April 29, 2021

🌼 The Clover Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Lucia, here with a Mother’s Day gift guide. I’ve surveyed my mom friends and gathered up a bunch of the Clover team’s favorite local shops, experiences, and treats.

First off, we only have 150 Mother’s Day Meal Boxes still available for delivery and pickup on the Friday and Saturday before Mother’s Day. Chris dreamed up a breakfast in bed, a springtime lunch, a fancy Italian dinner and the lovely rhubarb crisp pictured above. 

Give your mom the gift of sleep and support our local hospitality industry with a weekend staycation or vacation at a hotel (we love the Whitney in Beacon Hill, the Mary Prentiss in Cambridge, or Equinox in Vermont). 

For anyone who needs a bit of relaxation but has limited time, 5 Doors Yoga has nailed the online yoga class experience. I’m partial to any class by Ana : )

A mom I know swears by this massaging pillow (and as a fan of relaxation myself, I bought one too, despite not being a mom!).

Browse Champagne Lavender bath products from Didrik’s in Cambridge. Fun fact: they’ve been loaning us a lot of the tableware we use for our meal box photoshoots. 

To eat with afternoon tea, pick up a cake from Concord Tea Cakes. They are also available at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge. Ayr says there is no better cake to be had in all the land.

For bouquets, go see the folks at Brattle Street Florist right down the street from our HSQ location. They are the sweetest people.

For a more long-term floral gift, poet and farmer Rebecca Mailett grows beautiful flowers out in Hadley, and we have an agreement where she sends them to Clover in a flatbed truck! Today is the last day to gift a Summer Flower CSA with pickup at Clover one Tuesday per month.

Or go all out and give the gift of an entire summer of groceries! We have veggie, fruit, and other fun CSA’s on offer on our website, but the deadline to sign up is fast-approaching.

For moms dreaming of the Berkshires, High Lawn Farm is shipping their Mother’s Day gift set far and wide. Did someone say chocolate truffles and dill lemon finishing butter?

For the scientist mom in your life, pick up the Women In Science Tarot Deck, a project by MIT alum Nadja Oertelt and others. 

For fans of classical music, copy a friend of mine who gifted her parents a Yo Yo Ma virtual concert. Remember the time he ate at Clover and we all got starstruck?

For running moms, skip the national chains, and shop for athletic gear from Marathon Sports, which has been a local business since 1975. I am told they have a new foot-measuring machine that recommends your mom’s perfect running shoe!

For moms who love spicy food, gift this Diaspora Spice Masala Dabba, which comes with monthly Zoom cooking classes.

…or if she can handle the heat…one of our just-released Nashville Hot Boxes (above).

For moms who hate spicy food, there’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of pasta with some plain butter on top. Support local pasta-making with a box of Seven Hills Pasta (did you catch our collab with them a couple weeks ago?). You can find them in our Spring Box, our Mother’s Day Box, or at grocery stores such as your nearest Whole Foods, or at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis.

For a hug in food form, our friends at Mei Mei are shipping a Mother’s Day Love Bundle featuring dumplings, alfajores, pierogi, samosas, empanadas & momos, all from local producers.

For hot summer vacation dreaming, check out the beautiful weekend bags made by a friend of a friend from salvaged textiles at Forestbound Co.

If you buy a bag, tuck a book from Porter Square Books inside. They’ve helped us stock our retail shelves and we love that they’ve kept going when so much book-buying has moved online. 

Terrible name, delicious product. You’ve got to try bottle of this stuff.

For tea sets and relaxation products, head to Crane & Turtle in Bow Market. They specialize in “Dentō Kōgei” items—refined artisanal arts and crafts from Japan.

For anyone who loves a candlelit bath, we’ve gotten ahold of Mole Hollow Candles, hand-dipped in Sturbridge, MA. These are the candles that Ayr and Brooke use at home, and you can add one to your Mother’s Day order.

Thanks for reading! If you ended up finding this useful, drop us a line : )

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