Sandwich launch mess-up

I remember when I used to apologize for our food screw-ups daily. That doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully. We have better systems in place, more safe guards, people who are better than me at catching mistakes. But occasionally one slips by us. I ordered the new Broccoli Strawberry sandwich yesterday excited to try this. I’d had […]


Can I hack the CloverPOS

This was the subject of an email I received back in November 2014. Ethan was an employee at CloverKND that I had not yet met. His email signature said was was MIT, Class of 2014, Course 6-3. I thought we should meet. POS is an acronym for “Point of Sale.” It’s what the retail industry […]


Hungarian Beet Sandwich Launching Thursday 7/9

Chris got a tip on local beets and cabbage from Next Barn Over Farm in Hadley. We’re going to launch the Hungarian Beet Sandwich to take advantage. That’s Megan, seconds before she offered that sandwich to a customer on the street. She directs our HR. She developed this sandwich from the ground up after a […]


Autoclaves at Rhode Island Mushroom Co.

We didn’t expect to see autoclaves at the mushroom farm. But they are one of the most necessary and expensive parts about running a high-volume mushroom operation. Autoclaves use steam to create a high temperature environment to sterilize the wood blocks that the mushrooms grow on. One thing Mike learned is that there is such a thing as a […]


Rhode Island Mushroom Co visit

We’re launching a Mushroom Sandwich. We took a group of staff members to visit Rhode Island Mushroom Company yesterday. It was an amazing operation. I had imagined a dark room filled with manure and soil. It was more like a brightly lit lab meets greenhouse. Mike (owner) and Todd (mushroom scientist) spent a ton of time with […]


Paint our Pita

I’m posting a call for artists in case you all know someone or want to try your hand… In a few short weeks we will finish a project that started as a dream – to improve the biggest component of food that our customers eat every day. We will begin baking our own pita bread, on […]


Strawberry Broccoli Sandwich launching Thursday

We thought we had to send Enzo’s strawberry sandwich to the vault until next year. We did all this development work only to find we had missed strawberry season at Lookout Farm. Joe Czaijowski came through with a miracle: 100 cases of Hadley strawberries. Join us for lunch on Thursday. The sandwich has a sweet and spicy strawberry […]


Clover + Kosher update

Wow, thanks all for the outpouring of support. I think Ayr’s post was the most-commented-on of any post so far! I wanted to answer some of the most common questions. 1. The HUB and the trucks are now Kosher. The products we’re going to be selling in Whole Foods later this year will be Kosher. 2. All […]


This is what Kashering looks like

I’m not Jewish. I was raised going to a small New England brick congregationalist church a couple of towns over from where I grew up. But I’ve wanted Clover to be Kosher for a long time. I had a colleague at McKinsey who kept fairly strict Kosher, and I was shocked what a nightmare it was for […]


Strawberries are here: get them before they’re all gone

Strawberries are in. Strawberries have a tiny season in New England (usually 2-3 weeks). We’re getting them from Lookout Farm in Natick, which is a really fun place to visit if you have kids. You can find strawberries at Clover in: Lemonade (every day at all locations) Strawberries and cream (at restaurants at 3pm) New Chinese-inspired strawberry […]