May 27, 2021

Everything tastes better outside (meet the Weekend Adventure Box!)

Meet the Weekend Adventure Box. Our dream getaway weekend of breakfast tacos, brats around the fire, hearty chili, fluffernutters, s’mores and drinks filled with local fruit. Ideal for cabins, van camping, backyards, or anywhere you have access to a cooler, basic cooking equipment, and a heat source. Everything in the box is hearty, delicious, playful, treads lightly on our natural resources and best of all, comes together in minutes with very limited prep (the recipe card even includes campfire cooking instructions!) For a whole weekend, all your meals are taken care of. So you can really and truly relax.

We’ll have a limited number of Weekend Adventure Boxes for pickup or free delivery on Thursdays and Friday in June so we recommend reserving now for the weekend that works best for you! Only seven dates available: 6/3, 6/4, 6/10, 6/11, 6/17, 6/24, 6/25.

📢 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT – starting June 3 we are DOUBLING our delivery area to a 50 mile radius of 1075 Cambridge St, and just for the summer we’ll be delivering to the Cape on Fridays and Saturdays!!! So whether you’re in Worcester or Wellfleet, Taunton or Provincetown, Falmouth or Newburyport—we’ve got you covered!

What’s in the Weekend Adventure box? 

Don’t worry about cooking. Instead heat up our chili made with locally grown beans and nixtamalized corn (hominy), and slather some honey butter on Chris’s scallion cheddar cornbread made with locally-milled Plimoth corn and 1-year aged Grafton.

In the morning, use a campfire or stovetop to heat up these easy-to-assemble Potato, Egg, and Cheese breakfast tacos, made with Mi Tierra Tortillas, Grafton cheddar, and Mid-Isle Farm potatoes. Add a hit of guajillo chile salsa the way they do in the Texas Hill Country, wrap them in foil, and head out.

When you’re halfway to that beautiful vista but need some protein to fuel your path, open up these yummy pita pockets that you’ve filled with our creamy tofu egg salad, lettuce and pickles for crunch. on the side, a protein-packed farro salad laced with dill and feta.

We don’t want any dehydrated hikers, swimmers, or readers out there, so we’re packing full servings of locally grown fruit into your hydration kit. Even the smallest boxes will get a whole quart each of seasonal agua fresca and lemonade! Rhubarb is in, and as soon as local strawberries come up (not quite yet, but hopefully in a few weeks!), we’ll be making Strawberry Lemonade.

You can’t have a cabin weekend without s’mores! We’re giving you chocolate bars, graham crackers, and vegan marshmallows (conventional ones contain gelatin, these are gelatin-free), plus house-made blondies! 

Carrot lox are back!! Perfect for a (lazier) morning at the cabin. A customer favorite from our Snowed In Box last winter, this bagel spread has sourdough bagels from Forge, capers, tomatoes, and Chris’s own cashew cream cheese and carrot lox that could even make a New York deli do a double take. All you’ll need is a knife and a way to toast your bagels.

You can’t have a cabin weekend without this classic American meal! We’re packing you our favorites:  original brat sausages from Beyond Meat, plus locally made buns and simple fixings: ketchup, mustard, oh, and the turmeric onions we loved so much from our Star Wars Box.

Don’t be the one lagging behind – fuel yourself up with our favorite trail treats! Perfect for making at say, 10am, after someone in the group has made everyone get up at 6am to start hiking. We’ll give you everything you need to make Maple Fluffernutters, including house-made fluff, as well as trail mix. 

Use your campfire (or a more conventional heat source) to heat up these potatoes from Mid-Isle Farm (pre-baked in our kitchen to help speed things up). Then load them up with sour cream, sunflower seed pesto, and shredded Grafton cheddar. Wrap in foil for an old-fashioned hand warmer for cold nights! 

What’s the difference between a Sloppy Joe and a Sloppy Chris? Well, these are made by Chris in our kitchen, and they are made with lentils instead of beef. They were a big hit with kids and adults alike in our Super Bowl Box a few months ago, and they’re perfect for dinner on the last night when you’re already reminiscing about how much fun you had this trip. 

PS: Special shoutout to Stacia and Samara on our team who had the idea to do a camping-themed box, and Jack and his friends Cricket & Coleman who took the prototype box out on a test run, and came back with these fun photos!

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Each year, early spring is a busy time at the Clover kitchen because we have 2 of our tastiest boxes, usually back-to-back. For the Passover box, a lot of care goes into the kashering of the kitchen, with Rabbi Dolinger coming in to ensure the box is totally Kosher for Passover via Lighthouse Kosher.
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You’ve been asking! And finally we can announce: sunchokes are here, starting tomorrow, 3/1. Thanks to Pete’s Greens in VT for getting us local sunchokes. At breakfast we’ll be making The Sunchoke Truffle: fluffy house-baked pita, creamy truffled butter, caramelized onions, a 6.5 minute egg, and thin, crispy sunchoke slices. At lunch and dinner: The Sunchoke Mushroom: scallion-black-pepper mayo, fresh arugula, roasted crimini mushrooms, fried brined onions, and roasted sunchokes. But what IS a sunchoke?