Our Mistakes

Alphabet cupcakes optional

9 January, 2017: We haven’t done a great job in the past making it clear to Clover employees what jobs are available and when. We promote tons of people internally. We’d always prefer to bring an existing employee into a new role rather than hire externally. But I don’t think that’s always clear to folks. It’s something we just aren’t… Read More

Humbling moment with my team

18 October, 2016: This post is about something a bit humbling. Clover’s support staff (Finance, HR, Training, Communications, etc.) consists of about a dozen people. Most of whom report directly to me. These are people who in very real ways are dedicating their lives to helping make Clover what it is. I don’t think there is a single member of… Read More

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Lucia thought this wasn’t such a good idea

22 July, 2016:   She was too polite to say it was awful. People walking down the street are trying to open the door to this room. Then turning dashing across the street when it doesn’t open. I don’t know, maybe they’re trying to join me but then felt embarrassed or confused. Customers ordering lunch are scratching their heads. Stacia,… Read More

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I made a mistake and don’t know what to do

16 June, 2016: This photo was taken at CloverFIN, our restaurant at 160 Federal St. (just next to South Station and Dewey Square). We’re set to open in a week. The electrician Brian was finalizing the cloud lights yesterday. I happened to be walking by to check in on the project and saw this. So the unistrut used isn’t what we… Read More

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What is composting?

9 June, 2016: OK, I’m in a better mood today. But still posting pictures of trash. Sorry, we’ll get back to edible food soon. But I think part of this effort is sharing the raw reality of building a business, and I think this topic is super important to share with everybody. So many folks have been reaching out regarding… Read More

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Death of composting

3 June, 2016: Yes, to take that picture I had to stick my phone in a trashcan, or more specifically a compost bin. I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m not doing a very good job of it. Savethatstuff, our composter, is not composting all of the compost they pick up from our restaurants. And they haven’t been for… Read More

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Food waste task force

28 April, 2016: You might notice a big 22-quart Cambro next to our sandwich station with cast-off bread inside it.  One of the things Sunny is helping us with (in addition to calculating those nutritionals some of you have been begging for) is to compare the amount of food we make with the amount of food we sell. Comparing those two… Read More

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April fools at Clover

1 April, 2016: Today for a good part of lunch at Kendall and Newbury, the only sandwich available was the BLT. At Brookline Village, Shane started making breakfast so he’d have something to feed customers. Sorry all, this was not an April Fool’s joke. We really didn’t mean to run out of so many items today. We had a series of… Read More

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HSQ2 and another surprise

10 February, 2016: CloverHSQ is going to close. I’ve known that since April 2015 and haven’t been able to tell folks. I’m sorry. I was sworn to secrecy. It’s been scary, and sad, and scary. But with death comes life. We’re going to be opening what we’re referring to as “HSQ2.” And it’s very very close to the current location. We’ll… Read More

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Four Barrel Coffee and those brand new donuts: Friday 11/13

5 November, 2015: As you may have heard, we weren’t happy with our donut recipe. We brought the recipe back to the drawing board and tasted the results at last Tuesday’s Food Dev Meeting. A bunch of you were able to join the meeting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We tasted a sour cream lemon donut, a traditional cider donut,… Read More

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What’s up with CloverNEW?

1 November, 2015: Many of you are wondering what is happening with Clover Newbury St. Yeah, me too. Here’s the short update. The MBTA approached us in 2011 about building a kiosk at the slab (affectionately known as the “crack slab”) on the end of Newbury. Some of you saw the “coming soon” sign the MBTA put up there 2… Read More

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Weak Sharans

26 October, 2015: We have been sending out wrong Sharan sandwiches for the past week. A bunch of you have noticed the Sharan hasn’t been as spicy as it should be. It should burn your lips as you finish the sandwich. If you got one of these mild Sharans, we’re really sorry. Tell your order-taker, and we’ll get you a… Read More