It's hard to find delicious catering. We're here to make it easy, fun, and exciting.

We’re experts at food-on-the-go, ever since 2009 when we catered the wedding of 2 customers who met in line at the Clover food truck. Since then we’ve catered thousands of meetings, picnics, parties, and weddings for happy guests.

All catering is vibrant, tasty, freshly-made that day, certified Kosher, planet-friendly, and great for all diets. We offer 3 types of catering to suit your needs:

1 – Traditional Catering
2 – Party In A Box
3 – Food Truck Catering

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Traditional Catering👩‍🍳

Fully-prepared food and beverages delivered to you. We include compostable serving ware and info cards. Think chickpea fritter sandwiches, luscious breakfast buffets, grab-and-go lunch boxes, mezze buffets, coffee and tea service, soups, focaccia, & more. This is our most popular option for standard catering such as meetings and conferences.

Ready to see the menu and order? Order this type of catering directly through

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Clover Food Lab Catering Menu

How soon can I get my food? A 24-hour notice is required.

Party in a Box 🎉

Heat-and-eat meals with a minimum of prep on your end. Planning a festive dinner party or chill meetup? Choose from a selection of  themed boxes delivered to your doorstep. Menus change weekly to stay in line with seasonal produce and holidays on the horizon. Most take just 15 minutes to heat + serve but these boxes will take 95% of the work off your plate.

Use these boxes to design your entire menu, or complement what you already have planned.  

How soon can I get my food? Many of these boxes require a week’s notice, while others can be ordered just 48 hours in advance.


The Food Truck 🚚

Our iconic white food truck (the one that started a food truck revolution!) pulls up to your wedding, music fest, or office picnic. We serve an a-la-minute menu of sandwiches, drinks, fries, late-night bites, cheese boards, a cocktail station, & anything else we’ve worked together to craft. We staff our truck with friendly folks who can take orders and provide recommendations.

How do I book the truck? The best way to get started with a food truck event is to send an email to Sara, our Catering Director, at She’ll get back to you to schedule a call to learn more about your vision and share pricing/travel details.

Photo credit: Amanda Marie Studios (if you need a wedding photographer she’s great!)


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All Clover Catering is certified Kosher under the rabbinical supervision of Lighthouse Kosher.

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