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Happy Birthday Indiana

4 April, 2012: This group of girls from Harvard came into HSQ this morning to surprise their friend for her birthday. I love that they chose us to surprise and celebrate their good friend. That’s Indiana in the yellow dress. Pretty cool name, right? If you see her around campus today don’t forget to wish her a happy day! Read More

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31 March, 2012: This is Julie. Julie and her brother Mark worked for us at the same time last summer. Mark always wore his Clover hat with the brim extremely flipped up. He figured out how to make it so that it would not budge. Chris tried to make him shove it down one time, but it wouldn’t move. It… Read More

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Excited/worried about Cleveland Circle truck

29 February, 2012: Meet Meg and Nicole, customers at the LMA truck. I was talking to them yesterday about the truck we’re opening at Cleveland Circle tomorrow. Meg got a really weird look on her face, she said she couldn’t tell if she was really excited or really worried. With a Clover near her house (Cleveland Circle) and her college… Read More