Clover web redesign, 2 of many

This is the second of a series of posts I plan to write giving you a front seat to our website re-design process. The other week I shared my rough sketches and aspirations. A few weeks ago I reached out to 3 designers who seemed qualified. I think they were selected from a list that Ethan […]


This is what food should do to people

6 weeks ago I was standing on the sidewalk taking in our new restaurant. It was wrapped in white plastic. Nothing identifiable as Clover. I was trying to use my imagination, and avoid bumping into the stream of foot traffic. One guy stopped and asked if we knew what was going to be there. I have “Ted” […]


Clover website refresh

I’ve been working on a new version of our website. It’s a bit scary, because what we’ve been doing works so well for so many of our goals. But We’re excited to move forward. I thought I might open up this process a bit. We’ll start with a very crude mock-up I made a few […]


Lo-fi Movie Night at the truck: Back to the Future, 7/27, sundown

It’s the fifth year for Clover movie night so we thought we’d bring back a favorite: Back to the Future. This pic was from 2013 when Michael, a customer, wrote to me after ticket sales had ended asking if he’d let me in if he dressed like Marty McFly. If you’ve never been to movie […]


CloverFIN and Pokemon Go

Most of you know at this point that CloverFIN just launched. We’re at 160 Federal St. And I say we because I’ve put an office in this location. More on that another time. CloverFIN launched the same week that Pokemon Go launched. And I’ve already seen no less than 4 tweets about “this Pokemon is […]


Strawberry season ending

We launched the Strawberry Broccoli sandwich 2 weeks ago. If you’re one of the people who have had their days made by this sandwich, here’s what you’re eating and why. Paul had been looking at a chart that one of our farmers sent. It showed that strawberries and broccoli were in season at around the same time […]


Pay What You Want at CloverFIN: Wednesday 7/6, 11am-2pm

We’ve been doing Pay What You Want Days when we open a new restaurant. This was the scene when we opened CloverDTX. So hey, Financial District, spread the word. There’s a new Clover in your neck of the woods. Come to CloverFIN, 160 Federal Street for our grand opening. Pay whatever you want for lunch and all […]


2-ingredient salad

We went to Italy (Calabria and Sicily) on a food research trip. If you hadn’t been following that journey, you can scroll back to the posts tagged Italy. It was funny: many of the things we learned were less recipes to bring back and more ways to approach food. We kept seeing this salad in Calabria. This one was […]


We opened FIN!

Sam was our first customer. He walked in right as the health inspector walked out. Stacia found out it was his first time eating at any Clover. We’ll have to hear what he thought of the food this week. We’re closed for the Fourth (you can see which locations are open here), and we’ll be open […]


Fourth of July Hours

If you’re looking to pick up some Clover food for your cookout today, check out the Locations page ( for the list of locations that are operating today. We’ve got you covered if you’re in Cambridge and downtown Boston. We’ll be back to normal hours tomorrow. Happy Fourth, all!