Birthday cupcakes tomorrow!

28 October, 2020: Do you like cupcakes? Read on for how to snag one whether you’re eating at restaurants or cooking up Clover at home. At the original Clover truck at MIT, if a staff member had a birthday, something special would happen.  We’d bake a batch of cupcakes in our Moffat oven, frost them in the sun (or rain)… Read More

We’re making a Thanksgiving meal box!

27 October, 2020: Amazing turkey roosting on the counter of the first Clover restaurant. There was a huge response to our Thanksgiving meal box idea, so we’re going to do it! We’ll run the box for a few weeks leading up to the holiday and it’ll be everything you would hope for: lots of fall produce, some of our favorite… Read More

An apple orchard in every meal box

22 October, 2020: The apple is New England’s fruit. This belongs to us. It’s our heritage. The original Clover truck had a big cardboard box with a little sign saying “take one.” Every fall, we would give away hundreds of apples per day. Apples were our original gift. I wanted everybody to taste a real apple. The apples I love… Read More

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Clover is back

4 January, 2010: This is a picture of chickpeas in the robot coupe (commercial food processor). We were making up falafel and everything else last night preparing for our first week of 2010. Lot of activity at the truck this week: – TLC camera crews are with us all day Friday. Want to be on TV? Mark your calendar. –… Read More

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Winter Moon Roots CSAs on sale

16 October, 2020: Year 8 of our Winter Moon Roots CSA! This one feels like a particularly important one to support farmers like Michael Docter. Click here to learn everything you need to know. You can get your share for pickup at your nearest Clover or get it delivered to your house. Read More

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I love Flour Bakery too

3 October, 2020: Who wants a sticky bun!!! The first 200 customers to order meal boxes right now will get Flour’s famous sticky buns as a little gift tucked into their box. I was a bit intimidated the first time I met Joanne. I knew her through her work. But the closest I’d come to her was seeing her on… Read More

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Sticky Buns for Everyone!

1 October, 2020: Who wants a sticky bun!!! The first 200 customers to order meal boxes right now will get Flour’s famous sticky buns as a little gift tucked into their box. When I was growing up Birthdays were defined by sticky buns. My dad would get them started the night before then wake up early in the morning to… Read More

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First light, bagels, burritos and MIT

29 September, 2020: Blue and I developed a little routine last fall. When Surfline says the conditions are right, we wake up really early and get down to Narragansett before first light. That’s when the sun hasn’t yet risen but light is just starting to reflect off the atmosphere. It’s a magical time. We get in the water and surf. We are… Read More

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Irish plumbers

11 September, 2008: Greg Vaughn of Vaughn Plumbing helped me install the gas system. I think he did a great job, and once I track down the right regulator, we’re ready to pop a fryer, and possibly another appliance in there. Read More

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What you want, when you want, where you want

11 September, 2020: When COVID hit I got the chance to step back and look at Clover in some very high-level ways. I realized something in those first few weeks that felt like a bit of a revelation for me.A Clover Meal costs approximately $10 If we take away the ability to choose from a range of options it would… Read More

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Sharan is back!

8 September, 2020: As we say every year, a big thank-you to Sharan for coming up with this crowd favorite back when he was an intern in our kitchen. The Sharan is Sharan’s take on an Indochinese dish he grew up eating called Gobi Manchurian. A spicy, peppery, sweet spread, fried cauliflower, Napa cabbage slaw, and puffed rice noodles. You… Read More

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First Providence drop

31 August, 2020: On Thursday, Clover Boxes traveled south! We put out the call to Providence, hoping to get about 15 orders, and ended up sending about 40 boxes to Rooms and Works and CIC PVD. Thank you Barry for helping put this together and making everything run smoothly. We’ve been really interested in the idea of doing buying clubs… Read More

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Catch up on tomato week episodes

29 August, 2020: Tomatoes are beautiful right now. We did a whole week of tomato recipes on In Ayr’s Kitchen. This picture is from the Canning episode on Thursday. You can watch them all on the Youtube channel or on the website. Read More

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Vincenzo rocking the lists

26 July, 2010: Vincenzo is our new listman. I think he’s going to write about this soon in more detail. You wouldn’t believe how different it is to operate 2 trucks vs. 1. Wouldn’t seem that different, but it is. Add to that the growth of both trucks, and we’re talking about a 4-fold increase in customers served this July… Read More

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First day of Union Square donuts in meal boxes

25 August, 2020: Early this morning we got a delivery of Union Square Donuts to the HUB. All the donuts have gone out at this point, so if you snagged a meal box, let us know what you think of it (and the donuts). If you want to try a meal box and this colorful donut sweetens the deal, you… Read More