Pie and yoga

29 September, 2016: I’ve been making pie to entice folks to join yoga classes. Well… if I’m honest it started when Sara Higelin (Director of Training, on the left) declared that she didn’t like pie. She said she hated it. That prompted a pretty heated conversation. I love pie. I want everybody to love pie. And I can be a bit… Read More

Speedwell Coffee and Donuts: Friday 9/30, 8am CloverLMA, 10am CloverHSQ

24 September, 2016: We’re having a Coffee and Donuts event next Friday morning. If you’re in the Longwood Medical Area, come by from 8am-9am. If you’re in Harvard Square, come by from 10am-11am. We are welcoming Sarah Correira, roaster at Speedwell to meet and taste coffee with you all. Sarah spends most of her days knee-deep in green coffee beans. She… Read More

Who knows Clover?

30 August, 2016: When I first started testing our menu at the MIT truck back in 2008 I was hoping Clover would become something important. I’m hoping we’re still in our infancy, because what I have in mind goes way beyond what we are today. But I never ever thought I’d find fans recognizing Clover in the middle of nowhere. I’m… Read More

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24 November, 2008: Some of you might have noticed we compost. I could write on and on about compost, but I’ll keep this first posting focused. Some of you may think compost is gross. I think it’s beautiful. It’s your proof that you’re getting just-cut food. And it represents our commitment to tread gently. I was shocked when I first started getting… Read More

That electricity in the air

2 August, 2016: I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but also knew that it was only a matter of time. The original Clover Food Truck, the CloverMIT truck is closing. Customers will have to go 100 feet down the street to CloverKND for their fix starting this coming Monday. That picture above is from June 2009. That was the first… Read More

Azore Island Fig Trees

28 July, 2016: There are fig trees in my office because my Great Great Grandfather missed the Azore Islands. My Grandfather on my dad’s side grew up in New Bedford, MA. His Grandfather was from the Azore Islands. And he missed figs like nothing else. Maybe I have a deep love of food in my genes. But don’t we all? My Grandfather… Read More

Movie night is tonight!

27 July, 2016: The speakers are rented, the picnic boxes neatly folded, and we are praying for not-rain. And I have to say this is my favorite poster I’ve ever designed (shoutout to Drew who had the pleasure of photoshopping our truck onto a Delorean.) Back to the Future screens tonight at 8pm at Clover on the Greenway. If you managed… Read More

Strong enough for a man, made for a woman

26 July, 2016: The other night I woke up with this ad pitch in my head: “Strong enough for a man, made for a woman.” A child of the 80s I don’t know how many times I had this drilled into my mind. And it was the middle of the night, at age 38, that I first realized it’s a nasty… Read More

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I like your shoes redux

21 April, 2010: Are those shoes purple? Are they sparkling? Yup, and yup. And check the lace job. Some of you may remember when we ran a survey last month. I wore some flashy shoes from Concepts and asked those of you who took the survey to deliver the secret code: “I like your shoes” if they wanted their reward.… Read More

Too much noise

25 July, 2016: I have a new urgent issue: our new restaurants are too loud. That is a screen shot above, we’re clocking in at about 76 dB. Too loud. But it gets even higher, up to 80 dB. Just an iPhone app, so I don’t know that it’s perfectly accurate, but in any case it’s too loud. Sorry everybody! We… Read More

Driving 4 monitors with a mac

25 July, 2016: I had no idea what I was getting into. Sounds simple right: drive 4 displays with one computer. Shouldn’t be too tough, right? Warning: this post is going to be a bit more instructional than I’ve done in a while. But this was a super annoying problem for me to solve and I think I might be able… Read More

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Lucia thought this wasn’t such a good idea

22 July, 2016:   She was too polite to say it was awful. People walking down the street are trying to open the door to this room. Then turning dashing across the street when it doesn’t open. I don’t know, maybe they’re trying to join me but then felt embarrassed or confused. Customers ordering lunch are scratching their heads. Stacia,… Read More

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LMA is real

22 July, 2016: This is something like 6 years in the making. We’ve been wanting to open a restaurant in Longwood for a long time. Yesterday we had our “pay what you want” day. This morning we’re open for real. 7am – midnight. We close a bit earlier on Sundays. Smoothest open to date. Well… except for the fact that… Read More

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Giant blower fan disaster

22 August, 2008: Uggg. So I went to pick the truck up today after leaving it for the week to have a hood installed. You know, those big stainless steel things that restaurants have above cooking areas. Turns out they are very expensive, but required by code, even for our little truck. So this is what disaster looks like. The… Read More

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Hello Longwood Medical

21 July, 2016: I’m typing this in the middle of our giant Day 1 lunch rush at LMA. It’s only 12:36 and it’s pretty crazy, definitely our biggest opening yet. Hope everyone isn’t waiting too long. I wanted to make sure everyone in line knows that we’re doing some special post-open events to welcome different groups in the area. You bring… Read More