What is a Clover Meal Box?

We want to turbo-charge your kitchen! You know when you order something amazing at your favorite restaurant? It comes out pretty quickly. Why? The sauces are made, even if from scratch, in prep for the day. Complicated components are ready to go instantly when they’re needed. Sure there’s a little heating here and there, some assembly, maybe some chopping. But those things are the “last mile.” Most of the journey is complete. Voila: the most delicious food in a few minutes.

This is what we aim to bring you with a Clover Meal Box.

This isn’t Blue Apron. We’re not going to give you a bunch of perfectly measured portions in a bunch of packaging and have you make a meal from scratch. But it’s also not a frozen lasagna that you throw in the microwave. These meals will take 5-10 minutes to throw together. And they’ll taste amazing.

We originally started making these back in the summer of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – as a way for us to be able to feed you safely, without compromising on anything. The response has been so incredible that we’ve decided to keep selling them even after we’ve re-opened our restaurants for takeout.

Now we have an extensive menu of different boxes – including classic staples, seasonal offerings, and even special occasion/holiday boxes. You order via our app (works on mobile or desktop) and we offer free delivery for orders over $60 within our wide delivery area.

Click the button below to explore the full menu, or scroll down to read our FAQs. And if you’re interested in diving into our blog to read through some of the Meal Box timeline, try starting here.


  • I need menu info or a pdf version of print instructions for a weekly subscription box.

    You can find menu previews and instruction sheets for upcoming subscription boxes here!

    For additional info on ingredients or allergens please give us a call at ‪(617) 800-9648. Our call line will be open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You can also email us at

  • What's the best way to store the items in my box?

    Here’s some storage info! We strongly recommend majority of items be stored in the refrigerator.

    Pita bread should be frozen if you don’t plan on eating it within the next day or so. It freezes really well and reheats great from frozen.

  • I need to make changes to (or cancel) my order.

    Changes or cancellations to your meal box order must be made at least 2 days prior to your chosen pickup/delivery day.  This allows us to waste as little food as possible, and also keep things efficient in our kitchen. If your scheduled day suddenly doesn’t work for you, we recommend asking a neighbor or friend to grab your delivery from your doorstep instead. We are unable to cancel or modify deliveries within 48 hrs of the scheduled day.

  • Tell me more about delivery!

    We deliver 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday! Our current delivery area is most towns within a 30 mile radius of CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge). When placing your order you will be able to enter your zip code to double check that your address lies within our delivery area.

    Delivery for non-subscription orders is set at a flat fee of $9.99. If your non-subscription meal box order is greater than $60, we can provide free delivery. For subscription orders, delivery is free!

    The morning of your scheduled order, you will receive an email with an estimated delivery window. If all goes as planned, your order will arrive at that estimated time! If something unexpected happens (vehicle issues, traffic, etc.) your order may be delayed. We will do our best to give you a heads up if this happens.

    Your items should be refrigerated within 4 hours of delivery. Once your order has been dropped off, you’ll receive a text message confirmation. This message will go to the phone number you provided when filling out your delivery address in the app.We are not responsible for your order after it has been delivered to the given address. Thank you for understanding!

  • Tell me more about pick-up!

    We offer pickup 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday ONLY at 1075 Cambridge St. in Cambridge (where the food is made!). If picking up at this location doesn’t work for you, we recommend trying out home delivery (which is available to a 30 mi radius of Cambridge, and free for orders over $60.

    To ensure pick-ups go smoothly and efficiently, arrive on time and only during your chosen pick-up slot – not early please! We will have your order ready at your scheduled pickup time – you will not receive any extra notifications confirming your order is ready.

    We are unable to hold any orders past 5pm of your pick-up day. If you are late to pick up, your box will be donated.

  • When exactly do orders start and close for each pickup/delivery day?

    Currently we offer pickup/delivery of meal boxes and subscription boxes 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays).

    The deadline for subscription orders is Thursday the week before, at 5pm.

    The deadline for non-subscription orders is 2 days before, at 5pm.

  • How can I customize my meal box or make a substitution for an ingredient?

    To keep our boxes affordable for everyone, we cannot make any customizations or substitutions at this time. Thank you for understanding!

  • Are the meal boxes kosher?

    Yes! Like our restaurant food, everything we produce in-house at Clover is certified Kosher under the Orthodox Rabbinic supervision of Lighthouse Kosher by the wonderful Rabbi Barry Dolinger.
    Furthermore, for items on our menu that are not directly made by us (for example – donuts from Union Square Donuts or coffee cake from Revival Cafe), Lighthouse Kosher connects directly with those vendors on a case-by-case basis to confirm a supervised, segregated Kosher run of their product specifically produced for Clover. If an item is not Kosher, we will do our best to communicate that prior to distribution.
  • What are you doing to make your meal boxes sustainable and environment-friendly?

    Sustainability informs every decision made at Clover ever since the beginning! We were the first restaurant to have 100% compostable packaging in our restaurants, not to mention our food doesn’t have meat in it (which is the #1 thing we do for sustainability every single day).

    We would love to find a way to completely get rid of single-use packaging. This is a big undertaking and we’re going to have to make some pretty big changes to get there (think: buy a giant industrial dishwashing machine, build a whole new commissary to house that machine, etc.) but we’ll keep you updated as we work on that journey!!

    In the mean time, here are 10 things we’ve done to make our box as eco-friendly as we can (compared to the national meal kit companies we’ve been scoping out)

    10. To cut down on paper, we limit the number of printed inserts in your box.

    9. We don’t add ice packs or insulation. Because we use our refrigerated vans instead of shipping boxes through the mail, we’re able to “own the cold chain” from our kitchen to yours.

    8. No plastic containers wrapped in cardboard, wrapped in more cardboard, wrapped in paper. So many sleeves!

    7. No dividers. Yes they make things look nice. No they are not necessary.

    6. Single-use plastic is horrible (hence the zero waste box idea) but for now we use hard plastic containers instead of compostables like we do in the restaurant. Most of you don’t have commercial composters in your backyards, so they’d just end up as trash. Plus, the compostable containers would leak, causing us to have to re-deliver boxes. Nobody likes an exploded container of hummus, no matter how eco-friendly it is.

    5. We cook our food near where you live. Most national meal kits have 3 distribution centers in the entire country (typically in New Jersey, Texas, and California). Which means that your food may have traveled thousands of miles before it even got to your distribution center.

    4. Our boxes provide multiple meals in a single box, and the box itself is simple, recyclable cardboard.

    3. Behind the scenes, we compost all our food scraps, and we wash and re-use all our the containers we use for cooking, measuring, and storing food (these Cambro containers are THE BEST).

    2. We work with farmers who treat the soil well, use organic growing practices, and live near us. We’ve visited nearly all of them, and know about their own commitments to reducing waste.

    1. No meat on the menu. Factory farming of livestock, the way it is currently practiced in the US, generates more waste than the entire population of the US.

  • How do I reach out about something that isn't answered in this FAQ?

    You can email us at or give us a call at ‪(617) 800-9648. Our call line will be open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.