Maria’s Meatballs

15 November, 2017: That’s Martina and her grandfather in Italy. If you can’t make it out, his apron says “Raffaele, King of Pasta!” Martina leads up Food Development at Clover. She told me back home in Italy, every family has their own meatball recipe. You never eat another family’s meatball recipe. You don’t really eat meatballs in restaurants. Nor do… Read More

Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich testing 11/15-11/17

14 November, 2017: Justin Kelly helps build our restaurants. The other day he stopped into Clover Kendall to begin a job refinishing our floors. He’s a big fan of the meatball sub. And he tracked down Ayr and said, “When are you guys going to do a sausage egg and cheese?” Which got us to thinking… A few Dunkin sandwiches… Read More

Winter Moon Roots Farmshare Signups Live!

9 November, 2017: When the farmer’s markets shut down, and there are no more tomatoes or corn, is there a way to still eat in season? Introducing the 2017 Winter Moon Roots Farmshare! We’re working with our favorite winter farmer Michael Docter, who farms organic on the most fertile soil in Massachusetts to offer a Winter share for Clover customers, from… Read More

From the archives

Happy Birthday Clover. Win PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES

29 October, 2016:   Lucia here. I celebrated Clover’s first birthday back in 2009. And the other month, Rob, who runs Clover Westford, reminded me that Clover turns 8 this year. I thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt. So here you are, the Clover 8th birthday scavenger hunt. As you can see from the tweet above, some… Read More

Michael Pollan ate an Impossible Meatball Sandwich at Clover on camera for PBS

8 November, 2017: Tune into PBS Newshour Thursday to learn what Michael Pollan thinks of Clover’s Impossible meatball sandwich! Obviously this was a huge honor for us. Michael wrote In Defense of Food, a book that made me want to work in food. It was an early inspiration for Ayr to start Clover. Michael has been doing research and teaching at… Read More

Matt B F@#ing loves the meatballs

7 November, 2017: OK. I had to bleep a couple of words. This voicemail is from Matt Bettano. He left it for Chris (VP of Food) the other week. I love listening to this. To be honest, it’s one of the most compelling things I’m facing right now as I’m trying to decide if this meatball sandwich should stay… Read More

A customer, a farmer, and an employee walk into a field of brussels sprouts…

7 November, 2017: Those hands belong to Rob (GM of CloverBUR, for some reason he doesn’t like getting his photo taken). The Brussels Sprout Sandwich is launching this Thursday (Wednesday if you have the Clover App 😉) Brussels season is always bittersweet, every day you have the sandwich, you know it’s leaving soon. Massachusetts is not a huge grower of brussels.… Read More

Pita oven down…

6 November, 2017: Our very special pita oven is down. If you don’t know, we spent 2 years getting this oven from Lebanon licensed in MA, and now we make the best pita anywhere using New England-grown wheat. We’re working on getting it up by tomorrow (Tuesday). In the meantime our Sunday was baked in small batches in conventional ovens.… Read More

From the archives

Deliberate randomness

11 November, 2008: John Hong worked hard to make what he called a “deliberately random” pattern with the lights on the roof. It looks great doesn’t it? Sort of like a ripple running through water. We haven’t served at night yet, so most of you haven’t seen this. Thought I’d share. I enjoy it every night. Read More

Hey, that’s Steve picking apples!

3 November, 2017: Some of you know Steve. He’s become a Clover legend over the years, mentioned in training materials and in hushed, reverential tones by Rob who manages Clover Burlington. Steve discovered us when we opened Burlington in 2013, and he started eating Clover for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like, legit, every meal of the day. He has diabetes and… Read More

Peak Organic Beer Launch Tonight, CloverHUB

3 November, 2017: We’re nearly sold out but there are a few spots left to come meet Corey, brewer at Peak Organic in Maine. This was the first beer we ever served at Clover. Jon went to school with Ayr. He started Peak because he wanted there to be more organic hop farms in the United States. When they started… Read More

Free order of goblin fingers if you come in costume tomorrow!

30 October, 2017: Halloween is tomorrow, and the fries are already starting to taste a lot like goblin fingers. So dress up, come to Clover for lunch or dinner, and get a free order! Some spooky fine print: you’ve got to be a customer to take advantage, and at Harvard Science Center, this will run from 2pm until we close (not… Read More

Tiny soup garnish station

29 October, 2017: Soon if you stop in during the morning you’ll smell onions caramelizing for hot soups. Since our first winter on the truck, we’ve made soups from scratch. Over the next few months we’ll be testing some changes to the soups. Martina has been researching ways of storing garnishes. She found this adorable tiny version of one of… Read More

From the archives

This is 24 hours Cambridge

24 July, 2014: This happened Tuesday night. After our delayed hearing our application for a 24 hour license was heard and approved. That’s right. We’re going to open the first 24 hour Clover, and it will be the only 24 restaurant in Cambridge. We’re really excited. We’re used to unanimous support. Every hearing we’ve had since I started Clover and asked… Read More

Quentin to the rescue!!

26 October, 2017: PBS is filming a piece on meat substitutes (to air next Thursday). Michael Pollan is getting interviewed and they decided to do it at Clover!! I’m really excited to meet him. When I was thinking about starting Clover his writing was really influential. I’m interested to hear his take on Impossible Meat. So here’s the best thing.… Read More