Confit root veggies for Easter

29 March, 2021: Chris was experimenting with items for our Easter Box, thinking like a rabbit, getting to play with all these beautiful roots that Michael Docter has been keeping safe for us in his barn. He was thinking about the technique called confit. This is used mostly for meat—where you slowly cook a piece of meat in its own… Read More

Clover x Katalyst Kombucha

27 March, 2021: browse meal boxes I love Katalyst’s Hopped Kombucha. I found it a year or two ago at Pemberton Farms Marketplace. Katalyst Kombucha is from Greenfield, MA, and they are buying the hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield. I grew up almost walking distance from Four Star Farms. I’ve been playing around with non-alcoholic drinks that are fun and… Read More

Last chance for Maple Box!

26 March, 2021: Growing up in Texas, maple was this magic thing that only came around once a year, in the form of maple sugar candy that would appear under the Christmas tree. When I moved to Boston and started working at Clover I learned about sugar shacks, and the temporary restaurants that pop up to serve the new syrup… Read More

From the archives


11 November, 2008: We’ve started to consider coffee. We’re lucky here. We have some of the best coffee roasters in the country in our back yard. Barrington Coffee Roasters is set up in Lee, not far from where I grew up. And George Howell Roasters is right out near Acton. George Howell started the Coffee Connection (which Starbucks then bought).… Read More

Why is Barry boiling water?

23 March, 2021: We are always so happy when Rabbi Dolinger stops by. Today the reason was Passover. Barry was at the HUB beginning the process of kashering the kitchen for Passover prep. If you’ve been following along with our meal boxes, you might have noticed that we just sold out of Passover boxes. We made the decision to make… Read More

The BBQ Seitan Sandwich is back at lunch today!

23 March, 2021: If you’re from Texas, there’s a smell you know deep in your heart. You smell it when you get off the plane, because there’s literally a BBQ joint in the airport. It’s the smell of low and slow, burnt ends, brisket, smoke and sauce. BBQ Seitan is back! Our BBQ Sandwich and Platter are inspired by Texas… Read More

Introducing the Clover Easter Box

16 March, 2021: Blue, Ayr’s son, helped take these photos and said “this is the best box ever!!” We’ve been having fun researching Easter traditions and making a box that gets you 90% of the way to one (or many) days of eating. For breakfast, tuck into Good Friday hot cross buns, perfect “dip eggs” and Berkshire Mountain Bakery toast “soldiers” with garlic… Read More

Gifts from Pushpir in India 💛

14 March, 2021: “I have okra. What do I make?” That was a text I sent to Pushpir back in 2015. He ran my favorite Indian restaurant (Guru the Caterer, still in operation today but under different management). We got to know one another and I would shoot him text messages when I had an ingredient so that he could guide… Read More

From the archives

Modifying the oven

20 November, 2008: This is when you start to regret that the oven was built with heavy gauge stainless steel legs. Uhg. Here I am hacking a few inches off of the legs. Some of you have wondered how everything fits in the truck. The answer is barely. The oven legs had to be cut down 2 inches or it… Read More

Introducing the Clover Passover Box!

11 March, 2021: Passover is just around the corner! We’re so excited to be collaborating with our dear friend Rabbi Barry Dolinger of Congregation Beth Sholom to create a deep, rich, springtime spread of dishes that are great for one big seder or many smaller meals throughout a week.  Bitter endive dressed with honey. Bright orange romesco. Deep red borscht. Fluffy potatoes—Chris… Read More

Clover x Craic Sauce

6 March, 2021: This bottle of yet-to-be-released, brand new Craic Sauce will be included as a gift in the first 250 2- or 4-person meal boxes ordered for delivery/pickup next week on 3/9 or 3/11!!  Brian Boru’s Curry, a fermented curry-style sauce, is Craic Sauce’s newest creation. Grab a meal box now, and if your luck is good, your box will come… Read More

Join our Passover & Easter meal box waitlist

5 March, 2021: We’ve started a waitlist for our Passover and Easter Meal Boxes! Fill it out here to indicate your interest in either or both, and tell us what types of food traditions you enjoy celebrating during these springtime holidays 🙂 Read More

Introducing the Maple Celebration Meal Box!

4 March, 2021: Blue had the right idea licking his paper plate back in 2010.It’s the most magical, delicious, sticky, snowy, sunny time of year: maple sugaring season, when night temperatures drop below freezing, but the days are balmy. That’s when the maple sap begins to run, the maple trees are tapped, the maple water gets boiled, and family-run Sugar Shacks begin to pop up to serve pancakes, corn… Read More

From the archives

Admiral metals

17 October, 2008: The siding is not working at all. I need to re-design it. Total disaster. So I found this place north of Boston called Admiral metals. Funny story: first guy I talked to gave me a quote for the aluminum stock I needed that came in around $215. Awesome (would have been $1,000 at Home Depot if they… Read More

The Venezuelan Plantain Sandwich is back!

2 March, 2021: Get yours on March 3! Sweet plantains, crunchy rice, creamy slaw, and the best black bean spread. The Venezuelan Plantain is back Wednesday March 3rd at lunch! In 2015, our friend Andrea grew a crop of local black beans in Hadley, MA. These beans taste better, cook faster, and benefit the soil by adding back nutrients that other crops take away. So we… Read More