Pita oven down…

6 November, 2017: Our very special pita oven is down. If you don’t know, we spent 2 years getting this oven from Lebanon licensed in MA, and now we make the best pita anywhere using New England-grown wheat. We’re working on getting it up by tomorrow (Tuesday). In the meantime our Sunday was baked in small batches in conventional ovens.… Read More

Hey, that’s Steve picking apples!

3 November, 2017: Some of you know Steve. He’s become a Clover legend over the years, mentioned in training materials and in hushed, reverential tones by Rob who manages Clover Burlington. Steve discovered us when we opened Burlington in 2013, and he started eating Clover for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like, legit, every meal of the day. He has diabetes and… Read More

Peak Organic Beer Launch Tonight, CloverHUB

3 November, 2017: We’re nearly sold out but there are a few spots left to come meet Corey, brewer at Peak Organic in Maine. This was the first beer we ever served at Clover. Jon went to school with Ayr. He started Peak because he wanted there to be more organic hop farms in the United States. When they started… Read More

From the archives

Truck at MIT, 2am

6 November, 2008: We’ve been so unhappy with our late start times we decided to park the truck, packed and ready to go, at MIT. Here it is, 2am. I called the cab company to get a pick up (T stopped running), and they wouldn’t. I asked why, and apparently they’ve had 2 muggings in Kendall Square. Crazy. I walked… Read More

Free order of goblin fingers if you come in costume tomorrow!

30 October, 2017: Halloween is tomorrow, and the fries are already starting to taste a lot like goblin fingers. So dress up, come to Clover for lunch or dinner, and get a free order! Some spooky fine print: you’ve got to be a customer to take advantage, and at Harvard Science Center, this will run from 2pm until we close (not… Read More

Tiny soup garnish station

29 October, 2017: Soon if you stop in during the morning you’ll smell onions caramelizing for hot soups. Since our first winter on the truck, we’ve made soups from scratch. Over the next few months we’ll be testing some changes to the soups. Martina has been researching ways of storing garnishes. She found this adorable tiny version of one of… Read More

Quentin to the rescue!!

26 October, 2017: PBS is filming a piece on meat substitutes (to air next Thursday). Michael Pollan is getting interviewed and they decided to do it at Clover!! I’m really excited to meet him. When I was thinking about starting Clover his writing was really influential. I’m interested to hear his take on Impossible Meat. So here’s the best thing.… Read More

86 the Meatball Sandwich (Impossible Meat) Boston!

19 October, 2017: We don’t yell it anymore, but in restaurant slang “86” means you’re out of an item. I took this picture at 11:58am today at CloverFIN. We had limited supply of the meatballs but they did go faster than we expected. You can read more about why we’re selling these and our initial response at CloverHSQ and CloverHSC.… Read More

From the archives

First Weekend brunch

3 May, 2009: I’m sure you’re all starting to notice that we’re experimenting a lot. Today we did a syrup pancake brunch. It was our first weekend at MIT. We set up some tables on the grass, and made pancakes and fritters. For those of you who came by: thanks. It felt great to see everybody. And I hope you… Read More

Pumpkin Carving: 10/26, 7-9pm at CloverHFI

17 October, 2017: Join us for pumpkin carving and pumpkin beer in Central Square! The folks from Jack’s Abby have been working on their yearly crop of pumpkin lager (made from real pumpkins, not puree from a can.) And we’re celebrating with real pumpkins of our own. $20 gets you a pumpkin to carve, a glass of pumpkin lager (or… Read More

First Paw Paws are here

10 October, 2017: If you stop by Clover tomorrow, you may spy a Paw Paw. They look like an avocado, or an alien. They grow in a grove somewhere in Massachusetts, nobody knows where, by a farmer whose name I’m not even allowed to know. We’ll be turning our limited supply of Paw Paws into soda. If the supply allows,… Read More

Picking Concord grapes

10 October, 2017: We took a trip to Autumn Hills Orchard to pick Concord grapes on rocky, leafy terraces farmed by Ann Harris. The grapes you’re drinking in your Concord Grape Lemonade were picked by Jane, Stacia, Thonah, Steph, Chris, Martina and me. If you’ve never tried a Concord Grape, the flavor is *literally* the traditional grape jelly flavor, but… Read More

FREE coffee at CloverFIN next week at breakfast to reveal our new coffee program

29 September, 2017: We’re giving away coffee next Tuesday-Friday at CloverFIN in the Financial District to celebrate the launch of our new coffee program. This has been the culmination of months of feedback, testing, and tasting with you all, so to say thanks, we’ll be giving away free cups* of hot coffee, iced coffee, and cafe au lait during breakfast.… Read More

From the archives

First day

29 October, 2008: It’s on. Here’s a picture from our first day. That’s Mike behind me, a student of Rolando’s from Providence. He and a classmate took an entire day off to help us out. It was still crazy, but we got food out the window and learned a ton. At the end of the day we tore the entire… Read More

How it feels to sell Impossible Meat

28 September, 2017: (thanks to this customer -Dave?- for being a good sport and letting me take his picture while he was eating!!!) We’re 5 days into selling Impossible Meat. As I mentioned the other week this is a big experiment for us. And we’re much too early in this experiment to talk about results. But there are some early… Read More