I don’t want things to go back to the way they were. Do you?

28 May, 2021: I feel that buzz, a combination of lightness and relief. Our restaurants are full of people again. Damn that feels good. 15 months ago, we closed our restaurants when we didn‚Äôt know enough. Then when we knew in-person contact was dangerous, we reopened for takeout only and built a home meal kit business. Now that we know vaccines… Read More

Everything tastes better outside (meet the Weekend Adventure Box!)

27 May, 2021: Meet the Weekend Adventure Box. Our dream getaway weekend of breakfast tacos, brats around the fire, hearty chili, fluffernutters, s’mores and drinks filled with local fruit. Ideal for cabins, van camping, backyards, or anywhere you have access to a cooler, basic cooking equipment, and a heat source. Everything in the box is hearty, delicious, playful, treads lightly on our natural resources and best of all, comes… Read More

ūüĒ• 1 week left to get Nashville Hot at Clover

25 May, 2021: At breakfast, we’re pairing corn mayo with a 6.5-minute egg, Grafton 1-year cheddar, pickle coins, a bit of Nashville hot sauce and tucking everything into a warm pita. Breakfast Sandwich At lunch, we cut PEI potatoes, fry them, and top them with Nashville hot sauce, with a few Royal Crown pickles to cool things down. Hot Fries… Read More

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10 November, 2008: We need to start posting more frequently about our ingredients. We’re really excited about the food we’re able to bring you, and it’s time to start to highlight some of the ingredients. Our sandwich tomatoes (sliced tomatoes) are “Tasty Toms.” They come from Maine, and they are really just the very best tasting off season tomatoes you… Read More

Local asparagus

22 May, 2021: It’s lean, it’s green, it’s only here for a few weeks. If you’ve been thinking about stocking your fridge with a Clover meal box, this might be the week to do it, because while supplies last, all full-sized boxes (in the “Meal Box” category) will come with a free gift of local asparagus, for you to try… Read More

2 new dinner kits – thanks to you!!

19 May, 2021: Meet the¬†Kofta Dinner Kit¬†and¬†the¬†Bangers & Mash¬†Dinner Kit. If you’ve had our St. Paddy’s Box, Earth Day Box, or the¬†Mediterranean¬†Box before, you may have tried these meals as part of larger meal boxes. Maybe you were even one of the customers who begged for them to be sold a-la-carte. Thank you for making your voice heard! Now that dream… Read More

Hiring fairs this summer

18 May, 2021: There is a new Clover in the works : ) Want to be a part of the best summer ever? Learn what it’s like to wear the apron? We have a few spots open for this new location: assistant manager, store communications lead, and team members. Maureen is putting together a few Hiring Fairs outside the construction… Read More

Nashville Hot Oil gift this week

15 May, 2021: The Nashville Hot Sandwich is only around for a couple more weeks, so we’re making¬†the most of this limited¬†time and¬†putting our highly addictive Nashville Hot Oil¬†on everything¬†at the restaurants¬†(even breakfast sandwiches and¬†fries!) If you order in time for this free gift, you can put it on everything at your house too. We infuse safflower oil with lots… Read More

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Help from the French

12 May, 2009: This is Thomas. He flew in from Paris to interview for a job. I told him before we came that this is a minimum wage position. He said OK. I said it again. He said OK. Thomas has been working at the Rose bakery in Paris (I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there), and… Read More

Don’t miss out on CSAs this summer!

14 May, 2021: I think the single best thing you can do for your cooking is to get access to better tasting veggies. That’s Ray of Next Barn Over in Hadley. Those radishes are spicy, sweet, and crisp. They’re one of the first things you’ll see in your CSA. I like to slice them thin and serve them with butter… Read More

Meal boxes are moving to 5 days/week!

11 May, 2021: When we launched Meal Boxes back in June, it was a way for us to re-open after the height of the pandemic. Now it’s turned into a whole business, nestled inside of Clover. And we’re getting busier and busier, with hundreds of you trying out the boxes each week. It’s been truly amazing. And it is all… Read More

Secrets at Clover? Testing, testing, beta beta beta

10 May, 2021: You all know how we value transparency and talking openly about everything we do, even our screw ups. So writing this note feels a bit wrong to me. These aren’t exactly secrets per se, more like a skunkworks that we just haven’t talked much about. This is going to be a long-ish post but I want to… Read More

Clover x Yolélé Foods Chips!

8 May, 2021: Lucia here. My favorite restaurant in NYC is called Teranga.¬†When I went in May 2019¬†I¬†couldn’t¬†stop talking about it, to everyone. There was this black-eyed-pea salad I dreamed¬†about for days.¬†And an incredible stew I later learned was Poulet Yassa, a classic Senegalese stew made with tons of caramelized onions.¬†On every table: 3 of the best hot sauces I’d… Read More

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Kitchen sketch

23 February, 2010: We’re working out our new restaurant. Here’s a rough sketch as we figure out the kitchen arrangement. There is a ton going on regarding the new restaurant and the truck. I need to set up a new page to handle all of that stuff. I’ve been hesitant to post it all here for fear it will quickly… Read More

ūüĒ• New: Nashville Hot Breakfast Sandwich & Hot Fries!

3 May, 2021: We got the above email from Helen (a customer) a few weeks ago and thought, yeah, let’s make this happen! At breakfast, we’re pairing corn mayo with a 6.5-minute egg, Grafton 1-year cheddar, pickle coins, and lots of Nashville hot sauce and tucking everything into a warm pita. At lunch, our PEI potatoes are cut, fried, and topped with Nashville hot… Read More