Clover seeks CFO

  We’re ready to hire a CFO. This is a pretty exciting moment. I suspect the best candidate for this role (a) eats at our restaurant and (b) is not in the food industry. But I know it’s going to be a tough role to fill. We’re very careful about who we bring into Clover […]


Pay and prices: setting a date

Hi all. Time for an update on pay and prices. We’ve set a date for the first increase: 11/14/15 If you hit CloverHFI Friday at 11:59pm the ridiculously popular Brussels Sprout sandwich will be $6.54 ($7.00 even with tax). If you hit CloverHFI at 12:01am Saturday morning that same sandwich will cost $6.78. And the staff working to […]


Hot soups are coming!

Chris has been hosting soup-making classes at the HUB. We are launching hot soups slowly, location by location. We want to make sure everyone is trained to make beautiful soups. We’re starting with creamy soups. Expect to see creamy celery root, spicy carrot, parsnip pear, potato roasted garlic, and African peanut over the coming days. […]


Whole Foods person #2

This is an early photo from Paul sampling at Whole Foods Market, Ink Block. A couple days after he started the sampling program Paul asked me if he could get some help. The line was building and he felt “wait times were too long.” I love this. We’re obsessed with wait times at our restaurants, […]


Bread recipe development

We’re a few iterations into our bread recipe development. And without question it’s the best bread we’ve served at Clover. But I think it can be oh so much better. And now that you’re all rabid for that Brussels Sprout Sandwich (and the Japanese Sweet Potato) I’m antsy for our bread to make that next step. […]


Four Barrel Coffee and those brand new donuts: Friday 11/13

As you may have heard, we weren’t happy with our donut recipe. We brought the recipe back to the drawing board and tasted the results at last Tuesday’s Food Dev Meeting. A bunch of you were able to join the meeting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We tasted a sour cream lemon donut, a traditional […]


Please don’t be mad!

Bear with me, I have 2 messages to deliver, both under the heading “please don’t be mad!” I. We don’t have Brussels Sprouts sandwiches to sell today. Take a minute. Take a breath. It’ll be alright. What happened? We received a shipment of Brussels from one of the farmers that supplies us that wasn’t up to […]


Welcome Brussels (but not today!)

We launched the Brussels sprout sandwich on Friday. Hope everyone got to try it! This was a sandwich we first launched back in 2013 and it was the first seasonal sandwich to outsell the chickpea fritter. It has a sour cream-dijon spread, fried brussels sprouts (we’re getting ours from Czajowski Farm), smoked Grafton cheddar, pickled […]


What should Clover employees earn part 2: Keep talking to us!

The response to the post I wrote Thursday was deep and varied. And I couldn’t be happier at the conversation that is developing. I think we’re dealing with something complicated and important. And I can’t imagine how we’d make progress without involving many people with varying points of view. The story has shown up in a […]


What’s up with CloverNEW?

Many of you are wondering what is happening with Clover Newbury St. Yeah, me too. Here’s the short update. The MBTA approached us in 2011 about building a kiosk at the slab (affectionately known as the “crack slab”) on the end of Newbury. Some of you saw the “coming soon” sign the MBTA put up […]