Clover Farm Share Program (CSAs)

Farmshare from Lindentree Farm

Winter CSAs are sold out! Keep an eye out in the spring for the launch of Summer CSA signups.

The idea of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) developed in the 1980s here in Massachusetts. And recently farmers are realizing this is one of the best economic models in existence to support small farms.

Farm shares work this way: you pay the farmer a fixed amount of money prior to their season. The farmer uses that money to buy seeds, fix equipment, and hire employees for the growing season. Each week of the growing season you pick up a weekly share of your farmer’s harvest. When the season starts, you’re going to get fewer items since there is a more limited selection of crops available, but your box will grow significantly as we get to the peak of the season (late July through September). Overall CSA customers get 125-150% more value than what they’d get at the grocery store. There are also winter shares which typically run December through May.

At Clover, we started thinking about this a few years ago. What if we could make this whole process better? You learn about farms in a comfortable retail environment. We offer pick-up any day of the week. Our pick-up windows are long. We offer online signup and payment. We also have an event that’ll allow you to meet your local farmers participating.

Each farm has a limited number of shares. Shares will be offered first come first serve, and we expect all shares to sell out.

  • Sign Up For A CSA

    Click here to sign up.

  • Pick Up Locations

    Where are you going to pick up your share?

    When you sign up for a CSA be sure to pick a farm that matches not only your price-point and values, but delivers on a day that works for your schedule, and to a location that’s easy for you to get to. The following sites are pickup locations for our summer farmshare program:

    Most farmers pick their produce in the morning and then drive it into Boston. This means most shares will be available from roughly 2 pm all the way up until the restaurant location closes. We’re excited to be able to offer such a long window for pickup for folks who work long hours and might not be able to grab their share til 8 or 9 pm.

  • CSA FAQ's

    Are the CSA vegetables the best vegetables I’m every going to have tasted in my life?

    We think so. But if you want to know more find somebody who has bought from the farm in the past. We’ve carefully curated this program. These farms represent our favorite farms in the area.

    What date can I begin expecting my bounty to arrive at Clover?

    Each share starts on a different date, so check the item details to find out when yours begins.

    What time can I pick up my shares?

    Delivery times will vary slightly for each farm. Most farms are picking food that morning and driving it in. Shares will arrive between 2pm and 3pm, and will be available all the way up until Clover closes for the night (6pm-midnight depending on the location and day). After the first week, you’ll begin to get a good idea about when you can expect your share to arrive.

    I can’t decide which CSA to sign up for, can I sign up for 2 or 3?

    Of course. But no mixing and matching items from different shares. Each share represents a full commitment.

    Is my credit card info safe?

    We’re using mainstream processors for this stuff. We don’t see your card number. We just collect your money. We’re using  Stripe for the payment processing.

    Is Clover doing all the work?

    NO. We’re doing very little. It’s the farmers that are growing your great food (and ours too). We’re just hoping to create a convenient way for you all to connect.

    Does Clover take a cut?

    No. The farmers have been asked this year to build a small fee into each share price that will cover the cost of credit card processing, the bins we’re going to supply, and the advertising we’re doing on behalf of the farmers. But there is no fee taken by Clover to cover our time and space. I’m not promising we’ll never add a fee, but for this year at least we’re able to make sure your money goes to the farmers.

    Why is Clover doing this?

    (1) We’d like to see everybody participate in CSAs. That would mean more farmed land in MA, and healthier happier residents.

    (2) We love the fact that you’ll all be coming into our restaurants every week. Maybe you’ll buy something?

    If I sign up for a CSA, then I’m late for a pick-up, or out of town, how will that work?

    You will sacrifice that week’s share. We do not hold to the next day.

    We have worked very hard to offer the largest pick-up windows in the world. But there’s no way we can make this work with special favors, hold-overs, etc. Sorry. No exceptions here.

    We do suggest that if you know you’ll miss a share that you contact your farmer, they may be able to help you. Alternatively you could ask a friend to pick your share up that day.

    Can I sign up for a CSA at Clover by sending a check to the farm?

    All CSA signups for Clover must happen via the Clover website.