Death to the chickpea fritter as you know it

Ayr had an idea early this year to tear up some of our core items (Chickpea Fritter, Egg and Eggplant, BBQ Seitan). Take the chickpea fritter, our version of falafel. You might think it’s perfect. And you would be kind of right. We have improved almost every aspect of the sandwich over time. The bread is now […]

Mass Ave 1320 1900

CloverHSQ, our time capsule to 1913, opens 4/5/16 at 1pm

Sorry for the late notice. But it always happens like this. We get one permit, then we wait with bated breath for the next permit. And then we wait again for the final permit. Come by today at 1pm and see what we’ve done with the place. We’ll have the full Lunch Menu and we’ll be […]


First bent logo

I brought over this giant vinyl white logo printed by Danger Awesome. I was all ready to adhere it to the glass when Ayr said, “What if we did it vertical, bent down the center?” I was not sold on the idea, but I said, sure! We placed our ladder on some shaky snowy ground and went […]


Pancakes with local grain

Enzo came to Food Dev the other week with a griddle and butter. He made pancakes with our recipe, the one we perfected in 2011, but he used 100% local flour from Maine Grains. Main Grains mills using a stone miller. The stone mill keeps the flour cool, which helps with fermentation. We’ve been using a percentage of […]


April fools at Clover

Today for a good part of lunch at Kendall and Newbury, the only sandwich available was the BLT. At Brookline Village, Shane started making breakfast so he’d have something to feed customers. Sorry all, this was not an April Fool’s joke. We really didn’t mean to run out of so many items today. We had a […]


Sufjan Christmas, laughing, and crying

I’m at HSQ. It’s my last day working here in the office I helped build (I put the floor in and did the walls) back in 2010. Back then we asked the question: can we run a Clover restaurant? HSQ was more than a prototype, it’s was a flexible space in which to build and test prototypes. […]


For one weekend only, there will be no Clover in Harvard Square

HSQ1 (7 Holyoke St) is closed now. We sold our last sandwich there last night, March 31. I had an idea to put up a big marker and let all the customers and employees write their memories on the door. The door is all covered now in words! Stop by if you want to add […]


Meet a wild yeast hunter. Mystic Beer Launch 4/7, 6pm-8pm, CloverHUB

When Ayr visited Mystic Brewery in 2012, he saw test tubes, beakers, and petri dishes. Things usually seen in a lab, not a brewery. Bryan Greenhagen, PhD in fermentation and Mystic brewer, has been hunting for wild yeast in New England and recreating beer styles of the Belgian countryside in a warehouse in Chelsea, MA […]


Punk Rock Construction Robot

That’s Justin. He built CloverHFI and is building the new CloverHSQ. James of Roxy’s introduced me to Justin. If I remember he didn’t use Justin, but said good things about him. Justin built Deep Ellum (and more recently Lone Star). And when another contractor fell through, Justin stepped in and built CloverHFI. I just love the way […]


It ends and begins tonight

Tomorrow is the day that Harvard told us we needed to be out of 7 Holyoke Street. A Crimson reporter asked me how I was feeling. I’m feeling a little bit sad. There’s  party going on here right now. Ben from Jack’s Abby is here pouring beer in the same spot that we launched his […]