Meet Josh, our food systems analyst

You might not know him yet, but this face is going to make a lot of you very happy. We’ve been bad about posting nutritional information. Sorry all, it’s not that we’re trying to hide anything. I think the first post about nutritionals was back in 2009 when we sent a few of our items to a […]


Color-coding system for pitas

We’re baking something like 3000 pitas a night. Some of them are minis (for breakfast sandwiches and kids sandwiches). Some are big (for regular sandwiches). When we were purchasing pita from a bakery, we would sometimes confuse big and small pitas. Chris came up with a method of matching the colors of the racks with the ties […]


Peaches from Lookout Farm are here

Peaches are just coming into season. We are getting them from Lookout Farm in Natick. Find them in Peach Agua Fresca, and on top of Yogurt w/ Granola and Oatmeal.


Flour testing

We are one week into overnight baking, and we’ve been dialing in the recipe. Right now we’re running 20% whole wheat from Four Star Farms, and 80% all-purpose flour from King Arthur. The little brown bits you see in the bread – that’s the whole wheat flour. The bran, endosperm and germ are all intact. […]


“Chris, I think it’s finally time to buy a forklift”

Those were the words that Ayr said at our last staff meeting. The HUB at 1075 Cambridge Street is turning into a distribution center for local food, and we’re not quite equipped to handle it. We’re selling 70 percent more food we were 7 months ago and in a few months we’ll be selling double […]


“Coffee is the coolest thing to learn about…ever.”

That was a direct quote from Sarah from Speedwell Roasters in Plymouth. We’ve been featuring their Huila coffee from Colombia. Sarah joined us for tastings this month at LMA and HFI. I wasn’t at the LMA tasting but Paul kept saying I was going to love Sarah. She got her degree to be a high school English teacher, […]


Local aguas frescas

We’re making aguas frescas with two super-sweet summer fruits right now: peaches from Lookout Farms in Natick and cantaloupe from Next Barn Over in Hadley. We’ll only have these for the next few weeks while the season is rocking.


What is a winter farmshare and why should you join one?

It still feels like summer, but farmers are already starting to plan for the winter. And the Farmshare Program at Clover is gearing up for our 3rd winter offering pickups at our restaurants. A winter farmshare is similar to a summer one. It’s a way to invest in a farm for an entire growing season. You give […]


New coffee: Verve: Los Santos (Guatemala)

More and more, we are seeing our roasters partnering with specific farms or mills to improve processing and farming practices. Verve is a coffee roaster we love in Santa Cruz. A partnership between Verve and Luis Pedro Zelaya of the Bella Vista Mill in Guatemala led to the coffee you’re drinking right now. This area of Guatemala […]