How we accidentally brought RI Mushroom Co to Russo’s

Did you try the Golden Oyster Mushroom we were testing today at DTX? This whole mushroom experiment has gotten out of hand. We no longer have the space at the HUB to store all the mushrooms you guys are eating. So Chris and Wanda worked out a deal with Tony Russo, where Rhode Island Mushroom Company can deliver to […]


First week of evening and weekend hours at CloverNEW

I remember when Ayr created a fireball trying to put a heater on the first MIT truck. After that we had no heat. We froze a lot. Our 7th truck on Newbury Street is an electric truck, and the first Clover truck that has a heater. It’s awesome to have when you’re making coffee on board […]


Meet Clover guides

I think it was Sean Ryan who first expressed hatred for the name “order-taker.” We’ve been trying to come up with a better name for almost 2 years. If you’ve ever experienced a great order-taker at Clover you know that they do a lot more than just take your order. So we have a new […]


3 new sandwiches testing this week

Thanks all who joined us for the test of the Sloppy Chris at Kendall the other day. I tried a little active voting experiment and got a bunch of good feedback. Tuesday we’ll be testing Paul’s carrot sandwich at HSQ. We’ll be testing Alden’s Golden Oyster Mushroom Sandwich on Thursday at DTX. If you’re a Kendall customer […]


Potato clouds

Nuvole di patate, purchased at a gas station in Calabria. I guess they tasted like what a cloud might taste like. Kind of like…nothing? From this experience I might hazard a guess that processed food in Italy is worse than it is here.



We are learning that every region of Italy has its own shape of pasta. We kept seeing the word Fileja in Vibo Valentia. Uncle Enzo took us to a restaurant and there were only two choices for pasta, and one was this: fileja. of I was confused by the use of the letter J, because […]


Uncle Enzo

This is Uncle Enzo, Enzo’s uncle, known to us on this trip as “Zio.” He’s from Calabria, used to run a restaurant in Massachusetts when our Enzo was a teenager. It’s where our Enzo first realized that cooking could be a real career. He’s going to be our tour guide for our first full day […]


Hail the red onion of Tropea

In Italy they have a concept called Sagra. My friend Francesca took me to a Sagra when I was visiting her family on the coast of Tuscany this past July. A Sagra is a festival where you go to eat one single item of food. The one I went to in Tuscany was a fundraiser for a local sports team […]


Peak Organic and Poetry: Beer Launch, 5/5, 6pm-9pm, CloverHUB

Join us for the launch of Peak’s Summer Session ale, and a poetry reading by Julia Shipley, who writes about farming. Peak was the first beer we ever poured at Clover, and it’s one of the only organic breweries in the country. Be one of the first 20 folks to sign up and you’ll get […]


CloverWST opening Weds, May 4, inside WFM Westford

We’ve always thought that Clover should exist in lots of forms. Clover vending machines. Tiny Clover drive-thru-restaurants. And small Clovers within other operations. We’ve been planning a little surprise with Whole Foods. As you might know, we’ve been selling grab-and-go products in 4 Whole Foods Markets around the city. The goal all along was to have a […]