Hadley grass dried up

26 June, 2017: We saw this truck on our trip to Hadley a few weeks back. We brought Hadley grass (aka asparagus) to Clover for the 2 weeks it was in season. If you tried it let us know what you thought. Hadley grass is now gone. We’ll be launching a new 2pm special (local strawberries with sugar) this week,… Read More

Pinball tournament at CloverHFI: Thursday 6/22 6pm-8pm

21 June, 2017: Joe, our manager at CloverHFI, has been dreaming of doing this forever, and it’s finally happening. Medieval Madness and Twilight Zone pinball machines are ready. Remember back when they were declared illegal by the city of Cambridge? : ( Show up at CloverHFI at 6pm to register. We’ll take 10 teams of 2 people each. Prizes include swag… Read More

Starting Monday at 7am there will be triple Clover in Harvard Square

15 June, 2017: Monday June 19: Clover opens in the Harvard Science Center! We’ll be re-opening the coffee bar (you may have remembered we soft-opened during Commencement week, cafe au laits, cider donuts, study snacks, whoopie pies each day.) And we’ll be opening a full Clover restaurant (chickpea fritters, fries, soups, the whole deal.) Stop by to meet Lynn, Rider,… Read More

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6 November, 2008: We need help! If you’re interested in 2 hours of service (11:30am – 1:30pm), have a great smile and love food, talk to us. We’re also looking for some more substantial roles (see craigslist for posting). Also, we’re going to be closed for a few days. MIT is shut down Monday and Tuesday, and we decided to… Read More

Future food at Food Dev, Tuesday 6/13, 3pm

12 June, 2017: There are 2 or 3 more spots in tomorrow’s Food Development Meeting. Chris and Martina have been working hard. Come taste: -Our new silky hummus (the main component of our those hummus bowls you may have heard us talking about) -A silky black bean bowl made with Western MA black beans -A purple barley salad with barley hand-delivered by lentil farmer… Read More

Lindentree Farm Shares at Clover Burlington!

7 June, 2017: We have an awesome addition to the CSA program. Lindentree Farm is going to be dropping shares at Clover Burlington this summer. This is the CSA that started our whole program. It’s the share our CEO, Ayr, eats with his family. All organic, all beautiful. Delivered to the same place you get your chickpea fritter sandwich. Ask… Read More

Free tasting TONIGHT: real ginger beer, with the brewers

7 June, 2017: Stop by CloverHFI (Central Square) and CloverKND (Kendall Square) tomorrow at 5pm to meet the founders of Farmer Willie’s ginger beer. Unlike most ginger beers, this is made with real ginger. It’s on tap as part of our newly-launched beer program at our 24-hour restaurant in Central Square. Nico and Max, the brewers, will each be at… Read More

Meet the daughter of the godfather: coffee tasting, CloverLMA, June 8, 3pm

5 June, 2017: As a toddler, Jenny reached for coffee instead of juice. Now she travels the world, supporting the farmers who grow the best tasting coffee beans. Meet Jenny Howell, Director of Sourcing for George Howell Coffee Co this Thursday! Tasting is free and open to all. Cider donuts and coffee will be available for purchase. Reserve yours (or… Read More

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Ayr messes up Pretty Things T-shirt

6 June, 2014: Maybe not that big a mistake in the grand scheme of things, but this one had us running around these past 24 hours. We have a big event with Pretty Things tonight. It’s going to be amazing. We’re selling 4 of their beers, 2 at Kendall, 2 at HUB. Even installed a new tap at the HUB… Read More

Play the survey game today

2 June, 2017: Hi all, if you were handed a card today at Clover, click here to fill out the survey. First off, thank you so much for helping us improve. Secondly, there is a new prize structure! When you complete the survey you’ll be given a coupon for you to bring a new friend to Clover and enjoy a meal, snack… Read More

The only item on our menu that requires a wetsuit to harvest

31 May, 2017: This is Andrea. With a thick wetsuit and a knife, she harvests the Dulse we’ve been frying up for our Maine Tomato Sandwich. She swims with the seaweed for 3 hours at a time. Then it’s so cold that she comes back in. Seaweed was once a major protein source for New Englanders. Bring it back by trying… Read More

Farmer visit: David Oien, CloverHSQ, 5/26 at lunch

25 May, 2017: In the 1970’s David Oien’s family was told to grow soy and corn and wheat by the Nixon dept. of agriculture. He said “I’m going to grow lentils instead.” Back then this was a revolutionary act. Lentils make their own fertilizer, so farmers don’t have to spray. They are incredible cover crops, so they actually revitalize the… Read More

CloverHSC (Harvard Science Center)

24 May, 2017: A new Clover. Technically this is number 11. And it’s exhilarating. I stepped back after ordering the first coffee (I was the first customer). Lynn (who has been the General Manager of our restaurant in Harvard Square for a few years now) is running the show and her team is amazing. Harvard is renovating the Science Center. The… Read More

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Have you ever bought a used car?

7 January, 2010: I remember how excited I was to go through the old records, receipts, etc to try to learn a bit about the former owner and the car’s previous life. Today I picked truck #2 up from getting the generator installed. I found this package, the truck used to be a bakery truck, ATV bakery, Reading PA (where… Read More

Pop-up space now booking

19 May, 2017: We’re booking out the Clover pop-up space at Clover Financial District (160 Federal St) and CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St) Do you have an idea you want to test on real customers? A product you want to sell? We want to help you make it real by offering you a tiny space with big visibility. Previous tenants have included… Read More