The importance of how we say things

21 October, 2016: I took this picture of the whiteboard in my office. We were talking about language at our weekly staff meeting. We have 290 employees. And we’re understaffed. When we fix our staffing issues that’s 340 people making Clover a daily reality. Next year this time it’s likely to be over 700. We’re building community. But not just with… Read More

Bumper crop

20 October, 2016: As I’ve been building Clover I think about the capabilities we’re building as a business. I think of our company as a complex organism. I imagine myself an observer: what is this organism capable of? We’ve been working really hard on building the ability to respond really rapidly to bumper crops. The idea is simple: when farmers… Read More

Humbling moment with my team

18 October, 2016: This post is about something a bit humbling. Clover’s support staff (Finance, HR, Training, Communications, etc.) consists of about a dozen people. Most of whom report directly to me. These are people who in very real ways are dedicating their lives to helping make Clover what it is. I don’t think there is a single member of… Read More

From the archives

Origins of a brand

29 September, 2008: This was McDonald’s logo, until 1962. Isn’t that amazing. I’ve been having some great back-and-forths on the brand with Brian and Erik. Both have 2 clear messages: (a) Nix the flask (b) Make both logos (truck and restaurant) the same I’m thinking hard about these points, trying to decide what might be the best path forward. For… Read More

Clover sales mix

12 October, 2016: I’m preparing some documents for investors and I’ve taken a crack at breaking down our sales mix. This is roughly where it has been for a while, but I’m not sure I’ve shared on the website and I thought you all might be interested. About 93% of our menu items exist on our menu for a limited… Read More

Paw paw landed

5 October, 2016: I didn’t really know what Paw Paw were 10 years ago. Then I heard about them and they sounded magical. And it took me 4 years of searching to find somebody in Massachusetts growing them. This is a tropical fruit that belongs to North America. It smells like a tropical fruit. It tastes like a tropical fruit.… Read More

Do you eat seeds?

5 October, 2016: Concord grapes are one of my great pleasures in life. When I was a kid my dad had some growing on our greenhouse. I’d watch them grow all summer, from tiny green balls to frosted orbs. I’d taste them too early and spit them out. And then, around this time of year, I’d enjoy their sweet tart burst… Read More

From the archives

Vinyl lettering

29 September, 2008: Josh has been playing with lettering options. Working from the lettering on the side of the truck, and seeing whether something like that would work for the logo for the truck. I like above. Not sure it’s right for the truck. I like that it reflects what other trucks typically do, that it relates to my early… Read More

Pie and yoga

29 September, 2016: I’ve been making pie to entice folks to join yoga classes. Well… if I’m honest it started when Sara Higelin (Director of Training, on the left) declared that she didn’t like pie. She said she hated it. That prompted a pretty heated conversation. I love pie. I want everybody to love pie. And I can be a bit… Read More

Speedwell Coffee and Donuts: Friday 9/30, 8am CloverLMA, 10am CloverHSQ

24 September, 2016: We’re having a Coffee and Donuts event next Friday morning. If you’re in the Longwood Medical Area, come by from 8am-9am. If you’re in Harvard Square, come by from 10am-11am. We are welcoming Sarah Correira, roaster at Speedwell to meet and taste coffee with you all. Sarah spends most of her days knee-deep in green coffee beans. She… Read More

Who knows Clover?

30 August, 2016: When I first started testing our menu at the MIT truck back in 2008 I was hoping Clover would become something important. I’m hoping we’re still in our infancy, because what I have in mind goes way beyond what we are today. But I never ever thought I’d find fans recognizing Clover in the middle of nowhere. I’m… Read More

That electricity in the air

2 August, 2016: I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but also knew that it was only a matter of time. The original Clover Food Truck, the CloverMIT truck is closing. Customers will have to go 100 feet down the street to CloverKND for their fix starting this coming Monday. That picture above is from June 2009. That was the first… Read More

From the archives

Soup on the truck

6 November, 2008: As we’re becoming more comfortable with the truck operations, we’ve decided to start preparing the soups on the truck, in the morning. It’s pretty crazy. I think it’s safe to assume nobody has done something like this in the past. I don’t know whether anybody appreciates how hard it is to find fresh soup at any restaurant.… Read More

Azore Island Fig Trees

28 July, 2016: There are fig trees in my office because my Great Great Grandfather missed the Azore Islands. My Grandfather on my dad’s side grew up in New Bedford, MA. His Grandfather was from the Azore Islands. And he missed figs like nothing else. Maybe I have a deep love of food in my genes. But don’t we all? My Grandfather… Read More