This holy grail of springtime has been absent at Clover until now

1 May, 2021: The next 200 people to order a meal box for Thursday will be getting a really special gift: ramps. How can I describe the taste of a ramp? A chef I know says: scallion meets barely-roasted garlic clove. My friend, who has a ramp tattoo on her wrist, says: sharp, green, and creamy. I say it’s like a super-concentrated leek, with a saucy story it wants… Read More

ūüĆľ The Clover Mother’s Day Gift Guide

29 April, 2021: Lucia, here with a Mother’s Day gift guide. I’ve surveyed my mom friends and gathered up a bunch of the Clover team’s favorite local shops, experiences, and treats. First off, we only have 150 Mother’s Day Meal Boxes still available for delivery and pickup on the Friday and Saturday before Mother’s Day. Chris dreamed up a breakfast in bed, a springtime lunch,… Read More

Announcing Nashville Hot Mushroom Sandwich Kit

27 April, 2021: Do you have what it takes to¬†make,¬†and then¬†consume¬†our¬†Nashville Hot Mushroom Sandwich¬†at home? In response to a¬†ūüĒ•¬†firestorm¬†of customer requests, we present the Nashville Hot Box: everything you need to whip up 4-5 of our Nashville Hot Mushroom sandwiches at home. We provide the ingredients and instructions.¬†And true to¬†tradition, you¬†decide how much Nashville Hot Oil¬†you can handle. The Nashville… Read More

From the archives

Chris opens the truck

24 March, 2009: This was the first day I didn’t open. You all know there have been mornings I open late, mornings we don’t have everything. But this morning was the first morning I didn’t open. Chris did it for me. And he did a better job than I do. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t biting my nails. I got a… Read More

I don’t want Facebook to watch you eat

26 April, 2021: We’re trying to figure out digital marketing. I keep feeling like I just have to hold my nose. We used a company called Marketerhire (bad name I know, but at least it saves me from explaining what they do!) They connected us with a digital marketing specialist. He’s smart and fun to work with and has the… Read More

The Mother’s Day Box

22 April, 2021: Mother’s Day is May 9! Our newest meal box creates not only one meal, but an entire day of relaxation, starting with breakfast in bed, pausing for a springy lunch, and ending with an extra fancy (but not fussy) Italian dinner. For dessert, local rhubarb appears for the first time, in the form of a rhubarb crisp… Read More

May The Fourth be with you

20 April, 2021: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away‚Ķa meal box lands on your home planet. You, a brave cook, open it and find a strange assortment of intergalactic meals‚ĶYoda Pancakes, Blue Milk, Millenium Fal’corn, Bantha Meat Sandwiches, Pita Pizza Planets, Slurpy Soup, and Yoda Soda‚Ķ May The Fourth Box Your job: choose how to use… Read More

Clover x Seven Hills Pasta

17 April, 2021: Try a meal box next week Chris¬†first discovered Seven Hills Pasta¬†last year and we’ve been absolutely stunned and honored to have them right in our backyard. If you’ve tried some of the pasta dishes in our meal¬†boxes, you may have gotten hooked too. We¬†haven’t had pasta this good since¬†the Clover trip to Italy! The next 100 people to… Read More

From the archives

Broken toe

29 August, 2008: See that big toe? Last night I dropped the LP gas tank on it. I think it might be broken. Anyway, it kept me from surfing this morning. I guess this is why people wear steel toed boots. I was actually looking at some the other week but couldn’t find any not in leather, so didn’t buy.… Read More

Meet the ūüĆé Earth Day Box

15 April, 2021: Earth Day is approaching and your neighborhood planet-saving chickpea-frying friends are here with an Earth Day Challenge and an Earth Day Box! Chris, did you say Nachos on the menu?!! The Atlantic reported this month that the single biggest change you can make to your diet to help mitigate climate change is to eat less meat.  And every year more and more people… Read More

The Carrot Sandwich is back!

13 April, 2021: Our Easter box helped us run through the supply of Winter Moon Roots carrots. Luckily Brookford Farm in New Hampshire has a crop of beautiful organic roots, so we were able to bring back the Carrot Sandwich, the only Clover sandwich to have a love letter written to it (by an avowed carnivore no less!). Paul dreamed… Read More

ūüĆ∑ Introducing the Spring Box!

8 April, 2021: The seasons are changing and we’re so excited to announce a Spring Box on the menu! Place your order now to get the first Spring Box of the year with free delivery to your doorstep starting Thursday 4/15. So what can you expect in the box? MEAL 1: FAMOUS CARROT SANDWICHES AND FARRO SALAD! – Fluffy house pita… Read More

Pancake flop

7 April, 2021: We sent out a few Maple Boxes late in March with double the correct amount of dry pancake mix. This was a bummer because 1.) our Maple Box was hugely popular and 2.) when made right our pancakes are delicious! If you were one of the folks who got the incorrect mix and made pancakes before we… Read More

From the archives


6 November, 2008: We were on our way to MIT, first day we were ready before 11am (we’d been up since 5am), and crash. Somebody hit their breaks hard ahead of me to make a turn. No signal. So I hit the breaks and Rolando and our food went flying. Everyone is ok. We didn’t hit anything, but what a… Read More

Two seasonal favorites back on the menu tomorrow

6 April, 2021: Tomorrow (Wednesday 4/7), two seasonal sandwiches emerge from our recipes vault and onto our menu. One breakfast. One lunch.  These sandwiches are so popular that¬†we’ve even overheard people ask “What Chickpea Fritter?” after trying the¬†Nashville Hot, and “What Classic Breakfast Sandwich?” after trying the French!¬†So we are super excited to bring these new favorites back (although we… Read More