Pumpkin Carving: 10/26, 7-9pm at CloverHFI

17 October, 2017: Join us for pumpkin carving and pumpkin beer in Central Square! The folks from Jack’s Abby have been working on their yearly crop of pumpkin lager (made from real pumpkins, not puree from a can.) And we’re celebrating with real pumpkins of our own. $20 gets you a pumpkin to carve, a glass of pumpkin lager (or… Read More

First Paw Paws are here

10 October, 2017: If you stop by Clover tomorrow, you may spy a Paw Paw. They look like an avocado, or an alien. They grow in a grove somewhere in Massachusetts, nobody knows where, by a farmer whose name I’m not even allowed to know. We’ll be turning our limited supply of Paw Paws into soda. If the supply allows,… Read More

Picking Concord grapes

10 October, 2017: We took a trip to Autumn Hills Orchard to pick Concord grapes on rocky, leafy terraces farmed by Ann Harris. The grapes you’re drinking in your Concord Grape Lemonade were picked by Jane, Stacia, Thonah, Steph, Chris, Martina and me. If you’ve never tried a Concord Grape, the flavor is *literally* the traditional grape jelly flavor, but… Read More

From the archives

Gooseberry’s at lunchtime

17 September, 2008: I think Gooseberry’s, the Asian food truck at MIT, rocks. Obviously I’m not the only one. This is the line at lunchtime. Nothing special, this is an everyday event. These people are ALL waiting for that white truck up ahead. And it’s not a very long wait, they process folks at a rate of close to 10… Read More

FREE coffee at CloverFIN next week at breakfast to reveal our new coffee program

29 September, 2017: We’re giving away coffee next Tuesday-Friday at CloverFIN in the Financial District to celebrate the launch of our new coffee program. This has been the culmination of months of feedback, testing, and tasting with you all, so to say thanks, we’ll be giving away free cups* of hot coffee, iced coffee, and cafe au lait during breakfast.… Read More

How it feels to sell Impossible Meat

28 September, 2017: (thanks to this customer -Dave?- for being a good sport and letting me take his picture while he was eating!!!) We’re 5 days into selling Impossible Meat. As I mentioned the other week this is a big experiment for us. And we’re much too early in this experiment to talk about results. But there are some early… Read More

Introducing Impossible Burger

21 September, 2017: We’re taking a big step today at Clover. We’re going to serve a meatball sandwich that for many of you may be the best meatball sandwich you’ve ever had. Not a meatball that is “meatball-like” or “almost as good as a meatball.” We’re going to serve something that will be impossible for you to distinguish from meat,… Read More

From Calabria with love, Thursday at CloverKND

3 September, 2017: When we went to Calabria last spring on our big food adventure, Enzo’s aunt had us over for Sunday dinner. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, rich with fennel, local cheese, meatballs in beautiful tomato sauce, and oranges right off the trees outside. One of Enzo’s best memories from childhood is Sunday sauce.… Read More

From the archives

Day 2

30 October, 2008: Second day at the truck. Far from perfect, but much much smoother. The bread still isn’t right, but we’re thrilled with the number of repeat customers. Numbers have doubled from yesterday. Feedback is great. We’re seeing what people like and don’t like. It’s great. On one hand things are crazy, we’re pulling 20 hour days and still… Read More

The veggies in your lunch started their day at Lindentree Farm

28 August, 2017: This is produce growing at Lindentree Farm. Click them and you’ll see Seth, the farmer who just arrived at CloverBUR. Every morning at 6am he texts Hannah, the lead prep cook at Clover Burlington, asking her how many vegetables the store will need for that day. He harvests, and at 10am he arrives at BUR. It’s like Christmas… Read More

NOW HIRING: Store Communications Leads

21 August, 2017: Lucia here. We’re hiring for Store Communications Leads. This is a position unlike any other. You get paid to talk about food all day! Really. It’s true. I created this role about 2 years ago for Stacia. She’s the one holding the radishes in the middle. Stacia was studying communications at Lesley, got a part-time job on… Read More

Last chance to test Clover bowls this week

17 August, 2017: We had an overwhelming response to our Clover bowls test at CloverFIN. We were supposed to run the test til yesterday, but we’ve had lines out the door every day, and over 400 people filling out surveys. We’re extending the bowls test to this Friday, 8/18, from 11-2 at CloverFIN, 160 Federal St, Boston. If you tasted… Read More

Post consumer recycled plastic

14 August, 2017: We’re testing a ton of changes to our menu right now. Most of them are centered around a realization I came to the other day: most of our customers are taking food to go. On the food trucks it was never clear if food was for here or to go. Our first restaurant at Harvard Square (at… Read More

From the archives

Menu 11/12

12 November, 2008: We did another mushroom soup today, and it was a big success. The sandwiches are still selling well and evenly. The biggest news today was the bread. We finally got some great bread, and I think it’s making all the difference in the world. We are faster when it comes to making the sandwiches, and they taste… Read More

Clover Bowl Survey

8 August, 2017: Hi all! Huge thanks for trying our bowls this week at CloverFIN. We’re trying to decide whether to launch these companywide, so it’s really helpful to get your honest thoughts. Please click on the link below to take the Clover bowl survey. Please only take the survey once for each bowl. If you choose to leave feedback… Read More