I got sampled!

24 March, 2017: I was working with Jane and Evan and the rest of the crew at CloverDTX this morning. We’re testing this new coffee we’ve been working on with George Howell. As I was talking to one of our customers, Varun, he said “I know a little about coffee. I’ve been roasting my own coffee.” Which is awesome. He was… Read More

In 2017 we’ll sell tons of coffee

16 March, 2017: And that’s a great thing for Monte Carlo, a farm in El Salvador. Our coffees are “Estate Coffees.” Think wine. These aren’t blends. So you get to taste the terrior of Monte Carlo, in each cup. It’s chocolate-y, balanced, and loaded with flavor. I thought some of our coffees were too thin and acidic. We asked George Howell… Read More

What I was doing at the Panera Family Reunion

13 March, 2017: I’m on an airplane flying back to Boston from Nashville Tennessee. Ron Shaich, the CEO of Panera, has become important to Clover. Immediately after I quit my job I dug deep into my alumni networks. High School, MIT, HBS, McKinsey. I found every person who worked in Foodservice and reached out to them to request a meeting.… Read More

From the archives

Knife Skills in the snow

31 January, 2011: We were planning these IAP knife skills classes. I kept saying to Ayr, maybe we should have this inside in a classroom? I thought no one would come if we had it at the truck (I’m from Texas, still haven’t quite gotten used to New England winters). Ayr said no, keep it at the truck. The snow… Read More

Watch the competition live

5 March, 2017: If any of you were graced with my ride to CloverFIN this morning in a Lyft, it’s because I was trying to test Youtube Live Events. I am thinking it would be fun for the partygoers to see the competition as it unfolds. I’ll be attempting to stream the competition tonight, so tune in to the Clover… Read More

Chef competition tonight at Spring Staff Party

5 March, 2017: We are having a chef throwdown for our Spring Staff Party tonight. Chris vs Meg vs Enzo vs Jasper. The Secret Ingredients for tonight are from Russo’s, the best grocery store in America. Contestants will have 1 hour to cook an amuse bouche, appetizer, soup or salad. -French Smoked Garlic -Ice Cream Cones -Butternut Squash -Whole Wheat… Read More

Dry bread

5 March, 2017: Everywhere we went in Southern Italy, there was dry bread. We saw it in grocery stores and bakeries by the side of the road that smelled of wonderful fresh yeast. We saw it spread out on platters at an outdoor bar where you could go up to a little table spread with olives, roasted vegetables, sardines, mushrooms… Read More

From the archives

Bound to happen: first serious damage to counters

16 March, 2009: No avoiding this. The other day Chris accidentally set a hot soup pot atop the counter. Melto presto and the counter is branded. I figure I’ll have to work on the finish of the counters a couple times a year. In the meantime we’ll consider it a battle scar. Read More

Survey Day: February 23, 2017

22 February, 2017: Our last two surveys in January and December have had the highest response rates we’ve ever seen as a company. It’s so nice to feel such a big group of people helping make Clover better. If you received a survey card at a Clover location today, follow the link below to take the survey. And if you do take… Read More

Mezze bar

13 February, 2017: Jenny has been researching ways for offices to eat Clover. She put together these Mezze Bars. I went with her the other day to set up one of our first orders, on the 27th floor of an office building next to CloverFIN. People were walking by and gasping. Since then, we’ve already sold 6. The Mezze Bar… Read More

145 degree breakfast egg

7 February, 2017: Our breakfast sandwich features a 6.5 minute egg. We boil it, shock it in an ice bath, then hold it warm. We serve something like 12,000 of them each year. We make eggs in very small batches. A while ago, Ayr brought up the idea of using a circulator to keep the temperature of the warm bath consistent.… Read More

Hail the Sunchoke

27 January, 2017: Don’t worry, the classic breakfast sandwich isn’t going anywhere. But now it has some new friends. 3 seasonal breakfast sandwiches have hit the menu the past few months. Peppers and Queso Fresco in September. Delicata Squash and Smoked Cheddar in October. These are sunchokes. Winter is their season. A customer told me sunchokes grow wild in his backyard this… Read More

From the archives


19 August, 2009: We’re on a hiring blitz. You may have noticed some interviewees. We have about 3 slots to fill, spanning skill levels. And here are the numbers: – 130+ respondents – Approximately 25 will be invited to stop by the truck – 15 will do full interviews – 3 will join us Leah is using her awesome organizer… Read More


27 January, 2017: These guys signal the beginning of what might be the best item to come out of Clover in 2017. If you haven’t had Mezze before, it’s a way of eating that exists all over the Middle East. Creamy dips, chunky spreads, preserved vegetables, cooked vegetables, pickled things, raw salads, and pita bread. It’s often eaten while drinking alcohol,… Read More