Beet horseradish walnut salad


Alissa runs our Dewey Square truck. She was born in Moscow and started telling us about a beet salad she used to eat when she was younger. She brought an idea to Food Dev: beet, horseradish, walnut. Check this out at locations and Whole Foods (Inkblock Location only) this week.


Pop-up space


There was an art show at the pop-up space next to the HUB Friday night. I love the spray paint logos on the window, I might steal that idea! Hope the rain didn’t keep too many people away.

Right now there is a clothing pop-up (Eliana Rajao) and a jewelry pop-up (Three Fourteen Studios).

If you’re interested in booking space in the pop-up, now is the time. We’re working on a more permanent tenant for the winter. Send us an email and Katrina will send you an application.


First Four Barrel Coffee at Clover: Ethiopia, Bulga


We don’t serve a coffee until we’ve visited the roastery and assure that they know what they’re doing. Ayr traveled cross-country in August with his family (in a retrofitted Clover resupply van!) and had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Four Barrel roastery in San Francisco.

Even before he returned, we got a package from Four Barrel and an excited note with lots of samples.I recognized Four Barrel – I had first tasted it last April when Anna took me to the Mill in San Francisco.

We’re starting our Four Barrel partnership with a really adventurous coffee: Bulga from Ethiopia. It was grown and milled by a co-op of growers and was produced despite an extremely rainy season in West Arsi. We’re going to set up a coffee and donuts event at Harvard Square where you can meet the roasters and hear a bit more about their really strong relationship with the growers in Ethiopia. Right now you can try it at Clover Kendall Square, and it will be at other locations in the coming days. Welcome a taste of Cali to Clover!


Japanese Sweet Potato is back!


This picture is from last year. I need to replace it with one from this year. Enzo thought of this sandwich after Ray from Next Barn Over harvested 5000 pounds of organic sweet potatoes.

The sandwich has a miso mayo, roasted-then-fried sweet potatoes, a fresh cabbage-daikon slaw, and tempura sesame seeds.

It’s definitely in the running for Top 3 Seasonal Sandwiches on most peoples’ lists. Taste it at locations starting today and this weekend at lunch. Check your location’s Twitter feed to see if it’s hit.



Organic beluga lentils from Timeless Seeds


We’ve been experimenting with beluga lentils. Dave calls them baby belugas. They’re smaller and rounder than flat lentils. Some call them the caviar of the lentil world.

Timeless Foods got their start growing lentils. They were basically the first people to grow lentils in the United States. If you’re interested, there’s a book on the subject. We’re selling it at HFI.

Lentils are magical because they create their own fertilizer. They don’t need chemical fertilizer. We’ve been making a salad with cranberries and pistachios. We’ll be featuring it at Whole Foods and in our restaurants for the next few weeks. Let us know what you think!


New salad testing: Cauliflower, pepita, chard pesto

Ayr brought a new salad to Food Dev last week. It’s something he cooked for his family the other night when they were having Mexican food. Hence the pepitos (toasted pumpkin seeds).

Pesto is a fun vehicle for greens. This one was made with chard, and it has no nuts, just a bit of olive oil. The cauliflower gets roasted at a high temperature. There are some pickled red onions, too.

You’ll see it on the menu today and this weekend. We’re trying to get the turnaround time fast, so that if we like an item at our Food Dev Meeting, you’ll be able to see it on the menu the week after.



Pumpkin beer and pumpkin carving last night


Thanks all who joined for the launch of Jack’s Abby Beer. If you didn’t get a chance to join, you can taste the beer on tap at CloverHSQ and CloverKND starting tonight.

This beer is a Pumpkin Lager brewed using pumpkins from Valente Farm and malt from Valley Malt. Sam from Jack’s Abby had an idea to give every customer a pumpkin to carve.

It was really fun to see people hard at work in the restaurant. It got us thinking that maybe all our events should have a make-your-own component. What do you think?


We picked Concord grapes this morning


Chris took us on a field trip to harvest Concord Grapes this morning.

Expect to see these hitting the menu tomorrow and Friday.  Concord grape lemonade. Concord grape whoopie pies. Concord grape soda.


Clover + WFM is live!


We launched our Whole Foods collaboration last month. Paul is leading up our efforts there, and he’s been doing a great job getting everything figured out.

Right now you can find Clover food in the salad bar and prepared foods section of the Inkblock location in the South End. It’s a beautiful store. In time you’ll see our food at all of the busiest Whole Foods in the city.

We’re changing the menu every few weeks, using an insane amount of local and organic stuff. Paul is going to be in-store most days sampling food at lunchtime and dinnertime.


Black Bean Spread
Rustic Hummus
Beluga Lentil Salad
Farro Broccoli Salad
Pickled Carrots
Pickled Cabbage
Pickled Red Onions





Meet Lynn. This one’s a long time overdue. If you eat at HSQ you’ve heard her sunny voice sailing out from behind the column where the breakfast sandwiches are made.

Lynn has a degree from Boston College and grew up on Long Island. She spent the last few years running multiple Magnolia Bakeries in New York City, including the one in Grand Central Station. Because of this Lynn came to us with experience running massive crews in all kinds of situations. One of the first things Lynn ever said to me was “At my last job, a customer punched me in the face!” Ask her about this next time you’re by, it’s a great story.

We can’t say enough good things about Lynn. She’s tough and sweet and super intelligent and will always tell you what she really thinks. She also this ability to discern your spirit animal. Unfortunately it takes a while for certain peoples’ animals to become apparent. I’m still waiting on mine. Please, God, say it’s not a jellyfish. Lynn took over Harvard Square at a time when staffing was in horrible shape, and has since mentored some of our most amazing leaders, like Scott, Jerry, Rob, Kate, Stacia, One, and Shane.

Want to join Lynn’s team at HSQ and get a spirit animal of your own someday? Apply online. Think you could be the next Lynn? There’s an application for that, too.