HSC returns tomorrow 8/31

30 August, 2021: Jasper has been leading up the process of bringing our last few restaurants out of hibernation. It's quite a process: arranging staffing, figuring out the first delivery of food, locating all the technology that we put into storage when the first stay-at-home orders hit. First came DTX last month. It's doing so well, thanks to your support… Read More

Round food and new apples: meet the Rosh Hashanah kit

27 August, 2021: I love all kinds of New Years but didn't know anything about Rosh Hashanah before a few days ago. We started to get a bunch of folks asking if we'd be making a meal kit for the Jewish New Year, so with the help of Rabbi Dollinger we present The Rosh Hashanah Snack Kit! We've learned that… Read More

Going away soon.

25 August, 2021: You've got one week to order as many as you can! GET ZUCCHINI FOR LUNCH MAKE ZUCCHINI AT HOME People have asked us why we don't keep the Zucchini Sandwich around all year. We've gotten similar questions about the Brussels and JSP.  The truth is zucchini doesn't taste as good in the winter. And brussels and sweet… Read More

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Yeah, I was a Brussel for Halloween

20 November, 2014: I have no shame. Thanks, American Apparel, for providing me with a stalk-colored onesie. You can eat Brussels (the sandwich) for another week or so, before we switch to another immensely popular seasonal sandwich. Did someone say Pushpir? Don't worry though, the Brussels will remain at MIT year-round. You can thank me for that one too. Read More

The heirloom tomato is here!

19 August, 2021: It's back! Get the heirloom tomato at all Clover locations now. This is one of our simplest sandwiches. Mayo, cheddar, an absurdly large steak of tomato dusted with salt, and some lettuce. You can also get it as a meal box, to be delivered to your door. We're getting our tomatoes from Sarah and Ryan at Red… Read More

Late summer box is here!

12 August, 2021: We didn't know if this box could happen this year. When we heard tomatoes were late due to the torrential rains earlier this summer, we were worried that we would have to skip the most popular meal box we've done to date: The Late Summer Box. We screamed, "Nooooooo!" Now thanks in part to this heat, heirloom tomatoes are here and… Read More

The Pepper Breakfast Sandwich is here!

11 August, 2021: The good news with all this heat? The heat has ripened up the peppers at Kitchen Garden in Western Mass. Come by in the mornings (til 11) for sliced raw Anaheim and Cubanelle peppers, squeaky mild salty queso fresco, house pita, our 6.5 minute Maine egg, and a hefty drizzle of sriracha. Read More

How will you zucchini?

3 August, 2021: The Zucchini is finally back! Basil mayo, glazed tofu, and a salad made with fresh zucchini, corn and shiso (a Japanese herb with notes of mint, basil, clove and cinnamon). Starting Wednesday at lunch, you can try the zucchini two ways—in store as a sandwich (we make it), or at home as a meal kit (you make… Read More

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Salads hit the menu

18 May, 2009: Salads are here. And rhubarb. And granola. Thought I'd post the menu here for advance ordering: order@cloverfoodlab.com In the near future you will find the menu in the sidebar everyday. Read More

Back to masks

2 August, 2021: If you stop by Clover today you'll notice more folks are masked up than they were last week. For a few months, we had a "if you're vaccinated, you don't have to mask" policy. Folks would submit proof of vaccination, and then they could take their mask off if they wanted.Now with the CDC report and the… Read More

Last few days of Panelle

30 July, 2021: We just got a big fennel shipment in from Kitchen Garden, which will get us through another 5 days of our favorite Sicilian sandwich. Come get the Panelle while it's still around. Zucchini is coming up next (August 5th is the first day). Thanks to Erin (customer) who snapped this pic, and everyone else who's been trying… Read More

New prices, inflation?

29 July, 2021: That's Kev, the GM of Clover Newtonville, getting ready for the first big lunch rush at our newest Clover. What does he have to do with the price you pay for your chickpea fritter? Warning: slightly lengthy/ detailed post ahead. We've been increasing our hourly pay. Today our average earnings/hour for hourly employees is $19.67/ hr. That's… Read More

$6,743.95!!! Clover loves Newton, Newton loves teachers

27 July, 2021: Every time we open a new restaurant we do a "Pay What You Want" day to raise money for a local nonprofit we love. We usually do a food focused nonprofit, but when we opened CloverNTV I thought it would be fun to focus on teachers. Some of you were asking why not food this year? Of… Read More

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6 November, 2008: We need help! If you're interested in 2 hours of service (11:30am - 1:30pm), have a great smile and love food, talk to us. We're also looking for some more substantial roles (see craigslist for posting). Also, we're going to be closed for a few days. MIT is shut down Monday and Tuesday, and we decided to… Read More

Tortilla gift in the meal kits this week!

27 July, 2021: I'm from Texas and grew up going to restaurants where tortillas are made on site and you can buy great ones in any grocery store. I always wondered where the good corn tortillas were in Boston. I got my answer about 7 years ago when Michael Docter and his friend Jorge Sosa started up Mi Tierra Tortillas.… Read More