CloverDTX Lands in Boston: Tuesday 2/2, 11am, Pay What You Want

It’s finally here. CloverDTX is opening 11am on Tuesday 2/2. It’s Pay What You Want Day. All the proceeds are going to the Food Project. All details are here. That’s Vincenzo at the communal table. He’s been helping Julia and Jasper get everything in order for Day 1.


German beer made in an Italian factory in Framingham

We have a Jack’s Abby beer launch coming up tomorrow night at CloverKND. Stop by from 7pm on. If you sign up in advance (there are 3 advance tickets left) you’ll get a gift. We’ve worked with Jack’s Abby for 4 years, ever since a customer told us about a tiny brewery in Framingham that was only […]


New farmshare launching: We Grow Microgreens, Roslindale, MA

Michael Docter (our favorite winter farmer) told me about a new farm. Tim, the grower, joined us for Food Dev and we got to hear more about what he’s doing. He went to BC and used to be a lawyer, but then got interested in growing microgreens. He grows them in his greenhouse in Roslindale, MA using organic practices. Microgreens […]


Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is live

Mike of Rhode Island Mushroom Co. joined us for lunch today at CloverHSQ to launch the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich. He’s still here now for a few more minutes if you want to meet him. That thing in the middle of the picture? It’s a Blue Oyster Mushroom in progress. We’ll have the Blue Oyster on the […]


Barismo coffee launching: Buena Esperanza, Guatemala

I’m really excited that we’re pouring Buena Esperanza again. This coffee won a really big contest for coffee growers called the Cup of Excellence in 2012 (I’ll buy a coffee for the first customer to tell us who invented the Cup of Excellence, hint: it’s another Clover coffee roaster.) Buena Esperanza has continued to get better and better since […]


Trucks are back!

CloverLMA and CloverDWY are back this week after time off for the holidays. CloverMIT and CloverPRK will re-launch on March 14. Here’s our winter promise: we will operate the trucks when lunchtime temperatures are over 20 degrees. And we now have this nifty menu you can check before heading out in the cold:


Puddle of sunlight gone for the time being

Sorry to all HUB customers. There was a 3-car accident over Christmas break, and our window was destroyed. So we’ll be looking at this wood for a few more weeks til a new window arrives.



Alissa was working at a travel magazine when she met Lucia at a Kendall Square Business event where Clover was sampling. They started talking about Clover, and she thought: what if I made a big career change? She’d had management experience (running the big Anthropologie in Back Bay), so last spring I hired her as an […]


3pm specials

Did you know that our 3pm specials started back in 2009? We were shivering through our first dinner service during November. Chris, who was working as a personal chef in addition to helping out at Clover, had a case of plantains leftover from a class, and he brought them to the truck and told Ayr to do […]


Rhode Island Mushroom Mania at CloverHSQ 1/15, 12-2

We are bringing back one of our most popular sandwiches: the Blue Oyster Mushroom. This sandwich features mushrooms grown at Rhode Island Mushroom Company. Mike Hallock, the grower, will be joining us for lunch on Friday at HSQ, so if you are mushroom-obsessed, head over to HSQ 12-2 this Friday to meet the man himself. He’ll […]