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Weekend breakfast at Harvard Square

This weekend will be a bit different operationally without pancakes. I think we are going to be able to do a better job (faster service). We’re gonna begin serving our regular weekday breakfast menu, on

Blueberry pancakes at brunch

This is such a great time of year. Blueberries, peaches, plums are all in season. Folks were asking for blueberries in their pancakes, so here they are. If you’re by at brunch this weekend, just

Pancake Sunday, 5/3, 11am – 1pm at the truck

Alright, we will not be boiling syrup, but we’ll be doing everything else we can to re-create the sugar-house experience. Some details for you all: Sunday, 5/3 (this Sunday!) 11am -1pm At the food truck

Clover is a sugar house for one day: 4/9, 10am-2pm

Maple syrup is flowing in Western Mass and we’re going to bring back an old Clover tradition. Pancakes, pickles, corn fritters, and the best maple syrup in the world. Outdoor tables. Fresh squeezed OJ. Fresh

STORM UPDATE: enjoy the snow

SATURDAY 2/9/13: ALL LOCATIONS CLOSED SUNDAY 2/10/13: RESTAURANTS OPEN MONDAY 2/11/13: ALL LOCATIONS OPEN (HSQ, HUB, MIT, DWY, LMA) All Clover restaurants and trucks are closed today. Stay tuned to Twitter for updates. We plan

Passover and Easter boxes are back.

Each year, early spring is a busy time at the Clover kitchen because we have 2 of our tastiest boxes, usually back-to-back. For the Passover box, a lot of care goes into the kashering of the kitchen, with Rabbi Dolinger coming in to ensure the box is totally Kosher for Passover via Lighthouse Kosher.