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Clover is opening in Newton in July!

11 June, 2021: I’ve been waiting over a year to make this announcement. Clover is coming to Newton! We’ll be opening at 845 Washington St. on July 1. We are on a mission to help meat lovers dream about vegetables. Why? As a society we need to reduce the number of meals we eat with meat—and by a lot. That… Read More

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Do they have baby name books for this?

9 August, 2019: Have you sneaked a peek? We’re opening a new restaurant at 565 Boylston in the Back Bay. Ever since we opened the second-ever Clover food truck in Dewey Square, and needed to distinguish it from the first food truck at MIT, we’ve added 3 letters to the word Clover. Usually these were based on the T-stop near… Read More

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Clover opens in Sudbury Saturday 7/8/17!

7 July, 2017: It seems like we just opened Clover Harvard Science Center and already a new Clover is on the horizon. CloverSUD opens tomorrow at 10am inside the Whole Foods in Sudbury! This is the second Clover-inside-a-grocery-store that we’ve done. Neil (a veteran of Clover BUR and CloverWST) will be running the store, and we’ll have the full menu… Read More

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CloverHSC (Harvard Science Center)

24 May, 2017: A new Clover. Technically this is number 11. And it’s exhilarating. I stepped back after ordering the first coffee (I was the first customer). Lynn (who has been the General Manager of our restaurant in Harvard Square for a few years now) is running the show and her team is amazing. Harvard is renovating the Science Center. The… Read More

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4 years 1 slab

20 November, 2015: So the MBTA first approached us asking if we’d consider operating at the end of Newbury St. over 4 years ago. Yeah, you read that right. This has been a long-term infrastructure project : ) I’m happy to announce that the concrete is finally poured. The spot many affectionately call the “crack slab” is now a fresh… Read More

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What’s up with CloverNEW?

1 November, 2015: Many of you are wondering what is happening with Clover Newbury St. Yeah, me too. Here’s the short update. The MBTA approached us in 2011 about building a kiosk at the slab (affectionately known as the “crack slab”) on the end of Newbury. Some of you saw the “coming soon” sign the MBTA put up there 2… Read More

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So much Clover in 2015

31 March, 2015: I’m back. This isn’t the first time I disappeared for a while. Sorry everybody. So much is happening right now and I’ve done a terrible job making time for writing. So much is happening right now, and that picture you see above, CloverHFI in construction, anchors that list. We have an official open date now: 22 April,… Read More

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CloverHFI Video Tour: Plaster is On

9 March, 2015: Have you peeked into CloverHFI yet? Justin and the crew are doing a great job, and it’s well on its way to looking like a restaurant. Here’s the video tour for week ending 3/6/15. Read More

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Tour Clover HFI pre-construction

21 November, 2014: We’ve been pretty quiet on HFI here. Sorry about that. We’ve been waiting for what seems like ages to get our construction permit. Our landlord waited over a month just to get the permit to install the storefront. Well we’re getting closer. LL work is complete and we’re expecting our building permit shortly. So I thought I’d share… Read More

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A sign from the universe?

9 September, 2014: It’s only 6 months after we decided to focus strategically on DC growth and not take any more restaurants in Boston for the next 2 years. And here I am driving to meet Jesse to look at a new space. We’ve signed one new lease (CloverHFI), have a second in the works (Back Bay) and now I’m… Read More