Photographability of food

With Instagram etc. I’ve been thinking for a few years that we should be designing environments and packaging in part to optimize for photographability. Clover is pretty awful for this right now. With few exceptions. Our lighting is terrible for phone photos. We don’t put our logo in many places. I saw these examples in […]


Origins of Clover Fruit Salad

Fruit salad on the LA highway. This is a cousin of Clover fruit salad. I saw a street vendor in 2009 cutting fruit to order, and it was amazing, and I started to think we could serve a fruit salad at Clover. I may or may not have broken some California laws by snapping this picture […]



If we handed you a survey card at a Clover location today, click here to take the survey. A huge thanks for helping us improve.


That’s a lot of eggplant

    I hate trash. When I first started Clover I was shocked to learn that commercial kitchens didn’t compost. Maybe it’s the engineer in me. I just couldn’t stand the idea that we were taking nutrients from the ground and locking them up in landfill. After years of work we got our comissary (Nuestra at […]



So there’s a big (PRODUCT)RED event going on at DWY tomorrow. You don’t see us at too many of these fundraising events. There’s a reason, we have a really singular focus. We’re making the world better by serving cleaner food and that’s all we do. We’re able to achieve so much by staying so focused. But […]


Juice clinics?

I hate the idea of food as medicine. It’s probably why I cringe a little every time I hear about a diet or somebody talk with excitement about how great some “superfood” is. This image is from a trip I just took to LA. It’s really funny, right? “Functional foods” are a fast growing business, and […]


The only way food gets on our menu

Food Dev at Clover happens every Tuesday at 3pm. Everybody is welcome to join. Bring something for us to try, or just bring your taste buds. You can sign-up on our website under events. I think this was one of those things that we accidentally stumbled into. I brought it to life because I wanted a […]


I want Massachusetts to grow grain

Chris, his son, and I went to visit Four Star the other day. Not sure who is happier in this picture, Chris or his little buddy. Four Star is a farm that is literally a couple of miles from where I grew up in Western Mass. I used to ride my bicycle by their fields on the […]


Kuma Coffee: Deri Kochoha

Ethiopian coffees are back into the rotation at Clover. We loved this one from Seattle roaster Kuma when we tasted it a few Food Dev meetings ago. This coffee’s name refers to a washing station in Sidamo where 600 small farmers bring their beans. The beans sit in a wash tank for 72 hours to […]


Mi Tierra Tortillas on sale at HFI

This is the only item sold at HFI that we don’t use on our menu. I just love these tortillas so much (and I’m from Texas so I know tortillas). This was a side project of our favorite winter farmer, Michael Docter. Read more about their story here and pick up a pack for $4 […]