Green fritter changes

16 September, 2022: The imperfect science and at times arduous journey of reaching amazing food… or Mars. 23 years ago this month NASA lost a spacecraft due to a unit conversion error. In September 1999 the Mars Climate Orbiter concluded its nearly 10 month journey to Mars by burning up, either in Mars’ atmosphere or in accidental orbit around the… Read More

Introducing The Green Fritter

14 September, 2022: We’ve got a new sandwich on the menu, and it’s a big one (physically and metaphorically) because it’s our launch into a whole new category—Seasonal Chickpea Fritters. The Classic Chickpea Fritter is in a lot of ways the cornerstone of Clover’s menu—and the topic of much thought and debate—especially the Great Question of “Falafel v. Fritter”. The… Read More

The Positive Side Of Drought

7 September, 2022: If you grew up in Massachusetts, you probably know Dave Epstein. Ayr’s family listened to him on WBUR for years and years. A meteorologist and gardening guru, he has been sharing weather and gardening wisdom in the Boston area for over 30 years!!  Clover is partnering with Dave – the information he shares, the stories he tells, and… Read More

From the archives

Logo sketches

16 November, 2008: We're still working on the logo. At this point I'm just really eager to order some cups for the coffee, and can't get that done until this is figured out. Good news is that I think I'm getting a clear sense of where it needs to end up. Now I just need to find someone to help… Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Clover

1 September, 2022: Looking for a career in sustainable food? In case you're new to Clover, we're not just here to make you dream about vegetables. We're here to change the world for the better - but we can't do it without a team of passionate people. Whether it's your first job or you have years of experience, we currently… Read More

Sharan is back today at lunch!

31 August, 2022: One of the most fun things about working at Clover is that sometimes your most treasured food memories turn into menu items, and you get to share them with new people. The spicy, delicious Sharan sandwich (say sha-RAHN, not like the Massachusetts town) was created by Sharan Patil, who was a BU intern in our kitchen. Growing… Read More

Not another fake meat burger

22 August, 2022: I think veggie burgers can be amazing. But I grew up cringing at them. I've had so many that were dry or mushy or tasted bland or bad. But that doesn't have to be the end of the story. I'm happy we have such great fake meat options. But a veggie burger is a better choice for… Read More

Corno di Toro peppers for this week’s Pasta Box

17 August, 2022: Ray from Next Barn Over wrote to us with some great news: they had a bumper crop of Corno di Toro peppers. This pepper originated in Italy (the name means horn of the bull - you can see how the shape curves like a bull's horn.) They are sweet, not too spicy, and hold up to heat… Read More

From the archives

Clover the restaurant

1 October, 2009: Some of you may have seen me wandering around Davis, Harvard, Kenmore, Coolidge in recent weeks. We've been scoping real estate for our restaurant. We're funded now (raised money the other week), and one of the next steps involves prototyping Clover in a restaurant setting. We're really excited and are looking to building new Clover communities. We… Read More

Meet Our Development Chef

12 August, 2022: Hi, my name is Philip Wolfe and my path to Clover’s Development Kitchen has not necessarily been a predictable one.  I grew up surrounded by scientists and amazing food. To my family of cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists my professional interest in food may have come as somewhat of a relief. I was a bad student; we don’t… Read More

Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!

9 August, 2022: Here's Kevin (GM at CloverKND) holding some stunning Blue Oyster Mushrooms from the Rhode Island Mushroom Company. This can only mean one thing... that the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is Back!  Chris pitched the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich at Food Dev in 2015 as our Clover version of a po' boy (a sandwich popular in Louisiana which… Read More

Clover is looking for our next Executive Chef

3 August, 2022: Chris (SVP of Food) here. I haven’t written a blog post in several years but I’m hopping back on for a really important reason: I’m hiring an Executive Chef!  Everything we do at Clover is focused on making food our customers will dream about. In the early days, what we now call “Food Dev” happened daily at… Read More

Our fridge sends us an email when it’s sad

29 July, 2022: Last night our original walk-in fridge at the HUB went “above temp” - kitchen speak for not cold enough. How did we know this? Phil received an email directly from our fridge! Every 4 minutes the fridge is above temp, it sends an email to all the kitchen managers notifying them. Jenny (production manager) and her bake… Read More

From the archives

Who sold Enzo that spray paint?

15 July, 2010: We're growing. You're going to be seeing more stories like this one. Efficient operations have been important to us from day one, and we've been constantly experimenting and improving. But with the new truck (completely new floor plan), larger volumes, and larger staff our procedures are more important than ever. This is about making sure the food… Read More

The Zucchini Sandwich is BACK on the menu

27 July, 2022: Summer Time is Zucchini Time. Anyone with a home garden can testify that these veggies grow in abundance—and fast!!—once the weather heats up. And if you’ve been outside in the last week, you can attest: the HEAT is UP.  Our friends at Red Fire Farm out in Granby, MA have them a’plenty, and we’re the luckier for… Read More