Bridgewater is back at lunch Wednesday 7/15

14 July, 2020: As we ease back into a full menu, we’re bringing back mushroom sandwiches that rotate seasonally. If you’re new to Clover, the Bridgewater has glazed crimini mushrooms, a jalapeño cream cheese, thinly sliced red onions and kale. You can order the Bridgewater starting at 11am tomorrow at Burlington, Central Square, Inman Square, Kendall Square, Harvard Square, Longwood… Read More

A strange kind of grand opening

10 July, 2020: I think I’ve seen every Clover truck or restaurant opening since 2010. In the early days we opened quietly, without fanfare (hello GOV truck). In recent years we’ve secretly hoped for long lines and crowded restaurants. Sometimes those lines were longer than we expected or even prepared for (hello HFI). This time is different. 9 locations are… Read More

July 4th grill boxes were a big hit

2 July, 2020: These started out as one of those “hey wouldn’t it be fun…” ideas. But it’s turned out to be a big hit – we completely sold out of our Veggie and Post-Meat Grill Boxes that we made specially for 4th of July weekend! So we’ve decided to add both boxes to the Clover At Home menu full-time… Read More

From the archives

Clover at Sam’s

9 November, 2008: Sam’s is a institution in Brattleboro, near where I grew up. Alongside the free popcorn they always had the best deal on jeans. I decided I needed to get some clothes for working the truck. Scrambling around for clean clothes each day on top of everything else is just not working. So I bought 3 pair of… Read More

A new Clover: Part 1 of many

2 July, 2020: I’m going to start writing about some of the nitty gritty of re-opening. I’ll include plans in case anyone is doing the same thing and wants to use our plans. First thing I’ve realized? It’s not re-opening at all. Instead we’re launching something new, shooting from the hip, without good guidance or experience. This is true for… Read More

Do you have a friend who needs a visit from the Clover van?

22 June, 2020: (Update July 2: this contest is now closed – thank you so much to everyone who has nominated a loved one! We will announce and contact winners early next week) As we gear up to re-open our restaurants (3 locations are open starting today!) and expand our meal box program (we’ve had to quadruple our capacity in… Read More

Smiling hard through the mask

18 June, 2020: We were in hibernation, and now everything feels like it is happening at once, with masks on. A summary of major Clover news: The Clover at Home Box program continues to grow. This coming week we are adding a third pick-up/ delivery day. That will make 3 days/ week: Tuesday 6/23, Thursday 6/25, Saturday 6/27If you’ve ordered… Read More

From the archives

Clover Menu 11-3-08

3 November, 2008: Today’s menu before we ran out/ low. It was a good, if short, day. Again, we doubled our traffic. We also showed up at the latest hour yet (12:20pm first service) and left earlier than ever (1:45pm). I’d love to say this is because we ran out of everything, but really we just needed to get down… Read More

Food For Free

17 June, 2020: We have a big kitchen that just got started up again. We want to use it to make food for people in our community dealing with food insecurity. Stacia did some research and connected with Food For Free, they’re our neighbors at the HUB and have been doing food rescue work since the ’80s. The way we’re… Read More

Clover getting ready to re-open

22 May, 2020: We’re not going anywhere. But there are a lot of things that will have to change to make that statement fact. I thought I’d share with you all what I see in our future, and how it will impact the full community that has allowed Clover Food Lab to exist, our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our… Read More

From the archives

Puddle of sunlight

2 August, 2008: (painting is by Vilhelm Hammershoi, a danish painter from the early 1900s) So this is where the visual identity for Clover begins: a puddle of sunlight. A place you want to move towards/ sit under. When people think of it they want to take a deep breath through their nose, the creases around their eyes relax a… Read More

In Ayr’s Kitchen – new website!!

4 May, 2020: Can’t believe it’s already been almost a full month of Ayr’s Youtube cooking show. When we started we honestly weren’t sure how much interest there would be. But the support has been amazing!! A ton of folks are tuning in regularly, and we’re getting tagged in a lot of photos of your at-home cooking creations (check out… Read More