Thanksgiving Hours


Hey all, we’re closing up the following locations early tomorrow (Wednesday):

Brookline Village, Burlington are closing at 6pm.

Harvard Square, Kendall Square, and HUB are closing at 8pm.

HFI is closing at 2am.

Trucks are all closed this week.

Thursday we’re open 7am to 2pm at Harvard Square only.

Me? I’m in Texas, trying to understand what this flyer means. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!


Sign up for a Winter Moon Roots CSA!


Pickups for the Winter Moon Roots CSA start in early December, which means if you’re looking to join, you need to sign up ASAP.

This is the produce we buy for the Clover menu. And this is the share I’m getting for my house (along with a mushroom share). It’s going to make the season of blizzards so much better.

Click here to sign up.


4 years 1 slab


So the MBTA first approached us asking if we’d consider operating at the end of Newbury St. over 4 years ago. Yeah, you read that right. This has been a long-term infrastructure project : )

I’m happy to announce that the concrete is finally poured. The spot many affectionately call the “crack slab” is now a fresh new slab (no cracks). We have 1 more hurdle before we can park out there. I don’t have a date yet, but it’s coming and we can’t wait.


Short Survey Day: 11/20/15


Lucia here. If you received one of my little survey cards at a Clover location today, click here to take your survey. This should take you around a minute to complete, and at the end there will be a surprise!

A big thanks from all of us for helping us serve you better, faster food.


Announcing CloverDTX


Boston, we’re crossing the river.


We think of ourselves as a Boston company, but Clover has never had a restaurant in Boston. We started out of a shared facility over in Jamaica Plain, and that was the closest we’ve come. Of course we’ve done lots of truck time, ours was the first new food truck in Boston, at Dewey Square pre-food truck program. It was our Soy BLT that inspired Mayor Menino to hire Edith Murnane and build a food truck program, now widely considered one of the best in the country. We spent 2.5 years on permitting to become the first truck licensed on private property (our CloverLMA site). We worked with the Friends of The Public Garden for 2 years to create the relationship that would allow us to launch our Park St. truck.

We’ve loved our Boston truck operations, from the original at Dewey Square, to Government Center (winning the food truck challenge), to Cleveland Circle (testing for restaurant, decided no), to BU, then BU #2, LMA, Park St., Rings Fountain, Aquarium, North End, we’ve loved Boston’s streets.

During that time we focused on clustering our restaurants. Our first was in Harvard Square, so the following restaurants opened in Cambridge: East Cambridge, Kendall Square, Central Square. Of course we have a truck at MIT, and we opened a truck at Alewife.

But now we’re ready to do restaurants in Boston. This will be the first. We’ll be following it with others. By spring 2016 you will be able to eat with us in 4 new locations in Boston (joining 4 trucks in Boston).

This restaurant was a former Boloco. John Pepper, who built Boloco, then left, and has now returned, has been a friend since the early days of Clover when I reached out for help. He and I were talking a couple of months ago and he mentioned that he might be looking to move out of his location on School St. We love that spot and were looking at real estate around the corner, so a bunch of lawyers later here we are, ready to do demo.

Check out the video tour. If you’re familiar with our previous restaurant builds you know we’ll be giving move of these behind the scenes tours. And you know we go very fast. Fingers crossed this might be open in 2015. More to come.


New coffee launching: Barrington, Kochere, Ethiopia


Most of the wood in our restaurants and trucks comes from the Berkshires. Ayr used to drive out to get the lumber, and on his way, he’d usually visit Barth at Barrington Coffee Roasters. If you love our coffee, Barth and his team are the ones to thank. He taught us the basics of pour-over, helped us pick equipment and refine a technique, and has supplied some of our favorite coffees.

This is a great example of coffee from the Kochere district of Ethiopia, which has become really popular in the last few years. This coffee is tea-like, with juicy clementine and bergamot notes. It’s a contrast to the bold, complex berry notes of the Colectivo Miralvalle we just launched.

A lot of morning regulars at Harvard Square tell me that their palates aren’t good enough to notice the differences between coffees. If you’re one of those folks, just keep tasting. Ask your order-taker for blind samples of both and see if you can tell which is which.


Thanksgiving Advance Ordering


That picture is from our last All-Company Meeting. Why the ti-cornered hats? We had some special guests: the Lexington minutemen, who came to talk to us about food during colonial times.

This Thanksgiving we’re offering advance ordering for a few special items. Place your order, we’ll make your food, and you can pick it up at your nearest Clover location on Tuesday 11/24 or Wednesday 11/25.

We’re running Butternut squash soup, potato leek soup, hot cranberry punch with local cranberries, lentil hazelnut cranberry salad with lentils from Timeless Seeds, roasted carrot pistachio salad with carrots from Michael Docter, house-made pita, and a couple other things we think will go well at your Thanksgiving table.

Click here for the order form. We’ll be taking orders up until Sunday, November 22.


New salad launching 11/14: Lebanese Bean Salad


Lieza directs our catering. She is half Lebanese and if you meet her, she’ll talk to you about Lebanese food. She grew up eating a stew called Fasoulia and thought it would be great at Clover.

She made a version and brought it to the Food Dev meeting a couple of weeks back (open to everyone, every Tuesday3pm at the HUB, sign up on the left-side of this website if you want to join). We tasted, loved it, and then she spent today in the kitchen with Chris, scaling it up for our locations.

It uses Charlie Baer’s soldier beans from South Berwick ME; cinnamon; roasted tomatoes from Backyard Farms, ME; lots of lemon juice and fresh parsley.

This will be at all restaurants tomorrow, and will be at Whole Foods starting in 2 weeks.


New coffee launching: Colectivo, Miralvalle, El Salvador


New coffee from Colectivo is landing. This should be at all restaurants and trucks by next week.

This coffee is a washed coffee from El Salvador. The Miralvalle farm is home to hot springs, and they actually use water from the geysers to rinse the coffee. The other cool thing about the farm is that the soil is volcanic and rich with phosphorous (a natural fertilizer). I’m not sure what the combination of phosphorous and geyser water does to the flavor of coffee. Any soil scientists out there want to weigh in?

You might have noticed new packaging on these coffee bags. Stacia was asking me what “Featured Farm” means. We looked it up, and it looks like Colectivo is offering coffee from smaller lots (parts of a farm) every month that are too small to be sent companywide. Luckily Clover got one of these lots. Come by and ask for a sample.


Fall turnips


We’re launching the Hadley Hakurei sandwich at the end of the week to take advantage of the first fall turnip harvest. If you’ve never had a Hakurei turnip, they are sweet enough to be eaten raw. They are a bit buttery, but with a nice spicy finish.

This sandwich has togaroshi mayo, roasted Hakurei turnips from Winter Moon Roots served chilled, a carrot-miso salad with carrots from Winter Moon Roots, and fried brined onions.

Follow your location on Twitter to see when it’s hit.