The Venezuelan Plantain Sandwich is back!

2 March, 2021: Get yours on March 3! Sweet plantains, crunchy rice, creamy slaw, and the best black bean spread. The Venezuelan Plantain is back Wednesday March 3rd at lunch! In 2015, our friend Andrea grew a crop of local black beans in Hadley, MA. These beans taste better, cook faster, and benefit the soil by adding back nutrients that other crops take away. So we… Read More

Clover x Forest Farmers Maple Collab

1 March, 2021: The first 500 folks to order 2-or-4-person meal boxes for delivery or pickup this week will get 2 tasting bottles of local maple syrup from New Leaf Tree Syrups and the Forest Farmers.  Why maple, why now? A magical thing is happening soon in New England, when nighttime temperatures drop to freezing, but days are warm enough for the sap to run. It’s maple sugaring time!… Read More

Farewell Scott!

26 February, 2021: We’re losing a really wonderful part of the Clover family today, but the good news is you might be gaining a new sharp friend in your kitchen. If you’ve eaten at CloverLMA you probably know Scott and chances are, he knows you (and your family’s names) too. Scott came to us from Wisconsin, via stints in fine… Read More

From the archives

Oh s@#$… unleaded?

30 June, 2010: It started with a phone call. Vincenzo, our fearless leader over at the Dewey truck, was in his second week working with us full time. “Ayr, what kind of fuel does the truck take?” At first I was confused. The Vincenzo added “Unleaded, right?” And something about his tone told me exactly what had happened. “Oh s#@$!… Read More

St. Paddy’s Day Meal Boxes now on the menu!

25 February, 2021: There once was a meal box from Boston With St. Paddy’s Irish food tossed inIf you don’t touch my bangers,I won’t touch your mash.And we’ll share in that emerald green frostin’ We are so pleased to announce our St. Paddy’s Day Menu! We have four components for celebrating the holiday: a Dinner Box,  a “Full Irish” Breakfast Box, a Beer Celebration Trio, and even the chance to test… Read More

March 2: last chance for the Pushpir Sandwich!

23 February, 2021: Consider this your warning: you have about 7 days left to enjoy chef Pushpir Bhetia’s homage to Northern Indian food. Mint cilantro chutney, squeaky fried paneer cheese, pickly chickpea chaat, tangy tamarind sauce, and Sidehill Farm yogurt. Once it’s gone, it’s gone til next winter. order a Pushpir sandwich But there’s more than one way to get… Read More

Clover + Ministry of Supply

19 February, 2021: The first 250 folks who order a 2- or 4-person meal box for next week will get the gift of some amazing gear from our friends at Ministry of Supply – including the world’s first and only Clover Food Lab branded sock!! Get a box! Aman (CEO) is hoping to do for apparel what we are hoping… Read More

Summer CSA Signups now live!

18 February, 2021: Sign up now Farmshare (CSA) signups are live for Summer 2021! Sign up early to get a free gift from Clover. This is the most exciting announcement of the year because we get to connect you directly with the farmers we love. It’s CSA signup time!  If you’ve done a farmshare before you’ve probably already stopped reading and are clicking the signup button. If… Read More

From the archives

Who sold Enzo that spray paint?

15 July, 2010: We’re growing. You’re going to be seeing more stories like this one. Efficient operations have been important to us from day one, and we’ve been constantly experimenting and improving. But with the new truck (completely new floor plan), larger volumes, and larger staff our procedures are more important than ever. This is about making sure the food… Read More

The Churros are Landing!

16 February, 2021: Did you hear we made churros for our Super Bowl Meal Box? Chris purchased a churro maker and perfected a chocolate cinnamon sauce. The team squeezed and fried and packed a lot of dough.Then all the boxes got delivered. The smell of cinnamon sugar faded from the HUB. The churro maker lay dormant. Soon the letters/texts/phone calls came in, begging us,… Read More

Marathon Sports + Clover 👟

15 February, 2021: Get a box! You know that feeling when you really like somebody and then find out they like you a lot too? That’s how it felt when Marathon Sports reached out to us about a collaboration. I had plantar fasciitis a few years back. I won’t go on about it, but suffice to say it was terrible. After suffering for a while, I… Read More

Meet the Clover Valentine’s Day Box!

3 February, 2021: The Clover Valentine’s Day Box is here!!! Caviar and truffles and steak, Clover style? Chris dusted off his chef’s whites and spun up a decadent menu that’s a bit fancier than we usually go for – because this year we all need a little extra luxury.   Share it with someone you love, gift it to someone across town, or divvy it… Read More

Snow Day ❄️

2 February, 2021: To celebrate the snow we’re giving everybody $10 off the Snowed in Box. Use coupon SNOWDAY10 on your app. It’s good until Sunday. We’re sold out for this Thursday, but we’re taking orders for every Thursday through the rest of February. I hear that if we sell out every week it basically guarantees a snowy Feb ; )That’s my… Read More

From the archives

7am for 7 days

9 June, 2009: Some of you may have noticed, we’ve changed our start time from 8am to 7am for breakfast. And we’ve been mostly on time this past week. Whether it’s the extended hours, Leah and Hat’s morning cheer, or the expansion of the breakfast menu, we’ve noticed that more of you are stopping by for breakfast. Which is great.… Read More

Here comes the Sun(choke)!

27 January, 2021: You’ve been asking! Finally we can announce: sunchokes are here, starting today (1/27) 🌻 At breakfast: The Sunchoke Truffle: fluffy house-baked pita, creamy truffled butter, caramelized onions, a 6.5 minute egg, and thin, crispy sunchoke slices. At lunch and dinner: The Sunchoke Mushroom: scallion-black-pepper mayo, fresh arugula, roasted crimini mushrooms, fried brined onions, and roasted sunchokes. What… Read More