Clover Bowl Survey

8 August, 2017: Hi all! Huge thanks for trying our bowls this week at CloverFIN. We’re trying to decide whether to launch these companywide, so it’s really helpful to get your honest thoughts. Please click on the link below to take the Clover bowl survey. Please only take the survey once for each bowl. If you choose to leave feedback… Read More

Hummus Bowls at CloverFIN 8/9-8/17

7 August, 2017: This little guy could be the future of Clover, but we need 300 customers to beta-test it first. You’re invited to stop by CloverFIN starting Wednesday to taste Hummus Bowls. There’s something in it for you too, besides helping us improve… First up, what are these bowls all about? They start with creamy hummus made with organic… Read More

Hummus (July 27, 2017)

7 August, 2017: Last night we tested hummus bowls at CloverKND. We’re on again tonight, 6pm – 8pm at CloverKND (Kendall Square). I’m hoping this is the first step towards the future of food at Clover. Let me explain… I realized 2 months ago that most of our customers are taking our food to go. I guess we sort of… Read More

From the archives

Clover events

5 May, 2010: We’ve been accepting invitations to events that fit in one way or another. Most recently we catered an event for GWAMIT (they way it fit is that my sister is a member of that group). This weekend we have two cool events coming up. The first is Saturday. We’ll be serving at the Food Project’s City Farm… Read More

Like bullets: US-grown organic chickpeas (May 22, 2014)

7 August, 2017: Isn’t this crazy? That’s how we’re receiving chickpeas these days. Chris has done some amazing work getting us better and better chickpeas. When I started Clover I had no idea there was any difference in the quality of any bean. Then I learned about heirlooms, and that’s a whole world of deliciousness. Then I started to learn… Read More

Rustic hummus (September 10, 2013)

7 August, 2017: Our hummus was not originally designed to be eaten alone on platters. We developed it with a sandwich in mind. Less cumin, less garlic, creamy enough to spread easily on a sandwich. This year we decided our hummus needed a revisit. Chris and Ayr had just gotten back from NYC. They went to a hummus bar there,… Read More

Giant Robo Coupe (July 1, 2010)

7 August, 2017: Bring it on summer. Bring it on Boston. The number of mouths we’re feeding daily has more than doubled in the past 4 weeks. That means we are making a ton more Hummus and Falafel. Which means our little 3 Qt. Robo Coupe (commercial food processor) is working overtime. Like 20-30 batches a day. 2-3 hours non-stop… Read More

I closed the trucks today

29 July, 2017: I closed the trucks today. Actually, I started this post yesterday, Friday. It’s now Saturday. So I closed the trucks yesterday. I wasn’t ready to post it until today. I’ll write on this more in the future. But for now I wanted to let you all know the basics. CloverDWY (parking at Dewey Square) will remain open… Read More

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Pancake Sunday, 5/3, 11am – 1pm at the truck

1 May, 2009: Alright, we will not be boiling syrup, but we’ll be doing everything else we can to re-create the sugar-house experience. Some details for you all: Sunday, 5/3 (this Sunday!) 11am -1pm At the food truck (20 Carleton St., Cambridge, MA near the Kendall T stop) Pancakes, corn fritters, local maple syrup, pickles, coffee, tea, fresh juice –… Read More

Clover Beta 2

27 July, 2017: If you’ve eaten at Clover recently you have found us asking you “when was the last time you ate at Clover?” or some variant. We’re using this data to do analysis to make Clover better. But we’re also using this question to determine which customers we should be inviting to our Clover App, which is currently in… Read More

Survey Day: Thursday 7/27

27 July, 2017: If you received a survey card in line today, please click on the title of the post to fill out the survey. A huge thanks for helping us improve!! Customer Survey July 2017 Read More

Hummus pop-up tonight!

26 July, 2017: We have this new dreamy hummus Chris and Martina have been dialing in. Stop by CloverKND from 6pm-8pm Wednesday. We’ll be making 100 hummus bowls using produce from MA and chickpeas from CT. Try one, and we’ll ask for your feedback via this survey. If you fill it our you’ll be helping influence the future of Clover (and… Read More

Beer Crawl all over Cambridge: Saturday August 5

25 July, 2017: Beer is flowing at FOUR Cambridge locations! Celebrate with a Beer Crawl to benefit our friends at CitySprouts. Start at CloverHSQ when the clock strikes 5. Hit up as many Cambridge Clovers as you can. Meet brewers from Notch, Peak, Mystic, Jack’s Abby, Farmer Willies and Aeronaut at the after party at CloverHFI. Tickets include your first beer, a… Read More

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Welcome all!

30 September, 2009: We have a TON of new customers. Partly because we’ve made huge moves in our processing rates (our throughput is up 3 fold in the past 4 weeks), partly because people keep coming back, and partly because you’re all telling others about what’s going on. We’re killing ourselves to make sure you all have a fantastic experience.… Read More

Best bread yet

21 July, 2017: Chris hasn’t slept in a few days, but he can finally rest, because he’s pulled off something amazing. And it’s something you can all taste today. We are baking our bread overnight. We’re thinking this will have a huge impact on freshness. It will also mean that the HUB is a lot cooler during the day. The… Read More