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Meet the COO

Hi, my name’s Julia Wrin Piper. I was given two last names at birth, which is a nightmare for both Google and the federal government.

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Meet the new CMO

Hi folks. I’m Kiernan. Kiernan Patrick. Kiernan Patrick Schmitt. I just started as Clover’s Chief Marketing Officer, but I’ve been a Clover devotee since 2011.

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Sticky Buns for Everyone!

Growing up my Dad woke up at 4am every time it was somebody’s birthday so they could have warm sticky buns for breakfast.

Joanne and the folks at Flour are teaming up with us to include one of their famous sticky buns in the first 200 Clover Meal Boxes this week. Get yours now.

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Naming sandwiches

A new sandwich just started testing today at CloverKND. Chipotle mayo, cornmeal-battered crimini mushrooms, cabbage slaw, and a cilantro pesto that we all went wild for.

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