Backyard Farms Tomato Tasting: 5/12, 11am-2pm at CloverLMA

7 May, 2017: Join us Friday to meet the folks responsible for these Backyard Farms tomatoes and taste them in our newest seasonal sandwich (the Maine Winter Tomato!) Backyard Farms tomatoes grow high in the sky in a greenhouse the size of a football field in Maine. They don’t need dirt to grow, they’re magic, and they’re farmed by individual farmers. The… Read More

Taste controversy

5 May, 2017: I was speaking at an event called the Future of Food at the Museum of Science. This was a collection of really interesting food folks. People who do food on TV. Michael Davis from James Beard who did the America Pavilion at the World’s Fair. A woman (I can’t remember her name) who ran product development for Starbucks. Farmers. A… Read More

I got sampled too!

4 May, 2017: Jane here, unless you go to CloverDTX on School Street, you probably don’t know me. I’m a communications lead (SCL) at DTX and an event planner at Clover. Ayr posted recently about a customer sharing his home-roasted coffee with him. Then I got sampled too! Steven, a regular at DTX, brought me a jar of his homemade overnight oats. First of… Read More

From the archives

Color palettes

5 August, 2008: I don’t know which if any of these we’ll end up using, but these are my first take at defining Clover’s colors. I spent too much time looking through aisles of stores, looking through magazines, etc. before I realized that the proper place for Clover’s inspiration to come from is nature. And there are some fantastic references… Read More

Letter from Thailand

3 May, 2017: We recently served a Thai coffee roasted by Barismo. Maybe you saw my poster or heard from one of us that the Doi Pangkhon was the result of young farmers moving from opium production to coffee production. We had a coffee tasting, Jane sent out an email to our mailing list about the tasting, and we were all shocked and… Read More

Meet the man himself: George Howell

1 May, 2017: George Howell himself will be at Clover this Thursday for coffee and donuts events. If you’ve been loving that volcanic Monte Carlos coffee, you do not want to miss this. Sign up ahead of time ( or just mark your calendar. George will be at CloverLMA between 8am-9am and CloverFIN between 10am-11am this Thursday May 4. George is the… Read More

Summer 2017 Farmshare Signups now live!

30 April, 2017: Want to eat better this summer and support local farmers? One of the tastiest things you can do is to join a farmshare. Here’s how it works. You pay money up front to a farmer at the beginning of the season. They use that money to buy seeds, hire farmers, and grow food. And you become a shareholder in… Read More

Yoga, poker, 9 meetings, and needing to lie down

29 April, 2017: The meeting room in the basement of CloverHUB had been transformed into a poker den, complete with clamp lights over the tables and steel cases full of poker chips. Andrew, Clover’s training manager, had turned this week’s GM meeting into a poker match, an activity that most of the GMs were unfamiliar with. This sort of thing happens… Read More

From the archives

Where is Clover now? you wonder

24 November, 2008: The truck and I are having fun at Brookline Coal and Ice. This is where we fill our Propane tank every couple of days. We have extremely efficient appliances (50,000 btu each for the fryer, 30,000 btu for the oven). Today the fill pump at the station isn’t working, making an already long day longer. They’re working… Read More

Clover hourly wages up 30% in just over 1 year

14 April, 2017: It’s spring. Finally. I snapped that photo at DTX today. 5 iced coffee on at a time! Winter is past. I’ve been working on a price/ pay change for a couple months, time to launch it. This journey started a little over a year ago. There was a lot of conversation about wages in our industry and… Read More

This sandwich was born 10 years ago in Mexico

31 March, 2017: Rob is one of our Area Managers. His wife Veronica is from Mexico. She taught Rob how to make her family’s recipes, we’re all jealous. Rob brought us a sandwich inspired by the fish tacos traditionally eaten in Baja California. Mexican crema, cornmeal-crusted blue oysters, a cabbage-carrot-daikon slaw with the last of the Western Mass roots, and a… Read More

Customer Survey March 2017

30 March, 2017: It’s that time of the month…survey day! If you were handed a card in line at Clover today (3/31),  first of all, a big thank you for helping us improve. Click “Read More” to take the survey… Read More

Scrapple in-testing at CloverHSQ

28 March, 2017: The first (and only) time I had scrapple was in Philly. I had taken an overnight bus from Boston. The bus had gotten lost and driven to NYC instead, and a new driver had to be brought in to complete the trip. When I finally got into Philly at 9am, my friends brought me to Sam’s Morning Glory diner, and… Read More

From the archives

Happy birthday hat

20 July, 2009: Hat turned 21 last Saturday. About 125 of you were lucky enough to celebrate with Clover cupcakes. This time: chocolate cupcakes with a rum buttercream. last time we try buttercream on the truck. Tasty but melts. Read More

I got sampled! Coffee geeks unite!

24 March, 2017: I was working with Jane and Evan and the rest of the crew at CloverDTX this morning. We’re testing this new coffee we’ve been working on with George Howell. As I was talking to one of our customers, Varun, he said “I know a little about coffee. I’ve been roasting my own coffee.” Which is awesome. He was… Read More