Trip to NYC

21 November, 2016: I don’t remember when I first took a new manager to NYC for a tour. Like many things at Clover it’s likely it was pretty organic. Rolando, then Chris. I definitely remember the time I first took Enzo. He was food drunk at the end of the trip and literally fell off a stool. But this is one… Read More

Kitchen Garden Sriracha

14 November, 2016: I’ve been doing some photo work this past weekend. It’s a ton of fun. I’m working to prepare some presentations that need vivid imagery. And at one point I did all or at least most of the documentation for Clover. But as we’ve grown I have less and less of a hand in that. So it’s been… Read More

From the archives


11 November, 2008: We’ve started to consider coffee. We’re lucky here. We have some of the best coffee roasters in the country in our back yard. Barrington Coffee Roasters is set up in Lee, not far from where I grew up. And George Howell Roasters is right out near Acton. George Howell started the Coffee Connection (which Starbucks then bought).… Read More

What a week…

11 November, 2016: Wow. What a week. One of my employees lost her brother this past weekend. Shot and killed. There’s not really anything I can do to help. It’s a horrible helpless feeling. I’m so sorry. I had a board meeting Wednesday morning. Yes. 7am Wednesday morning. … Arvia (Clover Guide at CloverFIN) told me Wednesday that multiple customers had cried… Read More

The difference between “Yum” and “Yum Yum”

30 October, 2016: This was the headline for a note Martina sent out following our most recent food dev. I laughed out loud. It’s sort of poking fun at me. On my notes for food dev I was a little brief on my feedback for 2 of the items. On one (a hot malt beverage Chris came up with) I wrote… Read More

Happy Birthday Clover. Win PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES

29 October, 2016:   Lucia here. I celebrated Clover’s first birthday back in 2009. And the other month, Rob, who runs Clover Westford, reminded me that Clover turns 8 this year. I thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt. So here you are, the Clover 8th birthday scavenger hunt. As you can see from the tweet above, some… Read More

Happy Birthday Lucia

28 October, 2016: Lucia just had her 30th birthday the other day. I took this picture and remembered when Lucia had her 24th birthday at Clover. The folks at Down Home Delivery, a small delivery food business that was sharing space with us at Nuestra (aka Crop Circle Kitchen aka Commonwealth Kitchen), bought her a present and a cake. These… Read More

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We do tons of organic

3 December, 2008: It’s not that we want it to be secret, but we haven’t been saying anything about organic. We want feedback on the food right now. We’re not looking to impress people with anything but taste right now. So here it is, you’ve been eating organic: Milk Eggs Sour cream Tahini Chickpeas Hummus Tomatoes Jams Oatmeal Sugar Granola… Read More

In testing beaker

28 October, 2016: If you’ve been at the restaurants recently you may have noticed we’ve introduced a new icon on the menu screens. We used to use a “delta” to show items that had been added to the menu recently. But I think nobody understands that. Ethan suggested the other day that we update the way we talk about new… Read More

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The importance of how we say things

21 October, 2016: I took this picture of the whiteboard in my office. We were talking about language at our weekly staff meeting. We have 290 employees. And we’re understaffed. When we fix our staffing issues that’s 340 people making Clover a daily reality. Next year this time it’s likely to be over 700. We’re building community. But not just with… Read More

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Bumper crop

20 October, 2016: As I’ve been building Clover I think about the capabilities we’re building as a business. I think of our company as a complex organism. I imagine myself an observer: what is this organism capable of? We’ve been working really hard on building the ability to respond really rapidly to bumper crops. The idea is simple: when farmers… Read More

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Humbling moment with my team

18 October, 2016: This post is about something a bit humbling. Clover’s support staff (Finance, HR, Training, Communications, etc.) consists of about a dozen people. Most of whom report directly to me. These are people who in very real ways are dedicating their lives to helping make Clover what it is. I don’t think there is a single member of… Read More

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Clover’s first wedding

28 September, 2010: Neil, an MIT alum, and Kara invited us to pull the truck up after their wedding this past Saturday. It’s the first time we’ve done something like that. We put our all-star team on the job (Hat, Anna, Mary, Rolando) and had fun with it. Strange to see Clover serving our first customer at 12-midnight instead of… Read More

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Clover sales mix

12 October, 2016: I’m preparing some documents for investors and I’ve taken a crack at breaking down our sales mix. This is roughly where it has been for a while, but I’m not sure I’ve shared on the website and I thought you all might be interested. About 93% of our menu items exist on our menu for a limited… Read More