Frictionless Clover

I had this moment of inspiration the other day that is going to drive Clover’s approach to Customer interaction in 2015 and beyond. We are going to try to get rid of friction. This is the year of the Clover Maglev. I believe strongly that you can’t build something great without saying no and making […]


January Session at Clover

Clover is becoming a culinary school this January. We’re featuring 8 classes, from Brookline to Kendall, designed to get you cooking more at home. Spots are limited, and several classes are already sold out. Click here to view all the classes in one place.   


Holiday Hours at Clover

When can you find Clover this holiday season? Restaurants: HSQ 12/24 HALF DAY, 25TH CLOSED, 31st CLOSE AT 8PM, 1st OPEN, 2nd OPEN KND 12/24 HALF DAY, 25TH CLOSED, 31st CLOSE AT 8PM, 1st OPEN, 2nd OPEN HUB 12/24 HALF DAY, 25TH CLOSED, 31st CLOSE AT 8PM, 1st OPEN, 2nd OPEN BLV 12/24 HALF DAY, […]


Everybody gets a raise

I just posted on our pay increases for entry level employees. Those have been in place for a couple of months. Starting 2015 we’re going to be putting in place a new compensation package for our restaurant managers and assistant managers as well. 2015 is going to be a good year to work at Clover. […]


$10 is the new minimum

Nobody at Clover makes less than $10/ hour now. We made this change a few months ago, quietly. It’s really amazing we’ve been able to raise wages every year since we opened. I hope we can keep that up. We’re able to do this because of the great work everybody has been doing, and because […]


Speedwell Coffee: Kenya AA Rugeju

We’ve got a new coffee in from Derek at Speedwell. This coffee is a Kenyan coffee, the result of 400 small farmers with around 200 trees each, bringing their coffee to a single milling station. We’ll be pouring this for the next few weeks, and we’ve got retail bags too.


Blue Bottle Coffee: Mexico Chiapas Triunfo

When I first started learning about coffee, Ayr told me about Blue Bottle, a roaster he had visited in San Francisco, and one of the first to popularize pour over coffee. He showed me a video of Blue Bottle making pour over, I think at the ferry building. They used tons of coffee, added hot water, and […]


Free food at CloverDWY in honor of…me?

Lucia here. I was selected as one of Zagat Boston’s 30 under 30. It’s a real honor! My sister was also selected, which made it even more special, as was Thomas from East by Northeast, one of my favorite restaurants in town. The Zagat folks in NYC said they’d sponsor a freebee, anything we wanted for […]


Clover leadership tour of Barismo

Historically trips like this have been haphazard. We have really amazing suppliers, and we’re really curious people. And most of what we buy is made at a place that is drivable. So we spend a lot of time visiting suppliers. Lucia and Megan were thinking that we should start formalizing these supplier visits and create […]


Thick cut potato chips

I don’t know why I’ve never had this before. Have you ever seen or had these? Thick cut potato chips. Really thick, 1/8th inch? Maybe 1/16th? I’d say they’re about as thick as 4 Lays chips stacked on top of one another. I have to say I’ve never eaten chips like these anywhere. Almost as […]