We need help building Clover

23 July, 2021: Chris and I have decided to hire an executive chef. We haven’t had anybody with that title since we were lucky enough to work with Rolando Robledo back in the days of food trucks. We don’t want to move away from our open food development process. It’s a wonderful thing. But we do want to bring some… Read More

Should this sandwich be a meal kit?

20 July, 2021: We know you all love the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich (it’s back tomorrow starting at 11am BTW). It’s our take on a New Orleans po-boy, think crispy/chewy mushrooms, fresh kale dressed with lemon, a tarragon miso mayo, and fresh sliced tomatoes from Backyard Farms. A few months ago when we had the Nashville Hot Mushroom on the… Read More

New Adventure meal kits

14 July, 2021: You may have tried our Weekend Adventure Box. Fireside s’mores, cornbread and chili and hot dogs. Maybe you’ve taken it bike-camping like one of our customers (so cool). Or maybe you’ve used it to stay inside and avoid ordering pizza on one of these gray and cloudy days we’ve been having. The Weekend Adventure Box has been so popular that it’s inspired… Read More

From the archives

Wheat protein sandwich

29 October, 2008: We’ve been experimenting with a BBQ wheat protein sandwich. This is an interesting one, something I’ve always enjoyed, but am not sure everyone will. Above Rolando is giving it a try. Keep an eye out, this one might make an appearance next week on the menu. We’re trying to make our own wheat protein (seitan) to get… Read More

Goodbye Mushroom Parm (last day 7/20)

13 July, 2021: Melty provolone that can pull the length of an entire Lucia. Crisp battered mushrooms from Rhode Island. Warm marinara. Fresh local greens dressed in lemony vinaigrette. All tucked into a warm pita, or served up platter style. The Mushroom Parm is leaving us next week to make way for the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich! Last day to get one will be next… Read More

Newton Pay What You Want Weekend POSTPONED DUE TO THE STORM!

8 July, 2021: Quick rain update! Newtonville will still open tomorrow at 11am, but due to Tropical Storm Elsa, our Pay What You Want festivities (including our ribbon-cutting with the Mayor) will shift one week ahead to 7/16 and 7/17. Stay safe, stop in if you’re nearby, and we’ll see you soon! Read More

Clover Newton will open on July 9!

30 June, 2021: Update: due to Tropical Storm Elsa, our Grand Opening has been rescheduled to Friday July 16 and Saturday July 17! All other details remain the same. What does a chickpea fritter taste like in Newtonville? Be the first to find out on July 9 and 10! Originally we’d been hoping to do a soft open tomorrow (July… Read More

Your meal box gift from Speedwell Coffee.

26 June, 2021: Get over hump day with 2 cans of Speedwell nitro cold brew inside a Clover Meal Box! Just order your box (any from the “Meal Box” category) and choose Wednesday delivery or pickup. Dinner and coffee for the rest of the week—solved. We’ve been partners with Speedwell since the early days of Clover, when we both served side-by-side at… Read More

From the archives

Whoopie fridays

13 November, 2010: You all know by now how excited I am to discover that Whoopie pies are a New England (Maine) original. We continued the celebration of the Whoopie yesterday with a new recipe from Vincenzo. We gave them away in honor of Steven, an intern of ours that was finishing his last day. What did you all think… Read More

Meet the Early Summer Box!

24 June, 2021: Try the early summer box! ☀️A bowl of strawberries dusted with vanilla sugar. ☀️Panelle sandwiches inspired by Sicilian street food. Crisp squares of chickpea dough you’ll heat and serve with lemon mayo and fennel-olive salad. Use for sandwiches or make a platter of them for backyard cocktails (we recommend negronis) ☀️Pasta with bright red romesco sauce, goat… Read More

The Panelle Sandwich is back!

22 June, 2021: Warm pita, lemon mayo, custardy crisp panelle, fennel-olive-orange salad. Eat it at Clover, or make it at home. Passport not required. Get it at lunch tomorrow! We had no idea what the word Panelle meant when a customer first told us about it. He had grown up in Sicily, the triangular island south of mainland Italy. His… Read More

Sidehill Farms yogurt is so good.

19 June, 2021: Browse meal boxes Tangy, a little sweet, with a quarter inch of creamy goodness at the top, which only comes from cows who eat grass (sadly that’s not the norm for most yogurt). Sidehill Farm has been a dream of ours for years. It’s the best yogurt you can buy. And in caring for their cows and the… Read More

July 4th Boxes from Clover!

17 June, 2021: What would we serve if we had you over for a BBQ? Mix and match our Fourth of July Box and the Grillmaster Kit! The Fourth of July Box Let’s start with the grill. Lemon-and-herb-marinated veggies (snappingly-fresh zucchini, summer squash, onions, and peppers) already cut, seasoned, and ready to lay on the fire. Balsamic-marinated Rhode Island mushrooms—Jane (who took these photos) says the… Read More

From the archives

First t shirt customers

29 May, 2009: T shirts arrived Friday. Here are our first t shirt customers. We’ll be selling these on a first serve basis. We made an edition of 50, and will retire this design after those are sold. Right now we have 18 left for sale. $30 each. Organic cotton, soy inks, made in America. Read More

Last week for the Carrot Sandwich at Clover!

15 June, 2021: “I love meat. 9 times out of 10, if I had a choice between a meat sandwich and a veggie sandwich, I will choose the meat sandwich. That changed when I tried your Carrot Sandwich. It is, without a single grain of doubt in my mind, the best sandwich I have ever had the privilege of putting… Read More