Hummus pop-up tonight!

26 July, 2017: We have this new dreamy hummus Chris and Martina have been dialing in. Stop by CloverKND from 6pm-8pm Wednesday. We’ll be making 100 hummus bowls using produce from MA and chickpeas from CT. Try one, and we’ll ask for your feedback via this survey. If you fill it our you’ll be helping influence the future of Clover (and… Read More

Beer Crawl all over Cambridge: Saturday August 5

25 July, 2017: Beer is flowing at FOUR Cambridge locations! Celebrate with a Beer Crawl to benefit our friends at CitySprouts. Start at CloverHSQ when the clock strikes 5. Hit up as many Cambridge Clovers as you can. Meet brewers from Notch, Peak, Mystic, Jack’s Abby, Farmer Willies and Aeronaut at the after party at CloverHFI. Tickets include your first beer, a… Read More

Best bread yet

21 July, 2017: Chris hasn’t slept in a few days, but he can finally rest, because he’s pulled off something amazing. And it’s something you can all taste today. We are baking our bread overnight. We’re thinking this will have a huge impact on freshness. It will also mean that the HUB is a lot cooler during the day. The… Read More

From the archives

Reinforcements arrive (John Hong)

11 October, 2008: John came by this weekend to help with the truck. Above and beyond to have his help like this, and well appreciated as I’m coming out of my 5th 18 hour day in a row. Here John is cutting a template we were thinking we would use to bend the bar that supports the bottom of the… Read More


12 July, 2017: That’s Martina, who leads up Food Development at Clover, at Next Barn Over in Hadley. She was telling us about her grandmother’s recipe for a zucchini flower pancake. If you see her, ask her about it. The flowers are a precursor to the zucchini themselves. Zucchini is hitting the menu hard. Stop by for Zucchini Fritters after 2pm. We grate the… Read More

Clover opens in Sudbury Saturday 7/8/17!

7 July, 2017: It seems like we just opened Clover Harvard Science Center and already a new Clover is on the horizon. CloverSUD opens tomorrow at 10am inside the Whole Foods in Sudbury! This is the second Clover-inside-a-grocery-store that we’ve done. Neil (a veteran of Clover BUR and CloverWST) will be running the store, and we’ll have the full menu… Read More

Testing hummus bowls at CloverKND Tuesday

7 July, 2017: We have these beautiful chickpeas from Connecticut and Montana that we’ve been turning into a silky hummus. We’ve been inspired by some of the hummus shops in NYC. And we’re thinking they might be a really neat way to highlight local produce. We tasted a few at Food Dev two weeks back, took some of the feedback from that meeting,… Read More

Strawberry micro season

7 July, 2017: Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Soda, Strawberries after 2pm each day with cream and sugar. Our strawberries are from Joe Czajkowski Farm in North Hadley. The farm used to grow tobacco, now it grows strawberries! The berries this year are really sweet and delicious but the season is short (2-3 weeks at the most). Come be a part of it while… Read More

From the archives

Environmental influences

5 August, 2008: Moving away from graphic references to designing the space, here are some thoughts I’ve had about the feelings I’m looking to evoke. I’m really excited about the truck design, because I think a ton of this will come through thanks to John and Jinhee and everyone else helping make it happen. You should expect to see more… Read More

Selling water at Clover

5 July, 2017: People have been asking to buy bottles of water since 2008 when I opened the first truck. Those first weeks in October 2008 we had 1 sandwich. No sides. No drinks. It wasn’t a statement, I just didn’t have any to sell. But as we grew I didn’t feel good about selling water in a plastic bottle.… Read More

4th of July Hours

3 July, 2017: We’ll be closed at CloverFIN, CloverDTX, CloverBUR, CloverBLV and CloverHSC at the Harvard Science Center. All other locations will be open! But some may be closing early. For those, check the Today’s Menu page. Read More

Testing packaging

27 June, 2017: You may have heard rumors of some new items coming your way. We’re about to tear up the menu in response to a bunch of feedback from you all. We thought it was a good time to reasses some of our packaging. Chris found some wood packaging. This is a little cone. What do you think about eating… Read More

From the archives

Coolidge Corner

16 February, 2009: What do you all think of Coolidge corner? This is one of the areas we’ve been eyeing to open our first fixed location Clover restaurant. With all that is going on good spaces are starting to open. Prices haven’t dropped yet, but at least the spots are starting to come available. The other week Z-Square in Harvard… Read More

Coffee and Donuts w/Barrington Roasters Thurs 6/29

27 June, 2017: Breakfasts at Clover are always yummy (we hope), but they don’t always have donuts. We’re making our cider donuts Thursday in honor of Barrington Coffee’s visit. 8am CloverHSQ (1326 Mass Ave, Cambridge) 10am CloverKND (5 Cambridge Ctr, Cambridge) 2:30pm CloverDTX (27 School St, Boston) Read More