Clover closed 2/10/15

The MBTA isn’t running today, so neither are we. Food Dev and Soup-Making class are canceled, we will let you know if they’re being rescheduled. Enjoy the snow everybody!  


Just What?

I saw this at the HUB about 2 weeks ago. That’s a giant shipment of Just Mayo. I hadn’t seen mention that we’d worked it into our menu so I emailed Chris asking when it was going to go live and he told me we’re a week into it already. We had a ton of […]


Norse Heroes Winter Sweatshirts on sale now

There’s something magical about our trucks in the winter. I remember running MIT dinners in the deepest darkest winter, and it was always so wonderful to see little hordes of customers continuing to line up even when the temperature was below freezing. Ayr and I made a special line of sweatshirts to celebrate our food […]


Megan hands Amy Poehler a cup of Clover Hasty Pudding

That was Megan after she handed two cups of Clover Hasty Pudding to the driver of the black SUV that Amy Poehler was inside of. We hope Amy got to try one. Megan is our HR director and resident comedian. She was beaming for many hours after the parade. The parade was surreal. We assembled on the corner of Mass […]


Eat Clover Hasty Pudding at Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Parade tomorrow

Amy Poehler is being named Woman of the Year by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, and our truck is in the parade. We’ll be handing out apple fritters, hot mulled cider, and two versions of hasty pudding: a cornmeal, butter, molasses pudding and a bolted wheat, onion, clove, and cheddar pudding. Want to join? The Woman […]


We’ll never make the best cup of hot chocolate

We desperately wanted to make hot chocolate work this year. It was a recurring theme at our Food Development meetings. We tried: -coconut milk and chocolate -heavy cream and chocolate -heavy cream and cocoa powder -milk and cocoa powder -steaming milk and holding it in a soup warmer -steaming milk and holding it a water heater […]


Seasonal platters will be in our future

After lots and lots of requests we started playing around with platters made of the seasonal sandwich ingredients. A couple things we realized: -The platters should come with a grain salad and a bean salad -The sauce should come on the side We tested our first versions at the Food Dev meeting, and we’ll be […]


Open interviews for Assistant Managers: Wednesdays, 5pm-8pm

Megan here. It’s hard to believe, but in 2015 we’ll double in size. I’m focusing on hiring amazing assistant managers who might one day grow into general managers and run their own Clover one day. Sean suggested we hold open interviews, and we’re going to see how it goes. We’re looking for folks who love food […]


3pm special: thick potato chips

We’re going to be selling Clover food during the intermissions of Hasty Pudding shows this year. It’s one of a bunch of really cool collaborations we’re doing with Hasty Pudding this year. Chris brought these potato chips as an idea and we tinkered with the recipe until we got something we loved. We’re featuring them […]