Triple asparagus test this week

16 May, 2022: Asparagus is nearly in season in Hadley, MA. It was once so prolific there that it is still known as Hadley Grass, and if you're lucky you can usually buy it by the side of the road. We've always done a super simple 3pm special with asparagus, but we've always wanted to do more. I think this… Read More

Meet the Late Spring Box!

5 May, 2022: Click here to grab a Late Spring Box! Ever wanted to make your own ramen, but were short on time? Our ramen-esque kit comes with slow-cooked ramen broth, hand-pulled buckwheat noodles from Kim'C Market (Jason is really excited about these), jammy eggs and lots of toppings. Just heat, garnish, and enjoy on one of these colder nights we've been having.… Read More

Help Rosendo buy Winter Moon Roots!

26 April, 2022: If you've eaten with us you've probably heard us talking about Winter Moon Roots. Maybe you've snagged an elusive SDP or uttered the phrase "sweet beets don't keep." Or maybe you were one of the people who met up with Michael Docter on the street in Somerville for a bag of roots when the pandemic first started.… Read More

From the archives

Clover uniforms

7 May, 2009: So we're on the way to looking professional. Now that Clover has a logo we're ready to start putting it on stuff. First you'll see it on shirts and hats, then the truck, and someday our own packaging. I've got a bunch of ideas I'm really excited about for the T-shirts. We're going to make them in… Read More

May the FORTH (be with you)

23 April, 2022: EPISODE XTHE VEGETABLE ALLIANCE As evil industrial forces begin to crumble, the vegetable alliance only grows stronger. The FORK has awakened. CHEF JASON BOND and his team will soon dispatch their finest recipes including BABY YODA PANCAKES and BANTHA MEAT GYROS to colonies throughout the outer rim in order to restore hope and joy to the galaxy. These veggie-loving rebels have plans to put the… Read More

Weekend Adventure Box is Back!

22 April, 2022: Breakfast tacos, BBQ burgers, chili, s'mores & more... It may be cloudy and a bit chilly right now, but the sun will shine soon! Meet the Weekend Adventure boxChef Jason Bond's sizzly chickpea burgers, hearty chili, tofu "egg" salad sandwiches, fluffernutters, s’mores around the fire, and the return of Rebelle Artisan Bagels with all the fixings.Everything in this (rather enormous) box is hearty, delicious, playful,… Read More

Reserve your Mother’s Day Box

21 April, 2022: Mother's Day is on May 8th! It's time to start planning an incredible day for the moms in your life. Chris (a dad of 2) built this box with an entire day of luxurious meals. Best of all, they’re super easy for partners (and even kids!) to put together so Mom can relax! Here's a quick look at what's on the menu this year... -----BREAKFAST IN BEDSOURDOUGH… Read More

Why is this box different than all other boxes?

3 April, 2022: Meet the Clover Passover Box, year 2! We built this based on your Passover food memories, Rabbi Dolinger's advice and some very special matzos. It's Kosher for Passover, an extra level of certification for this time of year. This box features a rich springtime spread of bright colors and textures - with minimal work required on your end.Get your… Read More

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17 June, 2009: A bunch of you have asked why we don't make a big deal about the press we've been receiving, and why there hasn't been a mention of any of it here on the website. The truth is we needed some time to sort out our conflicted emotions regarding the recent coverage. You see we actually told some… Read More

Reserve your spot for summer CSAs!

28 March, 2022: Our CSA program started as a little side project we worked on when we weren't busy making sandwiches at the MIT truck. We thought it would be cool if restaurants could dedicate some space to farmers. Now it's one of the biggest farmshare programs in the nation and we're about to embark on year 10.  From fairytale eggplants to… Read More

Our meal box menu is changing – for the better!

15 March, 2022: Since the first food truck we've always made it a priority to let our customers in on what's going on behind the scenes, even when we make mistakes. This is because we believe that getting better requires transparency and dedication to learning, listening, and tinkering. Recently, we've taken a hard look at our home meal box menu.… Read More

3.1415926535 = PIE!

8 March, 2022: *note: we nearly sold out of all the Pi Day kits and bundles 10 mins after we announced them! Special thanks to all the MIT-ers, math enthusiasts, and pie fans for grabbing one! We've added 100 more slots for Ayr's Cranberry Pie for your festivities on Monday March 14 :) Pi Day is coming up on 3/14… Read More

From the archives

Clover gift cards

13 April, 2010: As some of you know we haven't gotten our gift card thing down, and I've been turning down requests. I spent a bit of time looking into this and those plastic credit-card style gift cards are absurdly expensive, as in a couple bucks per card plus a hefty monthly fee. We'd rather spend money on your food.… Read More

Ministry of Supply collab #2

4 March, 2022: A lot of you were pretty excited when we collaborated with Ministry of Supply last year - they made us custom Clover socks. This year: it's lunchbag time! The Ministry of Supply x Clover lunchbag is made of a type of vegan leather called Plantform. Crafted by the folks at DeWolfe leather on Newbury Street. Perfect for… Read More