A quick warning. Like most of what we do catering is a work in progress for Clover. It started when we were getting overwhelmed with requests from customers to cater their events. We now have experience with a few different types of catering, from a simple boxed office lunch to a custom food truck wedding. Because we prep food from scratch, we need 2 business days advance notice for any catering request.


1. Pickup from your nearest Clover truck or restaurant, 5-30 people. Click here to order pickup.

2. Delivery from a Clover restaurant to you, expanded menu, $30 delivery charge. 30-500 people. Click here to order delivery.

3. On-site catering. We bring a Clover truck to you and serve our menu of sandwiches, fries, and seasonal drinks. Fun for weddings, office picnics, music festivals, etc. Must meet a minimum of $2750. Add-ons are also available, including appetizers and late-night bites. Click here to tell us more about your special event.

4. Community meeting or event inside a Clover restaurant. Click here to tell us more.


We do something else that’s a little different. We choose which events we are interested in catering. Some turn-offs for us:

- Rude people (we were called by some movie people in L.A. once to cater a movie set, they were pushy and rude, pass)

- Crazy marketing s@#$ (we had some ad people who wanted to pay us loads of money to wrap the truck with their logo)

- Events that support efforts we don’t support (e.g., stuff to do with energy drinks, cigarettes, soda, etc.)

- Food truck ghettos. You know what I’m talking about. We’re just not into that whole food truck court thing.