance we might be postponing Free Sandwich Day. I will know the answer to that question at 10am – and I’ll do my best to let everyone know! If we do postpone, all of the same pre-open activities will happen, […]


Higher prices coming soon

We’re going to change our prices Monday. I doubt many of you are psyched to read that. And it’s not exactly a fun thing to announce. But this is part of what it means to be a healthy company. I think we’re taking a thoughtful approach and I hope you will all be supportive. Here’s some […]


How many fields of parsnips do you want me to plant this year?

That was a question Michael Docter of Winter Moon Roots asked us when we were at the farm early this fall. Now those parsnips have been harvested and brought to Clover. Our first buy was 1600lbs, and we’re placing another order this week! If you’ve never had a Winter Moon parsnip, they are unlike anything you’ve […]


Team Leader pay increases to $12.50/ hour

I had the fun job of sending a note to employees this morning announcing a pay increase for the Team Leader position. We’re increasing starting pay for our Team Leaders from $11.25/ hour to $12.50/ hour. This change will go in effect for the next pay period. All existing Team Leaders earning less than $12.50/ hour […]


Illegal pinball

The other day I posted about all of the things going on for Clover. A really long post. Towards the end of that post was a mention of a pinball. Not less than 3 hours after I put that post on the website I got an email from Cambridge Licensing letting me know that due […]


More than eggs

Since the first truck I’ve thought it would be fun to be able to sell stuff other than sandwiches. We had a bunch of you ask for eggs and used to pack extra dozens of ChipNfarm eggs to sell at request. We also sold bags of pita. Now, with Clover HFI, we’re building an enormous retail […]


Clover HFI video tour: 10 days out

I think I spent at least part of the night dreaming about this space. Yesterday I helped Justin move the very very heavy table into place. Everything feels like it’s fitting a bit better than I had planned. Justin’s team has been doing an amazing job with the details. Can’t wait to share it with […]