145 degree breakfast egg

7 February, 2017: Our breakfast sandwich features a 6.5 minute egg. We boil it, shock it in an ice bath, then hold it warm. We serve something like 12,000 of them each year. We make eggs in very small batches. A while ago, Ayr brought up the idea of using a circulator to keep the temperature of the warm bath consistent.… Read More

Hail the Sunchoke

27 January, 2017: Don’t worry, the classic breakfast sandwich isn’t going anywhere. But now it has some new friends. 3 seasonal breakfast sandwiches have hit the menu the past few months. Peppers and Queso Fresco in September. Delicata Squash and Smoked Cheddar in October. These are sunchokes. Winter is their season. A customer told me sunchokes grow wild in his backyard this… Read More


27 January, 2017: These guys signal the beginning of what might be the best item to come out of Clover in 2017. If you haven’t had Mezze before, it’s a way of eating that exists all over the Middle East. Creamy dips, chunky spreads, preserved vegetables, cooked vegetables, pickled things, raw salads, and pita bread. It’s often eaten while drinking alcohol,… Read More

From the archives

Clover logo final stretch

12 November, 2008: The process with Hester just wasn’t working. I amicably called it off yesterday. Now I’m getting into this myself. There are sketches like this on envelopes, etc. everywhere (these are Brooke’s). Read More

“If you don’t like beets, this sandwich is for you”

19 January, 2017: I am at CloverLMA right now, and we’re trying the Hungarian Beet Sandwich. Alshane just tried it and said, “If you don’t like beets, this sandwich is for you.” Michael Docter, the best beet farmer in MA, will be joining us at CloverLMA today at lunch. If you think  you don’t like beets, come down to 360… Read More

Survey Day: 1/19/17

19 January, 2017: Lucia here. If you were handed a Survey card in line today at Clover, click here to take the survey. Thanks again for taking the time to help us build a better Clover. (Note, you need to click on the post in order to click the link.)   Read More

Deepening our relationship with George Howell

13 January, 2017: I keep wondering how can we do this better? Our coffee is really beautiful. We’re so careful with it. And it’s helped us develop a reputation in the City of Boston. I taste coffee everywhere I go and our cup is really head-to-head with anything anywhere, which is something we’re really proud of. A lot of this… Read More

What’s it like to work at Clover?

11 January, 2017: We do employee surveys periodically, but this was different. The other day I was sitting at CloverLMA scribbling away plans for 2017. And as I was writing ideas of how we can make Clover a better place to work I looked around and thought: I should just talk to some of the folks working here and see… Read More

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6 November, 2008: We were on our way to MIT, first day we were ready before 11am (we’d been up since 5am), and crash. Somebody hit their breaks hard ahead of me to make a turn. No signal. So I hit the breaks and Rolando and our food went flying. Everyone is ok. We didn’t hit anything, but what a… Read More

Alphabet cupcakes optional

9 January, 2017: We haven’t done a great job in the past making it clear to Clover employees what jobs are available and when. We promote tons of people internally. We’d always prefer to bring an existing employee into a new role rather than hire externally. But I don’t think that’s always clear to folks. It’s something we just aren’t… Read More

Neutral daikon smell 2017

9 January, 2017: That’s Chris tasting daikon radish straight from the field at Michael Docter’s farm in Hadley, MA. It was a really really good crop, better than Michael had expected. And this created a big problem. This November, there were 10,000 pounds of beautiful spicy sweet daikon lying under the soil. But there are not a lot of restaurants in Boston that would know… Read More

Clover 2017

4 January, 2017: I have this growing feeling that Clover is about to transform. I’m not sure when I started feeling this, it might have been a background sense a couple of months ago. I did a bunch of customer research for Order Ahead Beta end of November/ early December, and that probably had a huge impact. It’s no longer a… Read More

Make it better at home this winter

23 December, 2016: Our goal next year is to teach 1000 customers to cook at home. We’re teaching all the skills we know. Soups, sodas, pickles, hot sauce, and the foundation of everything: knife skills. Classes are happening weeknights, they’ve gone down in price, they’re at a Clover near you. When you cook even 1 meal a week at home, you have the power to… Read More

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Painting the whiteboard

24 May, 2009: So you’ll notice we’re undergoing a transition to a more branded Clover. More about where that’s all going later. But you may have noticed our logo on the banner of this blog. I have real business cards if you’ve come and asked for contact info. We’re wearing Clover hats. And now the whiteboards are getting an update.… Read More

What’s the big deal with soup?

5 December, 2016: A beautiful soup can be transcendent. Inhale. Taste. Rolando was our chef when we first started. He learned soup when working at the French Laundry with Thomas Keller. He taught me the joys of a beautiful soup. Our soups are made in-house daily, even the soup stocks. We never freeze anything. This makes us entirely unique in… Read More