Winter Moon Roots Farmshare signups closed

If you got in on this, you can expect your first delivery Monday 12/8 after 3pm. What are you going to make?! If you didn’t make it in, do not fear. We’ll have summer signups coming around the bend soon.


Michael’s 18-wheeler

Michael Docter delivers most of his crops on bike. We said…certainly not in winter. But he said yes, especially in winter. The city of Hadley plows, and then Michael is usually the next vehicle out on the road. Why? He has a goal to make his farm carbon-neutral over the next few years, which is part of […]


Aeronaut Beer Launch Thursday 12/4, 8pm, CloverKND

We’re welcoming two former Clover regulars, one a genomics engineer at the Broad, and one an MIT-Harvard scientist, for a brand new brewery! Aeronaut started just under a year ago. They have a yeast lab in an old envelope factory in Somerville. They are experimenting with building house yeast strains, which is a really exciting direction for craft beer. Join us […]


New tank arriving at Aeronaut to hold Clover-bound beer

It’s cool to see something in its early stages. When I was visiting Aeronaut, the call rang out through the brewery: a new tank was arriving! Brian was telling me that Clover is going to be Aeronaut’s biggest account. So I can assume that the new tank will hold at least some Clover-bound beer. A […]


Heirloom Corn Tortilla Giveaway, Tuesday 12/2, 9am, CloverHSQ and CloverKND

Jorge and Dora own Mi Tierra restaurant in Hadley. I ate there tonight, and it was crazy busy. It just re-opened in a new location after a fire burned their restaurant to the ground and it seemed that all of Hadley was there to celebrate. While they were rebuilding, Michael (Winter Moon Roots farmer) partnered […]


Green Apple Donuts and Coffee with Barismo, CloverKND, 12/5, 10am

That’s the new Barismo El Bosque. Grown in Guatemala, roasted in Somerville. It tastes a little bit like green apple. Sort of a sweet puckering end to a really delicious, chocolatey cup. If you haven’t had it, stop by, we’re pouring at all locations. We asked Pete of Barismo what kind of donuts would pair well with that. So Enzo’s […]


Brussels sandwich might get a stay of execution thanks to Harvard Crimson reporter

  We work with two major distributors to get produce that we don’t have enough volume to justify sourcing directly from a farm. We were getting brussels from Czajkowski Farm through Russo’s, and then we started getting California brussels in instead.  Chris called and talked to the folks at Russo’s and they said that no one has local […]


Jack’s Abby buying Valley Malt

We had a Jack’s Abby beer launch last Thursday. We launched Lashes, a Winter Seasonal lager. If you haven’t tried it, stop by CloverHSQ. We have it on tap. I got a chance to chat with Sam, one of the brewers. He mentioned Valley Malt. Some of you may remember us talking about Valley Malt back in […]


“It’s expensive and breaks”

We were touring Blue Bottle’s roasting facilities in NYC the other day (I’ll post more on that shortly), and I noticed these interesting orbs at the back of the space. I asked about them and was told that they were a new tea brewing apparatus that Blue Bottle was testing. You might know I love […]