This is not Clover’s new videographer

14 March, 2019: This photo of Jane was taken in December. Doesn’t she look hopeful? We spent hours planning a video series about soup we planned to publish to Youtube. We woke up early, went to Lindentree Farm, said hi to Moira and Ari (farmers), gathered vegetables, and filmed Ayr chopping, seasoning, blending soup. The kids came home from school,… Read More

Just for a little while…

8 March, 2019: Starting today, a few vegan items on our menu are temporarily not vegan. Chris let us know that Just, the company that makes our delicious (vegan) mayo is having supply chain issues. They won’t have more mayo in the supply chain until late March or early April. For about 98% of you, this won’t matter. You might… Read More

From the archives

Potato leek soup

27 March, 2009: Here I’m making potato leek soup (which sold out way too quickly). As I’m sure some of you have noticed we’re working the late winter/ early spring soups right now. This is a pretty hard time of year to do local and seasonal. But we’re working things like Parsnips (just starting to come up locally), kale (hearty… Read More

Survey Day: Thursday 2/28/19 (closed)

28 February, 2019: (This survey is now closed – we hold these surveys about once a month, so if you’re lucky you’ll come to Clover during a future survey day!) If you received a survey card in line today, please click on this post to get to the survey link. A huge thanks for helping us improve!! Click here for… Read More

Wild Salmon Greens Bowl

26 February, 2019: We had an idea to do carbon comparisons of our menu items. We compared them to other items using a super simple calculation. I think for most customers this has been too tiny to notice. But Lynn told us that some people now believe we serve a Wild Salmon Greens Bowl. So funny. Read More

Meatball. Year 2

24 February, 2019: That little pic is a bit fuzzy. But this whole Impossible meatball thing has been sort of a whirlwind right? This drawing was left by a customer. It says: “me without meatball [frown] me with meatball [smile].” I wasn’t sure what Clover would be with a meatball a year ago. We had testing data from CloverHSQ run… Read More

Joseph didn’t know we are vegetarian. Awesome

21 February, 2019: See that amazing picture of me? Yeah. Well obviously I’m joking. It’s a terrible picture of me. But it’s here because of the other guy in the shot. That’s Joseph. We just hired him for a tech role. He’s a computer programmer. We have more programming roles open, if you’re interested please reach out. But that pic?… Read More

From the archives

Aspirations and fears for the Clover Brand

5 August, 2008: I scribbled down my goals for the brand a few months ago. Here they are: Long-term aspiration: Clover comes to define a lifestyle centered around a new cuisine and positive conscientious relationship to food Make Clover first place that comes to mind when people think of light/healthy/conscientious/organic food Allow consideration more broadly (e.g., squeeze into their minds… Read More

Die A-frame

19 February, 2019: I can’t remember when we first started using A-frames. These are the signs that restaurants and other put out on the sidewalk to attract customer attention. I think I’d seen other trucks doing it. And when we tried they were crazy successful for us. I think the A-frames in those early days drove 10% increase in sales.… Read More

This soup is so popular it is hurting our sales

16 February, 2019: We added a hearty soup to our menu a few weeks ago. It’s selling bonkers. One of those items that is quickly becoming this cult favorite. And I was looking around at the table I was sitting at earlier today and wondering, wow, that’s a lot of people with soup. So I ran some analysis. And guess… Read More

Tomato nightmare… not sure what to do…

15 February, 2019: Tomatoes are a nightmare right now. For years we’ve bought from Backyard Farms up in Maine. They were sold and are growing terrible tomatoes now. The Canadian greenhouse tomatoes are terrible. The VT greenhouse we like is in the middle of a mid-winter clean-out. We tasted some OK heirloom tomatoes from Mexico, but they were just OK… Read More

From the archives

Happy birthday Teasel!

27 June, 2009: A bunch of you have been asking for Clover desserts. But here’s the thing: you shouldn’t be eating dessert with lunch everyday. Now a couple of times a week? That’s an entirely different story. So we’re developing a tradition at Clover of celebrating birthdays with cupcakes. We don’t announce them, and we give them away for free… Read More