Tech to support omnichannel

17 June, 2022: Jane, Chris, and Phil talking through some changes to the subscription program (that need new tech solutions) What's happening on the tech front? For those unaware Clover has been building our own tech since the first food truck (2009). We run our own order management system, Point of sale, Kitchen display system, and more. We have amazing… Read More

Time Machine

16 June, 2022: That might not look like much but that machine is stepping Clover a few years back in time (at least for the next week or so). It's our Rational oven and the water tank leaked which destroyed the circuit board and it's going to take a couple days to get it back up and running. That means… Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

10 June, 2022: Lucia here, writing to share some of our favorite Father's Day gifts. If you end up using any of these suggestions, drop us a line, we'd love to know.  First up, our Father’s Day Meal Box! This came from a group of Clover dads who asked themselves: if I had my ideal day of meals, what would it be?… Read More

From the archives

4:00pm means snack time

6 July, 2010: When we first experimented with dinner last November we stumbled upon a fun Clover tradition. Chris Anderson had a crate of plantains. He said: here, fry these up. We found that since dinners are more peaceful and spread out, we actually had room in the fryer and time to play around. Some of you remember those plantains.… Read More

Rhubarb coming in subscription boxes next week!

10 June, 2022: Sweet and puckery, with a form factor so unlike other fruit... Yess, it's rhubarb season! It’s Ayr’s favorite thing to eat, it’s a vegetable that acts like a fruit, it makes pancakes so happy, and it’s only here for a month or so. If you’ve been thinking about stocking your fridge with a Clover meal box, this might be the week… Read More

Farewell Jason!

10 June, 2022: Yesterday was Jason's last day at Clover. Jason came on board as our executive chef last year. His job was to develop recipes for our meal box program, so if you're a member of Taco, Pasta, Burger, or Soup, you've likely been enjoying some food from Chef Bond. We're going to miss Jason's steady nature, incredible culinary… Read More

$0.25 🍴?

6 June, 2022: I was reviewing our expediter interface with Jasper and Chris S (who do an amazing job running our restaurants) and noticed a *lot* of you are ordering your meals from Clover without utensils. This is inspiring! At one point somebody on our team (I can't remember who) suggested we make a "no utensils please" option on the… Read More

Dreaming of eliminating packaging waste

3 June, 2022: I had the best Clover Taco Tuesday box last week. But I can't ship it to you yet. Sorry... The reason? It was packaged entirely in re-usable containers. Look! No plastic! It just felt so good. The clear lid meant the food looked so beautiful (because it is), and at the end of the meal, the packaging… Read More

From the archives

Credit cards back up tomorrow

30 June, 2009: It's too complicated to explain how this happened, but yesterday between our commissary and Kendall we dropped the credit card machine. I should say "I," I dropped the machine. Thanks for insurance, something I had the foresight to include with all electronic devices in the truck. They are overnighting me a new unit, so credit cards should… Read More

Deadline to get a CSA extended to June 6!

30 May, 2022: What's a CSA? Also known as a farmshare, a CSA is a direct relationship between you and a local farmer. You pay the farm up front before the summer, then in exchange for that initial investment, you get the best local produce for a fraction of what you'd pay at the grocery store. We've been offering up… Read More

Asparagus landing Weds 3/25 & Thurs 3/26

24 May, 2022: We’ve wrapped up the testing period for the new Asparagus Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches at CloverKND and, starting this week, both will be available at all Clover locations!  Both sandwiches feature locally-grown Hadley Grass asparagus. You can only get local asparagus this time of year, and Western Massachusetts has gained world-renown for this stuff. Queen Elizabeth II… Read More

Meet the new CMO

20 May, 2022: Hi folks. I’m Kiernan. Kiernan Patrick. Kiernan Patrick Schmitt. (I once met the comedian Colin Quinn at a New York City pizzeria and he told me I had the worst name he’d ever heard.) I just started as Clover’s Chief Marketing Officer, but I’ve been a Clover devotee since 2011. Back then I lived in NYC and… Read More

Snapchill coffee

20 May, 2022: I don't have any analysis to back this but I feel like there has been an explosion of cool food start-ups in the Boston area in the past few years. Maybe one of you who analyzes these things could confirm. Are we at a golden age for food innovation in Boston? We've been talking to one of… Read More

From the archives

Next step in the evolution of Clover packaging

29 March, 2013: This picture is what is left when I finish my sandwich from Clover. 2008: When we launched the MIT in 2008 with the goal of testing and developing our food our goal for packaging was simple: hold the food and not cost much. We made decisions like one size coffee cup which helped simplify things on the… Read More

Triple asparagus test this week

16 May, 2022: Asparagus is nearly in season in Hadley, MA. It was once so prolific there that it is still known as Hadley Grass, and if you're lucky you can usually buy it by the side of the road. We've always done a super simple 3pm special with asparagus, but we've always wanted to do more. I think this… Read More