Last call for Cape deliveries!

5 August, 2021: We now deliver boxes to your doorstep—anywhere within 50 miles of Cambridge! That has opened up lots of cities and towns that previously did not have access to boxes. For a few months now we’ve also been delivering to the entirety of the Cape. This weekend will be the last weekend for those Cape deliveries. Though we… Read More

How will you zucchini?

3 August, 2021: The Zucchini is finally back! Basil mayo, glazed tofu, and a salad made with fresh zucchini, corn and shiso (a Japanese herb with notes of mint, basil, clove and cinnamon). Starting Wednesday at lunch, you can try the zucchini two ways—in store as a sandwich (we make it), or at home as a meal kit (you make… Read More

Back to masks

2 August, 2021: If you stop by Clover today you’ll notice more folks are masked up than they were last week. For a few months, we had a “if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to mask” policy. Folks would submit proof of vaccination, and then they could take their mask off if they wanted.Now with the CDC report and the… Read More

From the archives

Chip-in Farm

25 January, 2010: Saturday I took my kids to see the chickens that lay eggs for Clover. We’ve been getting our eggs from Chip-in farm in Bedford, MA. They are not organic, but they are free range. We’d love to use organic eggs but have found that we can’t get organic eggs that are local and fresh. So we stick… Read More

Last few days of Panelle

30 July, 2021: We just got a big fennel shipment in from Kitchen Garden, which will get us through another 5 days of our favorite Sicilian sandwich. Come get the Panelle while it’s still around. Zucchini is coming up next (August 5th is the first day). Thanks to Erin (customer) who snapped this pic, and everyone else who’s been trying… Read More

New prices, inflation?

29 July, 2021: That’s Kev, the GM of Clover Newtonville, getting ready for the first big lunch rush at our newest Clover. What does he have to do with the price you pay for your chickpea fritter? Warning: slightly lengthy/ detailed post ahead. We’ve been increasing our hourly pay. Today our average earnings/hour for hourly employees is $19.67/ hr. That’s… Read More

$6,743.95!!! Clover loves Newton, Newton loves teachers

27 July, 2021: Every time we open a new restaurant we do a “Pay What You Want” day to raise money for a local nonprofit we love. We usually do a food focused nonprofit, but when we opened CloverNTV I thought it would be fun to focus on teachers. Some of you were asking why not food this year? Of… Read More

Tortilla gift in the meal kits this week!

27 July, 2021: I’m from Texas and grew up going to restaurants where tortillas are made on site and you can buy great ones in any grocery store. I always wondered where the good corn tortillas were in Boston. I got my answer about 7 years ago when Michael Docter and his friend Jorge Sosa started up Mi Tierra Tortillas.… Read More

From the archives


5 August, 2008: This is the area I’m weakest on right now. Thankfully I have some great typographers helping me through this process. Check out Hester’s all-type video on youtube: Read More

We need help building Clover

23 July, 2021: Chris and I have decided to hire an executive chef. We haven’t had anybody with that title since we were lucky enough to work with Rolando Robledo back in the days of food trucks. We don’t want to move away from our open food development process. It’s a wonderful thing. But we do want to bring some… Read More

Should this sandwich be a meal kit?

20 July, 2021: We know you all love the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich (it’s back tomorrow starting at 11am BTW). It’s our take on a New Orleans po-boy, think crispy/chewy mushrooms, fresh kale dressed with lemon, a tarragon miso mayo, and fresh sliced tomatoes from Backyard Farms. A few months ago when we had the Nashville Hot Mushroom on the… Read More

New Adventure meal kits

14 July, 2021: You may have tried our Weekend Adventure Box. Fireside s’mores, cornbread and chili and hot dogs. Maybe you’ve taken it bike-camping like one of our customers (so cool). Or maybe you’ve used it to stay inside and avoid ordering pizza on one of these gray and cloudy days we’ve been having. The Weekend Adventure Box has been so popular that it’s inspired… Read More

Goodbye Mushroom Parm (last day 7/20)

13 July, 2021: Melty provolone that can pull the length of an entire Lucia. Crisp battered mushrooms from Rhode Island. Warm marinara. Fresh local greens dressed in lemony vinaigrette. All tucked into a warm pita, or served up platter style. The Mushroom Parm is leaving us next week to make way for the Blue Oyster Mushroom sandwich! Last day to get one will be next… Read More

From the archives

Puddle of sunlight

2 August, 2008: (painting is by Vilhelm Hammershoi, a danish painter from the early 1900s) So this is where the visual identity for Clover begins: a puddle of sunlight. A place you want to move towards/ sit under. When people think of it they want to take a deep breath through their nose, the creases around their eyes relax a… Read More

Newton Pay What You Want Weekend POSTPONED DUE TO THE STORM!

8 July, 2021: Quick rain update! Newtonville will still open tomorrow at 11am, but due to Tropical Storm Elsa, our Pay What You Want festivities (including our ribbon-cutting with the Mayor) will shift one week ahead to 7/16 and 7/17. Stay safe, stop in if you’re nearby, and we’ll see you soon! Read More